Mama Lou’s Is A House-Turned-Italian Restaurant That’s Perfect For Sunday Family Lunches


The weekly Sunday lunch out with the family may not seem all that special. But it’s actually a big deal because it’s the only time of the week when everyone’s not at their desks working or out with their squad partying.

But that’s not saying it’s easy to pick out a restaurant to bring the family to! The daunting question of “Saan tayo kakain?” is usually thrown back and forth a couple of times (while everyone stands around awkwardly) before a place is finally settled on.

If you want to pick out a place in advance for next Sunday, there’s a homey Italian restaurant that’s a no-brainer option for family lunches. Its warm ambiance will make everyone feel at ease, its comfort food will leave all stomachs satisfied, and its affordable prices will make whoever’s paying feel lucky.

Mama Lou’s: It’s like eating Italian food over at your sweet old lola’s house

If you’ve followed the evolution of BF Homes, you’d know that it once had a European restaurant called Cafe Francais that was famous for pizza and pasta.

Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen

After ten years, its founder, Malou, decided to move the restaurant into her family’s house in Tropical Palace. She transformed it into an Italian restaurant, since it was their Italian dishes that guests loved anyway, and called it Mama Lou’s! Not a lot of people knew that Malou’s family members were still living on the second floor of the house before it was later converted into additional dining space!

Because Mama Lou’s is set inside a real house complete with aged furniture and old memorabilia, its homey, rustic vibe makes guests feel like they’re having a casual lunch over at lola’s house. Their other branches, even though they’re found in more modern settings, give off the same cozy ambiance as their flagship location in Las Piñas.

Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen, Manila

Inside Mama Lou’s pantry, you’ll find cooking essentials that are either imported from Italy or sourced from organic suppliers in the country. These fresh and simple ingredients are then turned into hearty, home cooked Italian dishes like pasta, risotto, pizza, meat entrees, and desserts. With a menu that brims with choices, there’s undoubtedly something for everyone around the table. This makes Mama Lou’s a popular pick not just for Sunday lunch but for celebrations and events as well.

Malou may not have lived long enough to see her brainchild turn into the well-loved Italian restaurant it is today, but she sure would have been one proud mama!

A volcano pasta dish, mac n’ cheese with truffle, and other things to try at Mama Lou’s

Everyone loves a good ol’ bowl of mac n’ cheese, albeit a little boring. To spruce it up a bit, Mama Lou’s gave this age-old comfort food a more luxurious, sophisticated twist! An order of their Truffle Mac & Cheese will give you a solid helping of tender elbow macaroni covered in a fragrant blanket of truffle cream and a rich blend of cheeses.

Truffle Mac and Cheese, Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen

Truffle Mac and Cheese from Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen

For good measure, It’s capped off with melted mozzarella and cheddar cheese.

Another thing you’ll find only at Mama Lou’s is the Vesuvio, a volcano-shaped pasta dish inspired by Mt. Vesuvius (the volcano that buried Pompeii and Herculaneum in lava back in AD 79!)

Vesuvio, Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen

Vesuvio from Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen

This monster of a creation is made up of stacked rigatoni, each one stuffed with mozzarella, ricotta, peas, fennel sausage, and egg. To complete the look, you’ll find pomodoro, pesto, and alfredo sauces oozing out from the top!

For something that’s classically Italian, get yourself a plate of their Italian Sardine Pasta, an entree that combines Italy’s most used ingredients. You get some sourness in there from the traditional tomato sauce and a touch of saltiness from the chunks of sardines that sit on top of the al dente pasta!

Of course, you can’t call it an Italian feast if there’s no pizza involved! Their ultimate bestseller is the Mama Lou’s Special, topped off with tomatoes, mozzarella, prosciutto, mango, arugula, and balsamic cream.

Mama Lou's Special Pizza

Mama Lou’s Special Pizza

All the flavors in the spectrum are represented in there! Another top pick is the Pizza Bianca, smothered in cream and showered with mozzarella, mushrooms, and bacon. If you want something that’s extra cheesy, there’s the Quattro Formaggi, loaded with tomatoes, mozzarella, blue cheese, and brie.

Pizza Bianca from Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen

Pizza Bianca from Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen

Mama Lou’s claim to fame may be their pastas and pizzas but you shouldn’t miss out on their risottos either. While this Italian rice dish is often overlooked in other restaurants, it’s an absolute bestseller at Mama Lou’s! One of the crowd favorites is the Risotto di Mare, made with creamy Arborio rice (Italian short-grain rice) mixed with different kinds of seafood.

After eating all of that, you’re definitely going to want to Take the Cannoli.

Take the Cannoli, Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen

Take the Cannoli from Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen

These little tubes, filled with a sweet, creamy filling and drizzled with chocolate glaze, is the perfect way to end your meal at Mama Lou’s!

What looloo reviewers have to say about the service at Mama Lou’s

It’s not just the food that looloo users rave about when they write a review for Mama Lou’s. Most of them make sure to put in a line or two about their excellent service too! Here’s what some of them had to say:

“Even though they have lots of customers, staffs even remembered me and my husband. I hope all restos have this kind of personal treatment from their people. Servers that time were Gene, Caren and Yah. Also Mr. Athan.” – Berry F.

“I chose to celebrate my birthday at Mama Lou’s because I know that they are known for good food and good service. I was impressed by their service, that even during their soft opening, their staff knew the menu inside out. I think Mama Lou’s will prosper and continue to serve more hungry customers. Simply because I feel the labor of love in the food.” – April H.

“All in all, the dishes in Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen were appetizing. The dining experience was profoundly satisfying that I want to have my 16th birthday dinner here in 2-months time. Hashtag can’t wait!” – Cayla R.

Aside from the drool-worthy Italian food, it’s the kind hospitality and acts of thoughtfulness that keep guests coming back to Mama Lou’s.

For more information, check out Mama Lou’s Facebook and Instagram pages!

Mama Lou’s can be found at these locations.

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