The Fearless Foodie’s Field Guide To Binondo, Manila’s Chinatown!


The Mooncake Festival may be over, but that’s no reason to pass up the chance to visit one of Manila’s oldest neighborhoods and food hubs, Binondo!

For a taste of truly authentic Cantonese food from some of Manila’s longest-standing Chinese restaurants, it’s really the only place that comes to mind!

We went through looloo reviews for restaurants in Manila’s Chinatown, and found the area’s most-reviewed and top-rated places:

The Fearless Foodie's Field Guide to Binondo, Manila

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Dong Bei Dumpling642 ET Yuchengco St. cor. V. Tytana St., Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila

Dong Bei Dumpling, Binondo, Manila

Photo from Maureen S’ review for Dong Bei Dumpling

The place’s slightly messy interiors and beaten-down display only adds to the old-time charm of this Binondo staple. They serve fresh handmade dumplings (assembled in front of you!) and xiao long bao which you can enjoy either at the place itself, or at home by buying their frozen packs. With dirt-cheap prices that most Chinese restaurants just can’t compete with, dropping by Dong Bei is a no-brainer!

Golden Fortune Seafood Restaurant1/F Peace Hotel, 1283 Soler St., Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila

Hakaw and hotpots — these are two things that Golden Fortune is pretty well-known for, according to reviews. Of course you can always throw in a bit more to your meal — some siomai, rice rolls, beef balls, maybe even some chicken feet. If fortune’s on your side (hehe), you’ll chance upon one of their promos, like the 50% discount when you dine from 9:30 PM onwards.

Lan Zhou La Mien818 Benavidez St., Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila

Lan Zhou La Mien, Binondo, Manila

Photo from Camille Bianca d’s review for Lan Zhou La Mien

Tucked away in one of Binondo’s narrow alleys is this restaurant that specializes in hand-pulled noodles. Described as being “like a Chinese carinderia” by reviewers, it’s by no means a fancy eatery, but if you’re looking for “the best beef noodles in town,” Lan Zhou La Mien should definitely be on your list.

Lucky Rainbow Seafood Restaurant839-841 Sabino Padilla St., Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila

Sure, they’ve got the usual Chinese restaurant favorites like xiao long bao, siomai, asado, etc. It’s with their seafood though, that they really elevate their game. Singaporean-style stir-fried crabs, tiger prawns with wasabi sauce, even scallops served with goose liver. The list goes on. As you can probably guess, yes, it’s a bit on the pricey side (at least by Chinese restaurant standards) — but it’ll be a sure-fire hit for your next panto.

Masuki Mami House931 Benavidez St., Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila

Masuki Mami House, Binondo, Manila

Photo from Ayie d’s review for Masuki Mami House

If you’re familiar with the famous Ma Mon Luk, then you’ll have a pretty good idea of what you’ll find at Masuki. The oldest (and supposedly best!) mami joint in Binondo serves its noodles the same way it did when a lot of your parents/grandparents were much younger,  adding to its nostalgic charm, despite the dated interiors. For an extra hearty meal, be sure to order a couple of their giant siomais on the side!

New Po Heng Lumpia HouseUy Su Bin Bldg., 531 Quintin Paredes St., Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila

If you’re looking for a light snack while exploring Chinatown, consider New Po Heng as your next stop. For just ₱50, you get a full-flavored (good even without the sauce!) veggie lumpia that looloo users call “the best lumpia ever!” and describe as being “nakakaadik!”

President Grand Palace Restaurant746-750 Ongpin St., Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila

Classic Cantonese cuisine that’s perfect for your next family gathering, graduation dinner, birthday lunch, or celebration for winning this year’s Math olympiad at school (#Asians). President Grand Palace’s grander interiors immediately let you know that it’s not your casual Chinese restaurant, as will their menu prices. Luckily, you’re not likely to feel cheated or disappointed with anything off their extensive menu. Try their hot prawn salad!

