Impress Your Friends With These 25 Random Facts From looloo Reviewers


The looloo community is made up of a bunch of passionate foodies and thrill-seekers whose thumbs are constantly at work to give us the lowdown on restaurants and travel destinations. They’ve given out thousands of stars and written countless reviews, giving us something new to learn every time we open up the looloo app!

To share with you some of the insights we’ve gained while reading through your write-ups, we listed down 25 of the most random but interesting facts from looloo reviewers!

Whip ‘em out if you want to impress your friends or if you want to avoid awkward silences!

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1. Chimara is pronounced as “kay-mara” – Maia T.

The next time you want to invite your squad here for some salad and pita wraps, you know how to say the name without second-guessing yourself!

2. Kamuning Bakery is the oldest bakery in Quezon City – Elle C.

Kamuning Bakery

Photo from

Established in 1939, this place is as old as your grandma! But despite being “tanders,” it’s still well-loved for its pan de sal, cinnamon rolls, and cheesecake!

3. There are more calories in a Jamba Juice drink than in a can of Coke – Julienne Y.

A 16 oz cup of Razzmatazz has 290 kcal while the same amount of Peanut Butter Moo’d packs a whopping 490 kcal! A can of coke? 140 calories.

4. The owner of Puzzles: Board Game Lounge knows how to play 95% of his wide selection of tabletop games – Denise Marie D.

You might want to verify this yourself! Be sure to pick a super complicated game and ask a lot of questions!

5. The owner of Locavore is also Sharon Cuneta’s chef – Veanney V.

Chef Kel Zaguirre, the genius behind Locavore’s delicious food, is also helping the Megastar lose weight by keeping her diet healthy!

6. TWG’s most expensive tea bag costs ₱2,875 – Karyl Hannah V.

TWG Tea Yellow Gold Buds

TWG Tea Yellow Gold Buds | Photo from HK Tatler

And it’s only good for 3 to 5 cups! But their Yellow Gold Tea Buds are expensive because the plant only grows once a year! Plus, it’s got gold flakes in it. Fancy!

7. KFC is sometimes called PFK in Canada – Tracy M.

PFK stands for Poulet Frit Kentucky which is French for Kentucky Fried Chicken! French is the second language in Canada, the same way Spanish is in the US.

8. Former President Erap only eats at Tatoy’s Manukan and Seafoods Restaurant whenever he’s in Iloilo – Violet B.

Tatoy's Manokan

Photo from Google Streetview

We can’t blame him because Tatoy’s is known for its delicious native chicken! Everyone says that you haven’t really been to Iloilo if you haven’t tried this place out.

9. Gelato has less butterfat than ice cream! – Chooty S.

Ice cream has 10 to 18% butterfat while gelato only has 4 to 8%. That’s our cue to stuff our faces with a lot of gelato now!

10. Sebastian’s Ice Cream makes their own bagoong – Nanais H.

If you’ve ever tasted their Green Mango and Bagoong sorbet, you would know that it tastes exactly like the real thing! Plus points to them for making their bagoong from scratch too

11. It’s bad luck to hold your wedding at the Manila Cathedral – Marjorie G.

Rumor has it that couples who tie the knot here don’t have a #forever. But don’t let this urban legend ruin your big day if you’ve got this venue booked already!

12. Chimay is pronounced as “she-may” and is actually a place in Belgium known for trappist brews –Tanya P.

Know that you know how to properly pronounce this famous beer’s name, you can save yourself the embarrassment the next time you order it up!

13. Male fireflies shine brighter than female fireflies – Lea A.

Basically, the brighter you are, the more pogi points you get. Also, if you see flickering lights at Iwahig Firefly Watching in Puerto Prinsesa, that means them fireflies are getting some action!

14. One classic Cinnabon roll has 880 calories – Chloe F.

Classic Cinnabon Roll

Classic Cinnabon Roll | Photo from Cinnabon’s Facebook Page

Yup, it’s got more calories than a burger! But let’s just pretend we didn’t see this fact because they’re so good!

15. J. Co’s Alcapone donut was named after the famous American gangster because it’s the most wanted flavor from their selection! – April H.

If Al Capone the mobster was wanted for multiple felonies, then Alcapone the donut is wanted for being too delicious! Belgian white chocolate topped with toasted almonds? Who can resist?

16. Aguinaldo’s house had a duckpin bowling alley, an indoor swimming pool, and tons of secret passages – Hosea I.

Aguinaldo Shrine

Photo from Eunice S.’s looloo review for Aguinaldo Shrine

See what a ballin’ life our first President had at the Aguinaldo Shrine! This 14,000 square foot mansion was designed by Aguinaldo himself.

17. There are 34 types of mangroves in the world, 32 of which can be found in Palawan – Lea A.

So after you visit the Subterranean River National Park, be sure to try out the Mangrove Paddleboat Tour too!

18. You can ask the servers at Serenitea to hard press your milk tea for a more caffeinated kick – Ralph C.

Remember this tip when you need a caffeine rush to go with your Okinawa Classic Milk Tea or your Hokkaido Milk Tea!

19. The Ruins in Bacolod was built for the owner Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson’s wife and their initials are written all over the old house – Roegan T.

The Ruins in Bacolod

Photo from Ruth D.’s looloo review for The Ruins

This former residential structure was built in the 19th century and it was the biggest house ever constructed at that time!

20. The smell of chocolate causes relaxation by significantly reducing the activities in the brain – Janine R.

All the more reason to not feel guilty about hoarding chocolates then! Don’t forget to get a whiff first before you devour them.

21. A one-Michelin star restaurant means it’s visited by customers from the same neighborhood, while a two-Michelin-star restaurant is visited by customers who come from a different area. But a three-Michelin-star restaurant means people are actually flying out to eat there. – Chichi T.

Now we know how restaurants are awarded these highly-coveted stars!

22. Curry is alkaline, not acidic – Rina Joy J.

CoCo Ichibanya Manila

Photo from Sous V.’s looloo review for CoCo Ichibanya

Good news for people with acidity! You can have your fill of curry and not get gassy or have bouts of annoying chest pain!

23. When Henry Sy was younger, his favorite place in Tagaytay was the Taal Vista Hotel – Paul G.

He loved it so much that he acquired it years later and now owns the place! The man does not waste any opportunities!

24. The Hyatt Cafe is the only restaurant in Manila that serves Mayura Station Wagyu Beef from Australia – Zia M.

The wagyu beef leg is a monstrosity, weighing in at a hundred pounds! It undergoes a 72-hour marination period and is slow roasted for 24 hours, making it unbelievably tender and flavorful!

25. When Sesame Street was dubbed in Tagalog, Cookie Monster was translated as Biskwit Halimaw – Neil R.

Cookie Monster

Biskwit Halimaw

Probably the most random fact of the bunch (it’s not even food or travel-related), but I bet it made you laugh and cringe at the same time!

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