This Map of Metro Manila’s Most Flood-Prone Roads Will Help You Stay Dry (And Out of Traffic)


Brace yourselves guys, the rainy season has arrived. That, and all the nasty stuff that comes with it: traffic, floods, and frustrating nights spent stranded at the office.

Kudos to the MMDA for giving everyone an early heads up though.

In a report released earlier this month, they outlined Metro Manila’s most flood-prone roads, which we thought we’d turn into this easy-to-read, easy-to-share map/infographic:

Metro Manila's Most Flood-Prone Roads

Click on the image to enlarge.

Major trouble spots include the stretch of C5 down south, beginning in the Bagong-Ilog area in Pasig, stretching all the way down to Bayani Road.

Along EDSA, the length of road by Camp Aguinaldo and alongside SM Megamall are also going to be problematic during heavy downpours. It’d be best to avoid the area, given that the already-bad traffic there is exponentially worse when it rains.

Osmeña Highway, extending all the way down to the SLEX/Skyway area has several flood-prone spots which people coming from the Makati should take note of.

Up North, flood-prone areas are scattered. There’s the NLEX-Balintawak, the EDSA-North Avenue area, Padre Burgos, and a couple of spots along the notoriously flood-prone España Avenue.

Stay dry, everyone! For those that would like to, there are share buttons below to help inform your friends and family as well! Feel free to flood their feeds (pun).

You’ve now been…informed.

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