5 Reasons Why You Have To Try McDonald’s New Mushroom Pepper Steak


Unless you’ve had your phone, laptop, and TV switched off this entire time, chances are you’ve heard about McDonald’s newest addition to its menu–the Mushroom Pepper Steak. Maybe you’ve even tried it already and decided that it’s your new favorite thing to order at McDonald’s!

But if you haven’t tasted this creamy, beefy creation yet, here are five reasons why you should definitely order it up! Get ready because you might just find yourself heading to a nearby branch.

1. The sauce

For Filipinos, the only way the ulam-plus-kanin combo can get any better is if there’s sarsa involved. If you’re one of the many who like their rice meals smothered in sauce, then the new Mushroom Pepper Steak should make you one happy camper.

McDonald's Mushroom Pepper Steak

What makes the Mushroom Pepper Steak extra special is its rich pepper cream sauce that covers the patty like a warm blanket.

It has a comforting mushroom flavor to it that’s punctuated by the freshness of chives and the kick of pepper. To top it all off, you get slices of button mushrooms in there for some added texture and flavor!

Want more proof? Here’s what some looloo reviewers had to say about the sauce:

“I love that delicious creamy peppery gravy they have on it.” – Dennis O.

“Tasted pretty good. I liked it. The pepper flavor was quite pronounced so the dish really lived up to its name.” – Amyxal V.

“I like the creaminess and peppery taste.” – Jonathan R.

2. You get to eat McDonald’s juicy, beefy burger patty with rice

Everyone loves McDonald’s for their signature burgers. But have you been wondering what it would be like to eat their burger patty with rice instead of buns? If so, you can stop speculating now–it’s officially a real item on the menu!

McDonald's Mushroom Pepper Steak Meal

They’ve had rice meals on the menu all this time but there’s something extra exciting about having their juicy, beefy burger patty as the ulam!

3. It’s not going to leave you feeling bitin

No one wants to have their stomach rumbling in the middle of a meeting. If you want something filling that’ll pacify your tummy for the rest of the work day, the Mushroom Pepper Steak will do the trick!

McDonald's Mushroom Pepper Steak Meal

The Mushroom Pepper Steak comes with a hefty portion of rice as well as your choice of drink. You can go for the 1-piece meal or if you’re feeling extra ravenous, order up the 2-piece variant!

4. It’s not going to empty out your wallet

If your budget has been tight recently, don’t sweat it. The Mushroom Pepper Steak will be the least of your expenses on any given day!

The 1-piece Mushroom Pepper Steak is only ₱55 while the 2-piece variant is ₱89. If you want it to come with a chilly, refreshing beverage, get your Mushroom Pepper Steak with a McFreeze (it’s ₱69 for a 1-piece order and ₱99 for a 2-piece meal)!

5. You can enjoy it anywhere

There are no rules when it comes to location. You can have the Mushroom Pepper Steak anywhere you want to!

With McDelivery (call 86-2-36 or place your order at mcdelivery.com.ph), you can have it at the office while you’re working on a project, or at home while you’re lounging in your PJs! You can also get the new Mushroom Pepper Steak via Drive-Thru.

For more information, check out McDonald’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

McDonald’s can be found at these locations.

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