4 Inflatable Water Parks In The Philippines For Your Next Out Of Town Trip


Summer’s one of those things we always wish won’t end since it’s the best time to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea. For many beach-lovers, however, the gloomy, rainy weather is no excuse to miss out on a trip to the beach. But if you happen to need an extra push towards the waves, an inflatable water park is just what you need!

While water parks are not new to us, inflatable ones are actually quite rare! These floating playgrounds will undoubtedly bring out the kid in you as you jump, slide, and run from one obstacle to another, or even straight into the water! Sounds fun, right? Well, here are four inflatable water parks you can head to for that fun, carefree, endless summer experience!

1. Inflatable Island (Subic, Zambales)

Calling itself the biggest inflatable water park in all of Asia, Inflatable Island is the one that started the trend here in the Philippines. Located in Subic, Inflatable Island has more than a dozen inflatable obstacles to choose from! That includes the Giant Tarzan Swing and Slide, Jungle Bars, and Human Launcher!

Inflatable Island

Photo from Foodcrawl P.’s looloo review for Inflatable Island

Planning to head to Inflatable Island? It’s highly recommended that you book your tickets online so you can secure your desired time slot! There are three passes available once you decide to book your tickets: Splash (two-hour pass priced at ₱699), Spray (half day pass priced ₱999), and Soaked (whole day pass priced at ₱1,399). Take note that these rates are applicable only if you book online! Walk-ins are allowed but you have to pay an additional ₱100.

To make it more convenient for you and your group, Inflatable Island also offers hotel and cabana packages and ticket deals! For the cabana packages, rates start at ₱1,249 while hotel package rates begin at ₱2,499/person. Don’t forget to check out Inflatable Island’s website for the complete list and details!

What are you waiting for? Book your tickets through this link! Or you can contact them through their Facebook page.

Inflatable Island is located in Half Moon Beach, National Highway, Lower Kalaklan, Olonggapo City, Zambales

2. Club Balai Isabel Aqua Park (Talisay, Batangas)

The Taal Volcano has always been such a sight to behold that we normally enjoy from the ridges of Tagaytay. But did you know that you can enjoy the view even from an inflatable water park? Yep, you read right!

Club Balai Isabel Aqua Park is one of three inflatable water parks you can find if you’re headed south of Manila! There are two ways to score tickets to the Aqua Park: by going on a day tour or checking in at Club Balai Isabel. Aqua Park rates for checked-in guests are at ₱450/person (one hour use) and ₱1,250/head (four hours).

If you’re planning on going on a day tour, rates are at ₱990/person (inclusive of an hour at the Aqua Park and use of other facilities such as the swimming pool and basketball court) and ₱1,850/person (inclusive of one hour use of the Aqua Park, lunch, snacks, and use of other facilities).

You can contact the Aqua Park through its Facebook page.

Club Balai Isabel Aqua Park is located at Club Balai Isabel, Talisay-Tanauan Road, Talisay, Batangas

3. Slides N’ Splash Water Park (Boracay)

There’s no place here in the Philippines that is as synonymous to the beach as Boracay. Popular among local and international tourists alike, Boracay has everything that makes for a memorable beach trip, including its own inflatable water park!

Slides N’ Splash Aqua Park offers unlimited use of its floating playground (yep, no time constraints!), which means you can cross its jiggling ladders, jump high on its wide trampoline, or try to reach the sky while riding the solo swing as many times as you want! And if you do get tired of floating above water, Slides N’ Splash also has some snorkeling gear on hand so that you can explore what’s down below the surface.

For prices and inquiries, you can contact Slides N’ Splash Aqua Park through its Facebook page or by calling +63 939 105 74 11 or +63 939 105 74 12.

Slides N’ Splash Aqua Park is located in Barangay Balabag, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

4. Aicaland Waterpark (Laguna)

Who says you have to go far to enjoy an inflatable water park? Located in Laguna, Aicaland Waterpark is a convenient option for those in the mood for a quick out of town trip. And when we say convenient, we don’t only mean the location! Its current rainy season promo rates will surely make it easy for your wallet!

From Mondays to Thursdays, unlimited play rates are at ₱108 for adults and ₱98 for children 12 years old and below! On weekends, rates (still unlimited play!) are at ₱288 for adults and ₱188 for children. Sulit!

You can contact Aicaland Waterpark through its Facebook page.

Aicaland Waterpark is located in Barangay Biñan, Pagsanjan, Laguna

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