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Most people can’t get enough of the rich, dense, and wonderfully indulgent classic cheesecake. But as you may have noticed, a new trend is sweeping the country in the form of Japanese cheesecakes – the lighter, chiffon-like cousin of this decadent cheesy dessert.

With a fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth texture likened to that of the Philippines’ very own mamon, Japanese cheesecakes are the ultimate guilt-free pleasure for cheese lovers. If you want to enjoy cheesecakes without having to worry about that umay factor, then this light Japanese version may be just the thing!

Whether you’re an all-time fan or a curious newbie, we’ve rounded up (and listed in alphabetical order) looloo’s most-reviewed places in the metro where you can satisfy your Japanese cheesecake cravings!

1. Dean and DeLucaEdades Tower and Garden Villas, Rockwell Center, Makati
Price: ₱280

New York-style cheesecake isn’t the only star you’ll find in this popular upscale joint from the Big Apple! A number of reviewers have pointed out that the soft and creamy Hokkaido Cheesecake is a must-try on Dean & DeLuca’s menu.

Photo from Jialing H.'s looloo review for Dean and DeLuca

Photo from Jialing H.’s looloo review for Dean and DeLuca

With reviews like “The fluffiest Hokkaido Cheesecake I’ve ever tried!” and “a must not miss if you dine here. (Rating: 6/5) IT’S THAT GOOD!”, this cheesecake is quickly becoming one of their bestsellers. One happy reviewer even called her Hokkaido Cheesecake experience “love at first bite!”

2. Green CheeseHole in the Wall, Century City Mall, Makati
Price: ₱51.50 per slice | ₱360.50 per box

It’s hard not to smile when you see Green Cheese’s dainty cheesecakes smiling right back at you! They weren’t kidding when they described themselves as the “happiest cheesecake in the world,” since each cake is stamped with a cheerful, blushing face.

Your day will only get brighter once you bite into their original and matcha cheesecakes, which have captured the hearts of many of our reviewers. As one happy reviewer shares, “It’s fluffy, light, and creamy at the same time! How is that even possible?”

3. Karen’s KitchenPalm Village, Makati | Petron Station, EDSA cor. Pasay Rd. | San Rafael St., Kapitolyo
Price: ₱205 for the Raclette Japanese Cheesecake | ₱105 for the Lemon Japanese Cheesecake

Karen’s Kitchen has long been a frontrunner in the local dessert scene. The brand and its creator, Karen Young, have gotten numerous recognitions for its iconic headline-grabbers like the Red Velvet and Chocolate Ganache cakes.

Lemon Japanese Cheesecake

Lemon Japanese Cheesecake from Karen’s Kitchen

And while this pastry shop is most celebrated for its decadent cakes, it also offers its very own “ethereal take on the cheesecake” with its delicate, slightly tart Lemon Japanese Cheesecake and moist, lightweight-style Amaretto Japanese Cheesecake. Want it extra cheesy? They also have the Raclette Japanese Cheesecake made with raclette: the soft and creamy cow’s milk cheese from Switzerland!

With a brand like Karen’s Kitchen, these Japanese desserts are definitely worth a try!

4. KumoriThe Landmark Makati | SM City Makati
Price: ₱240 for 5 pieces

Did you know that “kumori” actually means cloudy in Japanese? It’s easy to see why they’d choose such a name, since one bite of their cheesecake is enough to make you think of the sky’s pillowy white clouds.

Don’t be fooled by the bite-size portions of their raved-about Hanjuku Cheesecakes. As many of our reviewers have discovered, these small, cream cheese-filled bites pack quite the punch when it comes to pure cheesy goodness.

It might be a good idea to buy their original or chocolate Hanjuku Cheesecakes by the box, since you might find that one serving is not enough! As one reviewer puts it, “It was light and creamy and everything delicious without being too sweet. It’ll surely leave you wanting more!”

5. Lord Stow’s BakeryMultiple Branches
Price: ₱270

Lord Stow’s delicious egg tarts may be their worldwide claim to fame, but this Macau-based bakery also offers its very own take on the Japanese dessert. One look at this puffy golden cheesecake and you’ll know you’re in for a guilt-free, light and airy treat.

Lord Stow's Manila Japanese Cheesecake

Japanese Cheesecake from Lord Stow’s

You can easily identify the bakery’s cheesecake thanks to its unique appearance. It’s far more rustic-looking compared to the smooth, dome-like shapes of most cheesecakes.

6. UCC Park Cafe | UCC Vienna CafeMultiple Branches
Price: ₱175

While it’s only recently that the Japanese cheesecake craze took over the country, this popular Japanese coffee chain had Japanese cheesecakes on its menu for years! Try pairing one of their original cheesecakes with your coffee during your next visit. Or give their caramel variety a taste if you prefer something slightly sweeter.

Japanese Cheesecake from UCC Park Cafe

Original Japanese Cheesecake from UCC Park Cafe

Some reviewers also said they loved how these cheesecakes capture just the right amount of sweetness – not too bland and not too cloying. If you prefer your Japanese cheesecake a bit more spongy instead of custard-like, you might want to give the ones at UCC a try.

7. Uncle Tetsu Cheese CakeMultiple Branches
Price: ₱299 for the regular size | ₱99 for the mini

Uncle Tetsu is, without a doubt, one of the biggest names in today’s worldwide Japanese Cheesecake scene. With its fluffy and flavorful cheesecakes, it’s not hard to see why this beloved chain has been attracting long lines in every country it opens in.

Each golden cheesecake bears the plump and jolly icon of Tetsu-san himself, a character based on Uncle Tetsu’s founder, Mizokami Tetsushi. These tasty treats are made fresh daily with the same by-hand baking process Uncle Tetsu has been using since it first opened in Hakata, Japan in 1985.

You can get Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecake in either the original or chocolate flavor. As an added treat, their Mall of Asia Branch offers a “make your own cheesecake” option, where you can personalize your cheesecake with sweet spreads and colorful candy toppings!

8. Yamato Bakery CafeJupiter St., Makati | Bluebay Walk, SM Mall of Asia Complex
Price: ₱310

“For me, they have the best Japanese cheesecake in Manila so far. Moist, light, fluffy and flavourful with just the right amount of sweetness!” is what one reviewer had to say about Yamato Bakery Cafe’s version of the Japanese Cheesecake.

Japanese Cheesecake from Yamato Bakery

Japanese Cheesecake from Yamato Bakery

Owned by the same people behind ramen restaurant Mitsuyado Sei-Men, this bakery sits right beside the popular noodle house’s branchs and serves various Japanese baked goods. So if you’re looking for a dessert to match your Japanese-themed meals, Yamato’s light cheesecakes should do the trick.

With all these places serving Japanese cheesecakes all over the metro, it’s pretty easy to try one for yourself and find out what all the buzz is about!

What do you guys think about these fluffy desserts? Any favorite places or flavors you’d like to recommend? Share your thoughts in our comments section below!

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