Genki Sushi: The Famous Franchise From That Japan Has An Unusual Way Of Serving Sushi To Customers


Gone are the days when Filipinos saw eating raw fish as an exotic ordeal that only the toughest of stomachs could handle. Today, sushi is as much a part of our lives as burgers, pizza, fried chicken, and pasta!

Sushi is such common fare for us now that we think we’ve seen and heard everything about this Japanese staple. That is until the famous Genki Sushi of Japan opened up a branch in the country!

Genki Sushi, BGC, Taguig

Inside the Genki Sushi branch in Bonifacio Stopover, Taguig

In this modern restaurant in BGC, jaw-dropping technology meshes with top quality ingredients to give customers a fresh new way to experience sushi and other Japanese dishes–the very same way locals in Japan experience their food!

iPads and bullet trains take the place of waiters at Genki Sushi

At Genki Sushi, we’re given a glimpse of what it would be like to live in the future. Everything, from the taking of orders to the serving of food, is automated. This way, we never have to get worked up about our food taking too long or the wrong dishes getting sent to our table.

The entire menu is viewable on the iPads that hover above every table (be sure to help out your technologically challenged lolas to swipe left and right!) and the ordering is done via the gadgets as well.

Genki Sushi Monitors

Photo from Muffy T.’s looloo review for Genki Sushi

Five to ten minutes after placing your order, you’ll then hear the whirring of a mini bullet train coming towards you, followed by beeping sounds to alert you that your plates of sushi have arrived.

Unlike conveyor belt sushi that go round and round for ages until someone finally decides to pick them up, the sushi at Genki Sushi are only prepared and put on the trains when a customer places an order.

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Because the dining scene in the city has never had anything quite as technologically advanced before, bringing the Genki Sushi experience to the Philippines wasn’t an easy feat.

It took a month of training in Japan to observe the system and learn the proper installation, floor measurements, spacing, and kitchen layout, another month of supervision under Genki Sushi’s technical adviser, and a week filled with dry runs before their BGC branch was finally able to open!

Don’t miss out on these Genki Sushi bestsellers

Their menu brims with a ton of sushi options so if you’re ever overwhelmed by all the possibilities, you can always stick to their bestsellers. To start off, get yourself a cup of their Chawanmushi or steamed egg custard, well-loved for its silky smooth texture and delicately light flavor. This one’s the perfect appetizer because it leaves plenty of space in your belly for the rest of the meal.

As for sushi, one of the clear favorites is the Seared Salmon with Black Pepper. Torching the salmon gives it a gently cooked outer layer but leaves the inside pink and soft. Topped off with Japanese mayonnaise and sprinkled with pepper, the fish is given a rich, slightly sweet flavor with a little bit of a bite.

Genki Sushi's Seared Salmon with Black Pepper

Genki Sushi’s Seared Salmon with Black Pepper

Another popular pick here is the Egg Pollock Roe. While it may seem like your regular tamago sushi, look closer and you’ll notice that the slab of egg is actually torched and then peppered with fish eggs! The pollock roe lends a deliciously salty and savory flavor to the dish, balancing out the sweetness of the egg.

Genki Sushi's Egg Pollock Roe

Genki Sushi’s Egg Pollock Roe

If you have enough room on your table for another plate, you have to go for the Shrimp Garlic Butter. The shrimp is butterflied, sprawled out on top of the rice, and then slathered in melted garlic butter. If you could take the flavor of the fresh ocean breeze as well as that of the warm, golden sunset and put them together, it would taste like this sushi!

Genki Sushi's Shrimp Garlic Butter

Genki Sushi’s Shrimp Garlic Butter

Now before you take a huge chunk of wasabi, plop it into soy sauce, and drown all your rolls in the mixture, know that there’s actually a proper way to go about eating sushi.

According to Genki Sushi’s Japanese team of experts, you should flip your nigiri over so that you only dip a small portion of the fish in the shoyu. This way, you don’t mask the real flavor of the fish and your ball of rice remains intact. It’s also suggested that you do away with your chopsticks and use your bare hands!

To end your Genki Sushi feast on a sweet note, order up a slice of the Rare Japanese Cheesecake. Extremely light and with just the right amount of sweetness, this one’s a refreshing change from the heavy, cloying desserts we’ve become used to.

Watch out for two new Genki Sushi branches in QC and Pasig

Some good news for those who find going to BGC a hassle: Genki Sushi will be setting up shop in two more locations!

Keep a lookout for their new branches in The 30th (a new mall in Pasig by Ayala Malls) and UP Town Center (this one is set to be their biggest restaurant in the country so far!) where you get to experience the same lightning fast service and freshly made Japanese food.

For more information on Genki Sushi Philippines, check out their Facebook and Instagram Pages.

Genki Sushi’s BGC branch is located at the 2/F of the Bonifacio Stopover, 31st St. cor. Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

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