Bring Your Squad To En Tirage Where You Can Enjoy Unli Drinks And DIY Your Own Cheese Platters


What’s the best way to remedy a not-so-great day? Combine friends with some drinks and cheese and you’ve got yourself the perfect antidote for bad vibes! If you could use these three things right now, there’s a new bar in the metro that’ll let you enjoy all of them under one roof.

The best part? You and your friends get to drink infinite glasses of wine, beer, and whiskey! The other best part? You also get to create your own cheese platters!

En Tirage: A chill hangout spot with drink-all-you-can booze and DIY-able cheese platters

Established January this year, En Tirage (pronounced as ‘en ti-haj’) is a laid-back space where people can bond over unlimited booze and make-your-own cheese platters. They don’t have WiFi here (so that you’ll actually talk to your friends) and the music is played at a reasonable volume (so that you don’t have to shout at your friends).

En Tirage, Mandaluyong

Inside En Tirage

If you and your squad are after the entire lineup of drinks, come on a Sunday or a Monday to enjoy unlimited wine, beer, and whiskey! But if you’re more of wine-only kind of people, drop by on a Tuesday or a Friday for unlimited Italy (₱490), Chile (₱550), or California (₱590) wine.

For the beer guzzlers out there, visit on a Wednesday or a Saturday to chug on unlimited San Miguel Beer (₱499) or Stella Artois (₱699). And as for those who love to savor whiskey, it’s unlimited Whyte and MacKay (₱499) and Johnnie Walker Black Label (₱799) every Thursday. You’ll have all the alcohol you’ll need to keep the conversation going!

En Tirage, Mandaluyong

Alcohol isn’t as great without cheese to go with it so make sure you create your own platter! You get to pick from cheeses like Manchego (₱105), Gorgonzola (₱95), Brie (₱85), Grana Padano (₱75), Provolone (₱80), and Fontal (₱60).

You can also fill your platter up with cold cuts like coppa, mortadella, parma ham, speck, and salame napoli! If you’re not sure which ones will go well with your drink, the knowledgeable servers will be glad to help you out.

Non-drinkers are welcome to pull up a chair, too!

Before you go thinking that En Tirage is only for the wine-sipping, beer-swigging, whiskey-sniffing population, it’s not! They have a ton of dishes on the menu that anyone can dig into and enjoy. Here are some of their bestsellers:

If paella is your carb of choice, you’ll be glad to know that they have two versions of this Spanish dish. The Paella Valenciana gives you short grain rice flavored with saffron seafood stock and tomato sauce, sauteed with chicken, and capped off with local seafood.

En Tirage's Paella Valenciana

En Tirage’s Paella Valenciana | Photo from EJ B.’s looloo review

In her looloo review, Sandy P. raved about this dish, saying: “To die for! It’s very flavorful even just the rice alone, and when you add up the sea food, it’s even better!” Or you could go for the Paella Negra, flavored with all-natural squid ink and meat broth and topped off with pork and seafood.

En Tirage's Paella Negra

En Tirage’s Paella Negra

If it’s Italian carbs you’re craving for, help yourself to their Margherita and Feta Pizza. Covered in tomato sauce, sprinkled with feta cheese and basil, and finished off with mozzarella cheese, this one’s a simple but flavor-packed dish. You could also order up a bowl of the Baked Ziti, smothered in cheese sauce and showered with ground beef and mozzarella cheese.

En Tirage's Margherita Pizza

En Tirage’s Margherita Pizza and Baked Ziti | Photo from EJ B.’s looloo review

Moving onto protein, the Tofu Steak and Pork Belly, which gives you deep-fried, coated tofu and pork belly served in mushroom sauce, is a filling option. But if you want something even heftier to plunge your teeth into, order up the Glazed Baby Back Ribs, grilled baby back ribs glazed in their special barbecue sauce.

En Tirage's Glazed Baby Back Ribs

En Tirage’s Glazed Baby Back Ribs

In his looloo review, Jorwin Y. was all about the ribs, saying: “The sauce was a good pair for the ribs. It’s not too strong and has the right amount of smoky taste. And just so you know, I almost forgot there was sauce! Cause even on its own, it’s awesome!”

Still got some belly room left to spare? Order up their Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings too–these fried chicken wings coated in lemon pepper powder would be a zesty addition to your meal. In his looloo review, Jayson J. praised this entree, saying: “I love the sharp taste of lemon and pepper! This one is good to go with beers!”

En Tirage Grilled Gambas

En Tirage’s Grilled Gambas in Garlic Pepper Sauce

Or you could get yourself the Grilled Gambas in Garlic Pepper Sauce, a flavorful seafood dish made with grilled zesty shrimps mixed with garlic pepper sauce.

Other great deals you shouldn’t miss at En Tirage

It’s not everyday that you get free food to go with your beer. But En Tirage makes sure your pulutan is taken care of. For your first bucket of San Miguel Beer Pale or Light, (it’s ₱300 per bucket), you get free nacho chips with marinara sauce!

And for the ladies out there, you get an extra special treat because on Wednesdays, it’s buy-one-take-one on their cocktail drinks!

For more information on En Tirage, you can check out their Facebook page.

En Tirage is located at the G/F of Bldg. C, Mandala Park, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila.
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