President Tea House809 Salazar St., Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila

President Tea House, Binondo, Manila

Another “President” on this list, it’s name is a result of old family ties and connections from the past. It is by no means, equal is scale as President Grand Palace as their lighter menu comprises mostly of dimsum, among other small plates. Still, it’s a great place to enjoy a hot cup of tea alongside some freshly-steamed hakaw. [Updated]

SaLido RestaurantOngpin St., Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila

SaLido Restaurant, Binondo, Manila

Photo from Arianessy T’s review for SaLido Restaurant

“What do your grandparents do when you’re not at home? They go to SaLido.” — this reviewer best captured the vibe at SaLido. You’ll find a lot of seniors and older people reading the daily newspaper here, maybe with a sandwich, asado, or some chami, and always with a nice hot cup of SaLido’s famous coffee within arm’s reach.

Shanghai Fried SiopaoOngpin St., Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila

Shanghai Fried Siopao, Binondo, Manila

Photo from Sinful B’s review for Shanghai Fried Siopao

Plot twist: they actually DON’T serve siopao, the name’s just a front. Kidding. If you’re tired of convenience store siopao and want something a little different from the traditional steamed buns, you could shell out a quick P18 and get a fried siopao at this humble roadside eatery. Super simple, super sulit.

Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant497 ET Yuchengco St., Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila

Ask someone what their favorite Chinese dish is and we’re willing to bet a sack of gold and 2 bags of jade that they’re not going to say “fried chicken!” At Sincerity though, it’d be taboo to not order their fried chicken alongside your fried oyster cake and Chinese fried rice. It’s not surprising that a lot of looloo reviewers post about their Binondo food trip experiences, but it is pretty surprising to hear a lot of them say that Sincerity’s fried chicken was the highlight of their trip!

Tasty Dumplings641 Norberto St., Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila

Tasty Dumplings, Binondo, Manila

Photo from April L’s review for Tasty Dumplings

Their name says tasty dumplings, but on most tables you’ll find something else — their pork chop and rice. The pounded-thin chops themselves are enormous (think Hot Star’s chicken chops-size), well-seasoned, and surprisingly tender for what you pay. Based on reviews, the perfect meal at Tasty Dumplings has to include a pork chop rice meal, kuchay dumplings, and the must-try Hong Ma (pork belly) with a roll of silver bread!

Uno Seafood WharfCalvo Bldg., 270 Escolta St., Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila

Uno Seafood Wharf, Binondo, Manila

Photo from Rey M’s review for Uno Seafood Wharf

Birthday noodles, Yang Chow Fried Rice, assorted cold cuts… you’ll find more of the usual lauriat-style dishes on Uno Seafood Wharf’s menu. Still, reviewers praise their execution of each dish and have dubbed the place a must-try in the Binondo area. Those in the know highly recommend the chicken pot pie — a favorite!

Wai Ying Tea HouseBenavidez St., Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila

Wai Ying Tea House, Binondo, Manila

Photo from Mian L’s review for Wai Ying Tea House

Well-known for their dimsum selection that includes hakaw, siomai, and the reviewer-favorite bean curd roll, Wai Ying is practically an institution in the Binondo community. Lacking a signature dish to call their own, they make up for it by staying true to the tried and tested classics that have won over Chinese food-lovers for years now. A testament to their success? Over 150 reviews on looloo that have earned them a sky-high 4.44 average rating on the app.

Ying Ying Tea House233-235 Dasmarinas St. cor. Yuchengo St., Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila

Ying Ying Tea House, Binondo, Manila

Photo from Andre S’ review for Ying Ying Tea House

On an unassuming corner of Binondo, you’ll find Ying Ying Tea House. Pay a visit to get a feel for the down and dirty side of Binondo — Ying Ying isn’t the newest, prettiest, or according to some reviews, best-smelling place out there, but for some good dimsum and a taste of true Chinatown culture, you’ll find few other places that’ll compare.

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