Birthday Treat? Family Get Together? Hungry in the Office? Ha-inan Delivers Shareable Filipino Food!


Do you know the best way to break the monotony of boring office life? Ordering food! And lots of it. The moment it gets delivered to your building, the news will spread like wildfire and everyone will be up and out of their chairs before you know it. Not only does food get people ~really~ excited, it also puts everyone in a much better mood.

Ha-inan Delivery and Take Out

If you think you and your office mates could use a distraction from work right now, order some grub from Ha-inan Delivery and Takeout. They whip up all your favorite Filipino favorites and they’ll bring them straight to your doorstep, still hot and fresh! The best part is (most especially for whoever’s paying), their prices are very wallet-friendly.

Ha-inan delivers big batches of sisig, kare-kare, pancit and other Filipino favorites

Ha-inan’s dishes come in shareable portions so even if everyone in the office has a huge appetite, no one has to be sad that they didn’t get to eat.

For something light and snackable, have a box of Ha-inan’s Empanaditas delivered to your office! You get to choose from three variants: the Beef Taco for those who dig Mexican flavors, the Pizza for the ones who love the combo of ham and cheese, and the Creamy Chicken for whoever would like to try chicken with a rich, velvety white sauce.

Ha-inan's Empanaditas

Ha-inan’s Empanaditas

All of them have thin and crisp crusts so you don’t have to gnaw your way through thick, unyielding pastry. You can get these empanaditas in a box of 6 (₱60) or a box of 12 (₱120).

But if you’re looking for a more filling dish that will help people last through their OTs, do everyone a favor and order up the Masisig!

Ha-inan's Masisig

Ha-inan’s Masisig

Made with sinfully crispy pork and a special sisig dressing, this dish is crunchy, flavorful, and guaranteed to have everyone crowding around the table in the office pantry. A small order (₱170) can feed three to five people but if you’re dealing with a bigger group, the large one (₱320) can satisfy eight to ten bellies.

Another entree that’ll have everyone’s mouths watering is the Kare-Kare with Bagoong! The sauce is rich and made extra delicious by its savory peanut flavor, while the chunks of beef brisket and ox tripe are so tender you can cut them up with just the plastic spoons in the office.

Ha-inan's Kare-Kare

Ha-inan’s Kare-Kare with Bagoong

The dish is already tasty on its own but it comes with a side of bagoong just in case you want an extra dash of saltiness. A small order (₱290) is enough for three to five people but you can opt for the large order (₱560) instead if you have a have a ravenous bunch on your hands.

Of course, you can’t call it a real office feast without any pancit! The Pancit Malabon, generously topped off with shrimp, adobong pusit, egg, crispy pork, and garlic bits, will have seafood lovers going in for seconds (and possibly thirds!)

Ha-inan's Pancit Malabon

Ha-inan’s Pancit Malabon

Another option is the Pancit Canton, capped off with lots of tasty things like squid balls, kikiam, sausage, and crispy pork. If you want to ~really~ heat things up (as in spicy noodle challenge level or possibly hotter), you can douse your pancit canton in the chili sauce that comes with the order!

Ha-inan's Pancit Canton

Ha-inan’s Pancit Canton

You can get both of these pancit variants in different sizes, ranging from a single order (₱70 to ₱75) that’s good for one, all the way up to a huge bilao (₱990 to ₱1,050) that can serve twenty one to twenty five people!

If you want a little bit of everything, the Combo Meal (₱139) is your best bet. For carbs, you get some Malabon Negra, smothered in creamy and flavorful squid ink and showered with shrimp, adobong pusit, garlic bits, and crispy pork.

Ha-inan's Combo Meal

Ha-inan’s Combo Meal

As for protein, you get a stick of Pork BBQ in there, marinated and basted with a sweet-salty barbecue sauce. You get a Chicken Lollipop too, marinated in their special spice mix and fried to crispy perfection. To finish things off on a sweet note, you get to help yourself to their Cassava Bite dessert, baked with coconut cream sauce and cheese!

Ha-inan Delivery

Ha-inan’s Filipino specialties will leave every single person in the office full, satisfied, and ready to get back to work. Of course, the office isn’t the only place you can get their food delivered to. You can also call them up if you need shareable eats at a birthday party, family reunion, tita get-together or any other occasion. Another option would be to drop by their store and order food for takeout!

Ha-inan Delivery and Takeout
+63 921 543 7456 / +632 636 1688 / +632 245 5856
488 Barangka Drive cor. Camiguin St.,
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila
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