Buns Aren’t Always Hot. Get Chilled Cream Buns At Hattendo!


If your family’s tired of the same old pasalubong you keep bringing home to them, it’s time to change things up!

How about something they’ve never tried before like soft, sweet, and cold buns from Japan? And no, you don’t actually have to fly out of the country to go get them!

Hattendo Chilled Cream Buns

Chilled Cream Buns from Hattendo

Before you come home from work, drop by any of Hattendo’s branches in Metro Manila and pick out cream buns in a few different flavors, or you could just get all nine of them! They’re a sweet way to cap off the evening, along with a warm cup of coffee, tea, or milk.

Hattendo Chilled Cream Buns: Made in Japan, enjoyed here in the Philippines

For the Japanese, Hattendo can refer to different things. It can be the word that means “unlimited prosperity” (the characters are Chinese in origin and mean ‘Eighth Heaven’) or the old shrine in Hiroshima where people pray for safety.

And it can also be the well-loved Cream Buns that have been making people happy since 1933.

Eighty years ago, Hattendo’s Chilled Cream Buns were a totally new concept and there’s still nothing quite like them today. They’re a cross between bread and cake in texture, stuffed with delicately sweet cream, and served chilled, which makes them different from the hot buns most of us are familiar with.

Hattendo's Chilled Cream Buns

Because of its popularity in Japan, Hattendo started expanding to other countries and fortunately, the list included the Philippines! No matter how far we may be from Japan, we get to sink our teeth into the exact same Chilled Cream Buns because they’re made in Japan and then carefully brought to our shores. And it’s not an easy process!

Inside the Hattendo Factory in Hiroshima, deft human hands are constantly at work to shape dough into balls which then rise to become soft, fluffy buns.

Fluffy Hattendo Buns

As for the melt-in-your-mouth cream that goes into the pastries, human workers play the important role of judging its viscosity, color, and water content (a task machines aren’t quite smart enough for). Once the buns have been manually filled and wrapped, they then go through a blast freezing process to prepare them for shipping!

So the next time you bite into a Hattendo Chilled Cream Bun, remember the long journey it took just to get to you!

Choose from flavors like Matcha, Azuki Sweet Beans, Chestnut, and Chocolate!

The classic flavor that shot Hattendo to fame is the Custard. This filling is prepared separately from all the other variants and is made with the finest custard cream combined with Sumio cream. It’s the original version and it’s never going to get old!

Custard Chilled Cream Bun

Custard Chilled Cream Bun

Another all-time favorite filling is the Whipped Cream. This one’s made with a big helping of rich whipped cream, which explains why it’s so light and airy! It can’t help but dissipate like clouds once it touches your mouth.

For something that has more of a traditional twist to it, there’s the Azuki Sweet Bean filling, made with Hokkaido red azuki sweet beans. Or you could help yourself to their Chestnut flavor (seasonal), a smooth, gentle-on-the-taste buds filling made with Japanese kuri.

Azuki Sweet Bean Chilled Cream Bun from Hattendo

Azuki Sweet Bean Chilled Cream Bun

But if you want flavors that aren’t too old school Japanese, go for the Mango filling (seasonal), made with freshly-picked mangoes that have been pureed and mixed with a special cream.

Mango Chilled Cream Bun from Hattendo

Mango Chilled Cream Bun

You also can’t go wrong with their Chocolate buns, filled with a satisfying blend of rich chocolate and fine cream.

Chocolate Chilled Cream Bun from Hattendo

Chocolate Chilled Cream Bun

Of course, Hattendo can’t let the trendiest flavor of the year go without turning it into a filling! For all you matchaddicts out there, you’ll get a kick out of their Green Tea buns, stuffed with cream made from green tea from Fukuoka. It’s the perfect balance of sweet, bitter, and refreshing!

Matcha Chilled Cream Bun from Hattendo

Matcha Chilled Cream Bun

Bonus: Three new flavors you need to try out at Hattendo

Just this past July, Hattendo came up with three new flavors and they’re available here in the Philippines! There’s the Lemon bun, a tantalizing creation that bursts with cool, creamy, citrusy notes, and the Strawberry, oozing with cold and sweet strawberry cream.

Lemon and Strawberry Chilled Cream Buns from Hattendo

Lemon (left) and Strawberry (right) Chilled Cream Buns

For a totally different experience, get yourself the Azuki Bean & Butter (this one was made available for a limited time only but watch out for its comeback!) It’s served warm and dribbles with melted butter and azuki cream.

Azuki Bean and Butter Chilled Cream Buns from Hattendo

Azuki Bean and Butter Chilled Cream Buns

These are the latest additions to the lineup but you can bet that you’ll be seeing other new things on the menu soon! With plans to bring more of Hattendo’s creations from Japan to the Philippines, you’ll be enjoying more than just Chilled Cream Buns!

Get your chilled cream buns today from Hattendo’s takeout kiosks at SM Megamall (second floor, Mega Fashion Hall) and SM Mall of Asia (ground floor, North Wing).

For more information, you can check out Hattendo’s website and Facebook Page.

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