4 Fun Museums Where You Won’t Be Judged For Taking Tons of Photos


There are two types of museums in this world. There are those that are educational and then those that, well, aren’t (but are loads of fun). Just a heads-up–this listicle is about the museums that fall under the fun category!

While you probably be won’t learning anything mind blowing from these places, that doesn’t mean you should pass them up. Besides, we could all use some silliness in our lives every now and then to break the monotony of adulthood, right?

Inside these museums, you can goof around with your mates, take loads of Insta-worthy pictures of each other (without getting judgy stares from strangers), and just be yourselves. If you don’t consider yourself an art snob, chances are you’ll have a great time!

1. Art In Island

This one’s quite the jaw-dropper. With over 200 interactive 3D art pieces, Art In Island is one of the biggest museums of its kind not only in the country but in the world! A team of mega talented painters were flown in all the way from Korea to create murals that give an illusion of depth. This way, it literally looks like you’re part of these crazy, out-of-this-world scenarios!

Photo from Maricel D.’s looloo review of Art In Island

You can look like you’re crossing a dilapidated wooden bridge that’s hanging between two deadly cliffs. Or as if you’ve just jumped into the ocean and are about to be swallowed whole by a massive crocodile. Though you might have to try out different angles and work on your timing to get the perfect, most realistic shot, it’s all part of the fun!

Art In Island can be found at Cubao Expo, Gen. Romulo Ave., Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila.

2. Miracle Art Happyworld Museum

Similar to Art In Island, Miracle Art Happyworld Museum is another a trick eye museum where you can take unlimited photos of yourself with 3D paintings. Though if you’re on a tighter budget, this is the better alternative because you can get in for half the price! There are only about 20 paintings per branch so it’s also not going to be as overwhelming or time consuming.

If you’re awkward in front of the camera, there’s no need to worry because their friendly tour guides will be more than willing to give you a few tips on how to pose with the art pieces! You can look like you’re cruising down a river in a giant leaf or as if you’re nearing the edge of a waterfall and are about to fall. You’ll have plenty of new content for your IG feed after your visit!

Miracle Art Happyworld Museum can be found at Circuit Makati, Riverfront Drive, Carmona, Makati, Metro Manila.

3. The Dessert Museum

Desserts normally belong in bakeries and cafes but here’s a museum where you can take ~very~ cute photos with them. In here, it’s all about sugar and selfies! As you move through the museum, you’ll be given 5 to 6 sweet treats so even if you can’t eat the delicious-looking art itself, you won’t go home with a sad tummy.

Photo from Denise A.’s looloo review of The Dessert Museum

There are 8 sugar-filled rooms to check out, each one with a different theme. There’s the Donut Room where you can take photos against a donut wall, as well as the Bubble Gum Room where you can play inside a bubblegum machine. If you want sweets to munch on, the Candy Cane, Ice Cream, and Cotton Candy Rooms have desserts in store for you.

The Dessert Museum can be found at S Maison at Conrad Manila, Seaside Blvd. cor. Coral Way, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay, Metro Manila.

4. Upside Down Museum

Sometimes, a change in outlook is all you need to feel better about a negative situation. If something’s been getting you down lately, take a trip through Upside Down Museum where your perspective will literally shift 360 degrees! Everything in here is topsy turvy, making it extremely fun to mess around with the art and take lots of cool / confusing pictures!

Inside this 1,700 sq. foot space, there are around 15 attractions to check out. There’s the Leaning House where it looks like you’re sliding off to one side, as well as the Floating Corner where it seems like gravity doesn’t exist. There’s also this Giant Sneaker that looks like it’s about to smoosh whoever’s standing underneath it!

Upside Down Museum can be found at CCP Complex, Roxas Blvd., Pasay, Metro Manila.

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