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Surfing in Sabang Beach, Baler can literally take a beginner’s breath away. During peak season (from October to February), the cute, pabebe waves are replaced by stronger ones that aren’t shy to slam right into your face.

With salt water in your eyes and your hair a hot mess, you’ll try to stand up on your board for the first time only to do a majestic face plant right back into the water (repeat 10x or more). The epic fails are worth it though because there’s nothing quite like the exhilaration of finally being able to ride a wave!

But soon, you’ll realize that all the paddling out, balancing, falling, and getting back on the board will not only make your muscles sore but will also leave you with the gnarliest appetite. So go ahead and reward yourself for everything you put your body through with Baler’s tastiest eats!

From breakfast to dinner, this guide will show you where to eat in Baler!


Beach House at Costa Pacifica

Costa Pacifica is known as one of the best resorts in Baler, but even if you’re not one to shell out a ton of money for a fancy suite, you might still want to splurge on Beach House’s well-known breakfast buffet. It has the yummiest spread for early-morning risers who want to load up on delicious food before a jam-packed day of surfing and sightseeing.

Costa Pacifica

Photo from Mei O.’s looloo review for Costa Pacifica

There are waffles, pancakes, and suman (best eaten with Aling Pacing’s peanut butter or coco jam) for those with a sweet tooth, but there are savory options too like bacon, wood-fired pizza, beef tapa, and Baler’s famous longganisa.

What makes a breakfast meal here even better is the unobstructed view of Baler’s wide stretch of grey sands and mighty waves.

Beach House can be found in Costa Pacifica Hotel, 80 Buton St., Baler, Aurora.

Hungry Surfer at Bay’s Inn

Surfers need a huge meal to energize them for what’s in store. So it’s good news then that Hungry Surfer has an eat-all-you-can breakfast offering that lets you fuel up for the physically challenging sport. A much cheaper buffet alternative to Costa Pacifica’s Beach House, you can feast on early morning essentials like rice, tocino, longganisa, tapa, adobo, eggs, and french toast for just ₱180 anytime between 8AM and 10AM!

Hungry Surfer in Baler

Photo from Jorelle F.’s looloo review for Hungry Surfer

For a clear view of Sabang’s breathtaking beauty, pull up a chair at Hungry Surfer’s patio and have your breakfast there. It’s one of the best spots in Baler to unwind in the morning, with a great vantage point of the waves and the comings and goings of the other surfers. You’re sure to enjoy the interiors here as well as they give off a very laid-back, beachy vibe, epitomizing what Baler is really all about.

Hungry Surfer can be found along Buton St., Sabang Beach, Baler, Aurora.


Gerry Shan’s Place

If you’re a koboy who’s not too picky about the looks of a restaurant, then you’re sure to have a grand ol’ time at Gerry Shan’s. It may seem like the typical, dingy, turo-turo style carinderia we’re used to seeing everywhere in Manila, but surprise, surprise! It’s actually an all-you-can-eat diner where you can stuff yourself silly for just ₱200 after an exhausting session of surfing.

Gerry Shan's Place in Baler

Photo from Jorelle F.’s looloo review for Gerry Shan’s Place

The best time to come here is at lunch when they have the most variety in their buffet selection. Included in their hodge podge of Chinese and Filipino of food are soups, salads, vegetables, meat dishes, noodles, and rice. A full course meal is definitely possible here!

At Gerry Shan’s, you don’t have to worry about proper table manners. No one’s going to judge you for getting your hands dirty or stacking used plates on your table because everyone else will be doing the same thing!

Gerry Shan’s can be found along Quezon St., Baler, Aurora.

Baler Surfer Grill

There’s no need to scour Baler for this restaurant because its trademark red Volkswagen Beetle is easy enough to spot along Sabang Beach! Like some kind of a Transformer robot, they’ve converted the old car (which actually still works) into a lean, mean food grilling machine, making for an eye-catching spectacle that draws in the hungry crowd. Under its hood, you’ll find different kinds of meat cooking away and filling the air with an irresistible smoky aroma.

Baler Surfer Grill

Photo from Jackie S.’s looloo review for Baler Surfer Grill

If you’re looking for a light lunch, order up their beginner meals that start at ₱89 and served in petite portions. But not to worry, extra ravenous surfers! For ₱200, you get what they call a Surfer Meal-Pro, a complete lunch of rice, barbecued meat, and a side served on a big wooden chopping board. For your ulam, you can choose between grilled liempo, chicken, and fish, but you might want to go for their best-selling bulalo barbecue!

Baler Surfer Grill can be found in Sabang Beach, Baler, Aurora.

Kusina Luntian

The things that some tourists might not like about this place (there are no plates and utensils and the only items on the menu are home cooked Filipino meals) are exactly what charms others to dine and keep coming back to Kusina Luntian. You can feel right at ease in this humble bahay kubo where owner and cook Kuya Biboy makes sure you’re treated to good food and kind hospitality.

