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Ninjas are known to be these highly-trained spies so stealthy you wouldn’t even know they were standing right behind you. But ninjas can also refer to people who creep around restaurants to secretly try their food and review them—aka the looloo team!

As the sneaky ninja foodies we’d like to think we are, we thought it would be fun to start this new series called looloo Ninja Visits! We’re going to be secretly trying out trending places as well as new menu items and write about our experiences right here! This way, you can be fully informed before you go try them out for yourselves.

And kicking this series off is BLK 513! ICYDK, they have a secret menu and we tried it out incognito…

The Experience

BLK 513’s Dark Skim froyo is more popular than any of us will ever be. But their secret menu, available only in their UP Town Center branch, isn’t as well-known among their customers (which is why it’s a secret, duh!)

The looloo team’s picks from BLK 513’s secret menu

Curious to find out more about it, the looloo team hit up the BLK 513 branch in UPTC and ordered up some things from their hush-hush selection. Upon requesting for their secret menu, we were handed an iPad which contained detailed illustrations and descriptions of their secret creations. After perusing the slides, we decided on 3 items: the Tropical Matcha, the Frozen Hot Chocolate, and the Blue Tea Cheesecake.

Tropical Matcha

The Tropical Matcha (₱300), said to be the bestseller, has all the matcha you could ever want in a cup. In between the layers of milk tart frozen yogurt, you’ll find matcha powder, matcha granola sprinkles, and matcha panna cotta. There are sweet mangoes in there somewhere too to cut the bitterness and add a tropical touch. The entire thing is then finished off with a drizzle of matcha sauce!

Frozen Hot Chocolate

The Frozen Hot Chocolate (₱330), another popular item on the secret menu, is the happy death all chocolate lovers crave for. The milk tart frozen yogurt is accompanied by dark Valrhona sauce, chocolate mousse, vegan brownies, strawberries, and malt sandwich!

Blue Tea Cheesecake

As for the Blue Tea Cheesecake (₱340), it’s a one-of-a-kind combination of blue velvet sauce, cheesecake bites, earl grey mousse, mangoes, peaches, sweet biscuits and milk tart frozen yogurt.

The secret bar with a passcode!

After placing our orders and paying, we were given a passcode so we could enter the secluded bar where we watched our froyo cups being assembled right in front of us. Only customers with orders from the secret menu can enter the locked area so it feels very exclusive!

After the servers’ careful preparation, we finally got our froyo cups and just seeing how massive and pretty they were left us pretty speechless!

The Verdict

The Tropical Matcha was hands down the favorite of the day, commended for its strong matcha flavor. “It’s not fake matcha that tastes like sampaguita. It’s real matcha so props to them for that,” said Bella J. “After scooping that block of matcha panna cotta, the bitterness exploded in my mouth, added Gwen I.”

Even Roegan T., who admitted to not being a matcha fan, was impressed. “It’s the only cup I wouldn’t share. It’s something I can finish by myself. From the first layer down to the last, everything was consistent. The sweetness of the mangoes was a nice break from all the bitterness of the matcha. The froyo was good too.”

Are these babies worth it?

As for the Frozen Hot Chocolate, it left the looloo team a little…confused. “There are too many chocolate flavors trying to compete for your attention and they don’t really go well together. There’s the bitter chocolate and then there’s the really, really sweet one, and then there’s a malty chocolate. But at least, in terms of value for money, you know there are a lot of things in there.”

Gwen I. did say however, that she liked the ‘champorado’ flavor of the chocolate sauce and that the ingredients tasted good individually.

The enigma of the bunch was the Blue Tea Cheesecake. “If the chocolate one I found confusing because there were so many things going on, this one I found confusing because I don’t know what it is,” explained Bella J. “It’s the blue sauce that’s confusing. I asked and it’s supposed to be white chocolate, cream cheese, and earl grey tea. But when you taste it, you can’t taste any of the three.”

“To me, it’s just sweet. It’s just a big, expensive cup of sweetness. The peaches are a nice touch though. It’s a nice change of texture. The cheesecake chunks were really good too,” added Roegan T.

Overall, the looloo team recommends ordering from BLK 513’s secret menu. Its novelty makes it a fun experience that’s worth trying out at least once! The looloo team gives the secret menu an average score of 4.17 looloo stars.

While the secret menu items are definitely on the expensive side, the froyo swirls are *massive* and the cups are loaded with a ton of quality ingredients so you know you’re getting what you paid for. Be sure to bring friends along with you unless you’re sure you can finish a cup on your own!

They froyo swirls and the store itself are also very Insta-worthy! Just make sure to take photos inside the shop because the froyo melts pretty quickly in the heat.

BLK 513 can be found at these locations.

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