Enjoy An Amazing View From These 6 Beautiful Infinity Pools Outside Of Metro Manila


Some pools, the ones designed with precise dimensions and divided into lanes, are made for serious swimmers. But then there are other pools that are more aesthetically pleasing than functional, used as photo shoot venues by millennials for underwater selfies, bikini OOTDs, and ‘candid’ look-away-from-the-camera shots.

If you’re not interested in perfecting your breaststroke and would rather take a billion and one pictures in the water, these six gorgeous infinity pools (all found outside of the city) are for you! Not only are they Insta-worthy but they also offer an amazing view you can’t get in Metro Manila. Be sure to pack your cutest swimsuit and free up tons of space in your phone!

1. Perth Paradise Resort

Once you see the stunning view from Perth Paradise Resort’s infinity pool, you’ll want to stick to the edge and gawk forever. Reminiscent of Pangasinan’s Hundred Islands, you get to feast your eyes on a lagoon with still, glass-like water that’s dotted with clumps of green, pointy islets. In her looloo review, Rian K. said it’s the best infinity pool she’s ever seen!

Perth Paradise Resort

Photo from Lhorenz-Elmer R.’s looloo review for Perth Paradise Resort

Aside from swimming in the pool and admiring the view, there are a ton of other activities you can do here like kayaking, snorkeling, island hopping, jet skiing, and taking a dip in the lagoon. As for their accommodations, you don’t have to worry about burning a hole in your pocket. Their kubo rooms are only ₱1,300 per night while the air-conditioned rooms are at ₱2,500.

Perth Paradise Resort

Negros Occidental

+63 912 730 0848


2. Casa Amara

Casa Amara, a vacation home that was eventually turned into a resort, is perched on top of a cliff in Batangas. While the view is amazing from wherever you are in the house, the best vantage point is from their infinity pool where you get to gaze at Laiya Beach and Tayabas Sea! The pool’s open around the clock so you can wade for however long you want to.

Casa Amara

Photo from Denise A.’s looloo review for Casa Amara

With a holding capacity of 50 to 70 people, Casa Amara makes for a great venue for company outings, family reunions, and barkada get-togethers. Aside from swimming in the pool and taking pictures, you can also also head down to the resort’s private beach to kick back and chill with your crew (it’s a lot more peaceful compared to Laiya!)

Casa Amara

Imelda, San Juan

+63 915 307 9149


3. The Oriental Luxury Suites

Who knew that just a couple hours away from the busy CBDs of Metro Manila exists such an amazing getaway like The Oriental Luxury Suites?! This new Thai-inspired resort in Tagaytay is homey as it is elegant, decked out in colorful ornaments and wooden furniture. But its best feature is its infinity pool that overlooks Batangas and Tagaytay, giving swimmers a spectacular view of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano!

Right next to the pool is a lounge area complete with comfortable couches where guests can sit down, relax, and enjoy refreshments. Like that isn’t enough of a treat, every room in the hotel gets its own personal butler service too!

The Oriental Luxury Suites

Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, Alfonso

+63 995 788 4429


4. Alta Vista De Boracay

If you’re not into the wild side of Boracay, here’s a place you can hole up in. As you can tell by its name, Alta Vista De Boracay is situated on top of one of Boracay’s highest peaks, its lofty location setting it apart from the tourist crowds. And because it is so high up, its infinity pool dishes a great view of the island, including the sea and mountains surrounding the area!

The breathtaking scenery is just one of the things this resort has to offer. In her looloo review, Mhie B. enumerated everything she loved about her experience, saying: My friend and I felt like queens during our stay here. Friendly staff and great service. The room was spacious and clean. The environment is relaxing.”

Alta Vista De Boracay

Brgy. Yapak, Boracay
Malay, Aklan

+63 36 288 9888



5. Ocean Suites Bohol Boutique Hotel

Sure, the Chocolate Hills are a sight to behold but they’re not the only thing you can gape at when you’re in Bohol. Ocean Suites Bohol Boutique Hotel, which rests atop a cliffside, has an infinity pool from which guests can soak up the view of lush greenery and the sea! It’s a scenery that’s just as memorable as the other attractions in the province.

Once you’ve had enough of swimming and staring, hop out of the pool and try your hand at the other activities offered by the hotel. You can go on a countryside tour if you want to learn more about Bohol’s history. Or you could sign up for an active tour (this includes stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, and riding vespas) if you want to move around more.

Ocean Suites Bohol Boutique Hotel

Tagbilaran East Rd., Bool
Tagbilaran, Bohol

+63 38 411 1031



6. Kahuna Beach Resort

Surfing, especially in a surfer’s haven like San Juan, can be the highlight of any outing. But if you’re not all that into the sport, watching the waves come and go can be just as rewarding. Kahuna Beach Resort is the perfect pick for those who just want to hang out. They have an infinity pool where you can soak in and enjoy a stunning view of the beach you can’t get from any of the other spots in the area.

In his looloo review, Roegan T. raved about his experience in the infinity pool, saying: “Not a lot of people were using the pool so we had it to ourselves for the most part. Staying in the pool gave us a perfect view of the beach and the sunset. No other hotel offers this kind of view.”

Kahuna Beach Resort

National Highway, Urbiztondo
San Juan, La Union

+63 72 607 1040



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