Kusina Luntian in Baler

Photo from Kwokie K.’s looloo review for Kusina Luntian

All of their dishes, like the Wapang-Wapang na Liempo, Adoooy Chicken Adobo, Akkaw Longganisa, Daing na Pusit-tib, and ‘Wang Patawad na Tapa, are affordable at less than ₱100 each. Orders are individually wrapped in banana leaves but if you’ve come with a big group, open up your parcels of food and lay them all down on the table for a messy boodle fight! With nothing but your bare hands to eat with, you’ll realize that there’s fun in the simple things.

Kusina Luntian can be found along Dela Torre St., Baler, Aurora.


Dialyn’s Bakeshop

Known as the best bakeshop in town, locals and tourists alike get their fill of sugary treats from the one and only Dialyn’s. Even food establishments around the area (Costa Pacifica included) carry their desserts on their menu!

But for the best deals on their freshly-baked products (prices can get as low as ₱10), head to their shop in Buton St. and order straight from them! Another tip: if you know what you’re getting already, ring them up to call dibs on that cake you’ve been craving for. Their goods are in high demand and tend to go fast.

If you’re planning to go home to Manila with a shopping bag full of sweets from Dialyn’s, do not miss out on bestsellers like the Yema Bread, Chocolate Cake, Kiwi Cupcakes, and Dulce de Leche Cake.

Dialyn’s Bakeshop can be found along Buton St., Baler, Aurora.

Groundswell Cafe

If you’re a coffee junkie who can’t survive a day without caffeine even when you’re on vacation, Groundswell has got your addiction covered.

Found right behind Costa Pacifica and inside the Charlie Does surf shop, you can enjoy a good cup of Joe here (they have the classics like espresso, americano, and macchiato) or try their creative concoctions like peanut butter and salted caramel coffee. If you’re more of a tea person, they have that too! Some flavors of which are chamomile spearmint, jasmine, and English breakfast.

This coffee shop is a cozy hideout if you want a temporary break from the waves. Bring a book for the ultimate chill experience!

Groundswell Cafe can be found at Charlie Does, Buton St., Baler, Aurora.

Press Start Cafe

One of the newest additions to Baler’s roster of food establishments is Press Start Cafe, an elusive hideaway found in a not-so-popular part of town. If you happen to stumble upon it, don’t hesitate to come in for some coffee and dessert! They have hand-crafted Ethiopia and Panama coffee and sweets like carrot cake and suman & coco dulce de leche.

Press Start Cafe in Baler

Photo from Rocky R.’s looloo review for Press Start Cafe

Located inside Surfhouse Baler, ingredients for this cafe are homegrown in the resort so you know you’re consuming only fresh and organic food.

If you’re planning to pay this cafe a visit when you’re in Baler, keep a lookout for owner Chef Mako, a pro surfer who goes out of his way to make customers feel at home. You might even pick up some surfing tips and tricks from so listen up!

Press Start Cafe can be found at Alley 2 cor. Buton St., Sabang, Baler, Aurora.


Yellow Fin Bar & Grill

In this two-storey restaurant, all the grilling happens on the first floor and the eating and drinking on the second. But somehow, the smoke still finds a way to cling onto your clothes and make you smell like hot-off-the-grill ulam. It’s a small price to pay though for the best-tasting pork barbecue and liempo in Baler! Other popular items on their menu are the tapa, bangus, Sinigang yellow fin, and Hungarian sausages.

Aside from being a favorite ihaw-ihaw spot, Yellow Fin is also the life of the party when the sun sets in Baler. In a town without much of a nightlife, this 24-hour bar cranks up the music and serves cold drinks and grilled pulutan is the place to be for those who aren’t quite ready to call it a night yet. Be sure to hit them up with a reservation if you plan on having dinner and drinks here because it tends to get crowded with tourists from the different resorts nearby!

Yellow Fin can be found along Sabang Beach, Baler, Aurora.

Yolly’s Ihaw-Ihaw & Seafood Restaurant

Right beside Gerry Shan’s restaurant is another place in Baler you can’t miss, especially if you’re a sucker for fresh seafood! Sure, Yolly’s Ihaw-Ihaw doesn’t have the prettiest interiors nor does it give you a spectacular view of the beach, but their enormous prawns, crabs, and lobsters are enough to impress passers-by and get them to stay for a meal. It’s a great, no-frills neighborhood haunt to sit down in with your big group of friends and indulge in Baler’s local eats.

If you’re not the biggest fan of eating sea creatures, the variety of food at Yolly’s won’t let you down! You can cap the night off instead with favorite Filipino dishes like bulalo, sinigang, and liempo.

Yolly’s Ihaw-Ihaw can be found along Quezon St. cor. Recto St., Baler, Aurora.

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