Dohtonbori’s New Branch In UPTC Is Their Biggest, Most IG-Worthy One Yet


Remember when Dohtonbori started the whole okonomiyaki craze in Manila last year? (If you haven’t tried their okonomiyaki dishes yet, what have you been doing with your life?!) But this time around, it’s not just Japanese pancakes that you should be getting excited about.

For starters, they have a new, extremely Insta-worthy branch in UP Town Center (they really went all out with the details for this one!) Plus they also have a bunch of new items on the menu that are worth checking out (ramen and yakiniku, anyone?)

Their new branch will have you feeling like you’ve warped to Showa era Japan

It’s impossible not to get #travelenvy when you see your social media friends post Japan pictures online. But if you don’t have the budget for a plane ticket right now, just head to Dohtonbori’s newest branch in UPTC to feel like you’re out of the country too!

Dohtonbori UP Town Center, Quezon City

A cherry blossom tree inside the Dohtonbori UPTC branch | Photo from Ruth D.’s looloo review

A cherry blossom tree will be right there to greet when you enter, and once you’re inside, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a charming, post-war Japanese town! There are meat, fish, and vegetable shops, a police station, apartments for lease, a cafeteria, and a garage, all of which are little nooks where you can hole up and eat. Don’t forget to spot the little details like the colorful Japanese posters on the walls and the sleeping cats on the roofs, too!

Out on the ‘street’ are long tables where you can sit down to enjoy an “al fresco” meal! This setting is inspired by the famous Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan where locals and tourists buy food and drinks from street vendors and they eat their meal out in the open, under the canopy of pretty sakura flowers.

Inside Dohtonbori's UP Town Center branch

One of the dining areas inside Dohtonboti’s UP Town Center branch | Photo from Ruth D.’s looloo review

With 29 tables and a holding capacity of 120 people, the UPTC branch is Dohtonbori’s biggest store in the country so far. It’s the perfect place to bring your big family or barkada to for a wholesome lunch or a fun inuman session! They’re currently building a movie room where you can watch old Japanese flicks too so watch out for that!

What you need to order up on your next visit to Dohtonbori

Twice a year, Dohtonbori changes up their menu to keep things exciting. On your next visit, make sure you get to try the most recent additions to the lineup (these new dishes are available in all their branches)!

If you’re into burgers, you’re going to love the new Cheesy Hamburg Steak (₱360). In between two slightly crispy okonomiyaki ‘buns’ is a hefty beef patty that crumbles into flavorful morsels once in the mouth.

Dohtonbori's Cheesy Hamburg Steak

Dohtonbori’s Cheesy Hamburg Steak | Photo from Norman Lester T.’s looloo review

Not convinced? It’s also topped off with juicy strips of pork and showered in a generous helping of cheese sauce! If that’s a little too much for you, you can always go for the simple Pork Okonomiyaki (₱199). Although it isn’t new, it’s always good to revisit the classics!

Dohtonbori's Pork Okonomiyaki

Dohtonbori’s Pork Okonomiyaki | Photo from Eboy F.’s looloo review

If you want something that everyone around the table can dig into, order up the new Yakiniku Party Set (₱999). This impressive meat platter can fill up to four hungry bellies!

Dohtonbori's Raw Yakiniku Set

Dohtonbori’s Raw Yakiniku Set | Photo from Kiko G.’s looloo review

The different kinds of meat are served raw but once they hit the grill, they turn tender and succulent, each with its own distinct taste. The angus beef and pork are both coated in a rich garlic butter marinade while the chicken is lightly flavored in shio.

Dohtonbori's Cooked Yakiniku Set

Dohtonbori’s Yakiniku Set | Photo from Ann Margaret L.’s looloo review

With all that protein on your plate, you’re definitely going to need some carbs to balance things out. Try out the new Salmon Fried Rice with Lettuce (₱360)! It’s flavorful on its own, with the freshness of the salmon shining through, but it’s mild enough to be paired with ulam too. This would be the perfect thing to order for the lenten season!

Dohtonbori's Salmon Fried Rice with Lettuce

Dohtonbori’s Salmon Fried Rice with Lettuce | Photo from Ann Margaret L.’s looloo review

For something warm, comforting, and fun to slurp on, get yourself a bowl of the Ajitama Tonkotsu Ramen (₱330). Customers always ask for an additional order of egg to go with their Tonkotsu Ramen so by popular demand, they created this new ramen dish! It’s got a deliciously salty soft-boiled egg in it, along with melt-in-your-mouth chashu pork, perfectly cooked noodles, and dangerously addicting broth.

Dohtonbori's Ajitama Ramen

Dohtonbori’s Ajitama Ramen | Photo from Brie K.’s looloo review

If you want to try cooking these dishes on your own, you don’t have to worry because it’s easy. You’ll find instructions on the table for every dish, plus it’s impossible to burn your food because the imported grills from Japan are equipped with sensors. So even if you’re a noob in the kitchen, you can feel like a pro at Dohtonbori!

As for drinks, what most customers don’t know or tend to forget is that Dohtonbori has alcoholic beverages on the menu that go great with okonomiyaki and the other dishes!

Dohtonbori UP Town Center, Quezon City

Photo from Brie K.’s looloo review for Dohtonbori

There’s sake for the hardcore drinkers and chuhai (a carbonated alcoholic drink from Japan) for those who aren’t as experienced. Kanpai!

For more information on Dohtonbori, you can check out their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Dohtonbori can be found at these locations.

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