Love Chicken and Beer? Here Are 5 Korean Restaurants In Metro Manila For You


There are just things in this world that are meant to go together. Bonnie and Clyde. Mario and Luigi. B1 and B2. Peanut butter and jelly. Milk and cookies. Macaroni and cheese. Even chicken and beer.

Yep, you read that right! Chicken (fried chicken to be exact) and beer really are a match made in culinary heaven, especially as far as Koreans are concerned. They even have this term called chimaek, which is a portmanteau of the Korean words for chicken (chikin) and beer (maekju). It’s commonly served as an anju (food paired with alcohol) during the evenings. Kinda like how we serve sisig and barbecue with beer as pulutan.

Sounds like a good way to spend the night, right? In case you’re planning to have your own chimaek experience anytime soon, here are five places in the metro you can head to!

1. Chi Mac Chicken & Beer

All it takes is one look at Chi Mac Chicken & Beer to know exactly what you can expect from this Korean resto. Chicken here are served either in half (seven pieces) or full (14 pieces) sized orders and come in four different flavors: the regular fried chicken, sweet and spicy, soy sauce, and cheese snow.

In his looloo review, Reginald B. says he tried the soy sauce flavor and loves how the “seasoning seeps into the meat”. Do you know what else he loved about it? The crispy soy-glazed skin, of course!

Which of the four flavors do you think is best paired with beer? Head to Chi Mac Chicken and Beer and find out!

Chi Mac Chicken and Beer can be found at these locations.

2. Gangnam Wings

If you happen to be in Megamall when your chimaek cravings hit, you don’t have to worry because there’s a resto in the mall that can satisfy it!

At Gangnam Wings, you can have your chicken in a couple of different ways. You can opt for a combination of wings and drumsticks. You can also opt to order half a chicken or even a full-sized one! As for sauces, there are nine available on the menu: crispy original, spicy original, ganjang soya, yang-nyum, spicy yang-nyum, Korean buffalo, soya yogurt, honey garlic, and spicy asian.

Local beers are available to pair up with your chicken. But in case you’re up for something more Korean, you can try one of the soju options available instead. You can have your soju in any of these flavors: apple, yakult, pineapple, or watermelon.

Gangnam Wings can be found on the UG/F of Mega A, SM Megamall, EDSA corner Julia Vargas Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong.

3. KyoChon

KyoChon started off in a mere 30 sqm space in Korea back in 1991. Now credited as the pioneer of double-fried chicken in Korea, KyoChon has more than 900 restaurants in its home country alone. Here in Manila, KyoChon has a total of three branches ever since it first opened in 2014.

Ordering some chicken at KyoChon is as easy and straightforward as it gets. You simply have to choose your desired cut and quantity, as well as the flavor. There are four flavors (called Series) you can pick from. There’s the Original Series, which is basically KyoChon’s signature soy garlic glaze. Those who love spicy wings should go for the Red Series while those who prefer sweet, sticky wings should order the Honey Series. Lastly, there’s also the Soonsal Series, which coats the chicken in a special rice batter.

As for the beer, both San Mig Light and Pale Pilsen are available on the menu. If you’re not a big fan of either beer, you can go for draft beer instead.

KyoChon can be found at these locations.

4. Ok Chicken

Aguirre Avenue in Parañaque has long been a foodie destination before such a concept even existed. This long road in BF homes seems to have everything a foodie can ever want, including a restaurant where you can enjoy some chicken and beer!

Ok Chicken has a variety of flavors that can satisfy any fried chicken lover out there. Aside from the regular fried chicken, Ok Chicken also has sweet and spicy, rice syrup, red hot rice syrup, barbeque, Teri-q soy sauce, garlic, cheeseling, green onion, spicy cheese, and sweet and sour. That’s a lot of flavors to choose from!

Ok Chicken can be found on Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Parañaque.

5. Oppa! Chicken

It might come as a surprise but Oppa! Chicken is a brand that actually hails from Cebu and not South Korea. Its first Manila branch opened just two years ago and has become one of the go-to places for Korean fried chicken and chimaek!

There are six different varieties you can choose from when you order: original fried chicken (herbed salt and pepper), snowing cheese, ganjang (soy garlic), yangnyum (sweet and spicy), crispy baked, and oven roasted.

In her looloo review, Salie D. highly recommends the yangnyum and says that the freshly cooked chicken she got was worth the wait.

Oppa! Chicken can be found at these locations.


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