McDonald’s Makes Us Fall in Love All Over Again


Like any love guru would tell you, it’s easy to fall in love but it takes a lot of effort to stay in love.

It’s something a lot of relationships are missing but luckily, there’s someone out there doing the work! Just like how we want our boyfriends and girlfriends to be more ma-effort, McDonald’s gives us the change we’ve been looking for.

With the new Burger McDo, we have a new reason to fall all over again! (Let’s just say there’s more beef to love.)

Welcome change: The new sweeter and meatier Burger McDo

Filipinos have been going steady with the Burger McDo for twenty three years now. It’s a relationship that has lasted the decades simply because this burger is drama-free.

McDonald's Philippines Burger McDo

When you order up a Burger McDo, it does away with the clutter, sticking to the basic anatomy of a classic burger: a tender, beefy patty drizzled in sweet sauce and encased in soft buns.

And it’s always been there, quick to appease our burger cravings — from when we would ask our parents for extra baon to buy it until now that we’re grabbing a bite of it for a quick late night snack after work.

McDonald's New Burger McDo

The new sweeter and meatier Burger McDo

But just like in any long-term relationship, we need to welcome change to keep the flame burning. We love the familiarity and comfort a long-time partner brings but it’s the little positive changes that keep things exciting.

Which is why the Burger McDo has re-invented itself to provide its loyal lovers with a much more satisfying experience. Now, it comes with a beefier, juicier patty that’s smothered in a sweeter, tastier sauce and sandwiched in between the same soft buns.

Get the new Burger McDo in all stores nationwide

It doesn’t matter where you are in the country because you can grab a bite of the new beefier and tastier Burger McDo in all stores nationwide.

It’s just ₱36 for the burger alone and ₱55 if you’re ordering it up with a drink. You can also eat it with their World Famous Fries as part of a Small Value Meal (₱79), a Medium Value Meal (₱99), or a Large Value Meal (₱116).

McDonald's Philippines New Burger McDo

Whether you’re sawi, happily taken, or just glad to be single, it doesn’t matter when you’re at McDonald’s. Treat yourself to the new Burger McDo and fall all over again.

With this much improved version of the Burger McDo, it looks like love can only get sweeter from here.

So let McDonald’s make you fall in love all over again with the new Burger McDo.

BONUS: If you haven’t seen the latest commercial for Burger McDo that has been making everyone feel all the feels, see it here:

When you do get to try the new Burger McDo for yourself, share your photos on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #WelcomeChange.

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