5 Restaurants That Offer An Amazing View Of Metro Manila’s Skyline


Metro Manila isn’t always easy to love. The traffic is out of control, the pollution is horrible, and the weather’s always acting up.

But if you were to zoom out of the picture and gaze at the city from far away, say from the top of a high building, it’s actually quite a pretty thing to look at! The architecture of the CBDs against the blue sky is an impressive sight and so are the lights that shine brightly at night.

Manila Cityscape

Manila Cityscape

If you want to see Metro Manila from a different perspective and gain a better appreciation for it, here are five restaurants that’ll give you an amazing view of the city skyline. Not only that but you get to savor delicious food, too, as you take in the scenery!

1. 22 Prime

Just by looking at this restaurant’s name, you get a clue as to how high up it is. You guessed it right–22 Prime is on the 22nd floor of Discovery Suites! Because of its lofty location and its floor-to-ceiling windows, you get an unobstructed view of the Ortigas CBD without having to be exposed to the business of the area.

Aside from the scenery and its classy ambiance, 22 Prime is known for another thing–steaks! One of the best things you can treat yourself to is their 200g Wagyu Hangar Steak which they bring in all the way from the US. This perfectly marbled piece of meat is cooked to a medium rare doneness, making it a sumptuous treat for the taste buds.

22 Prime can be found on the 22/F of Discovery Suites, 25 ADB Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig, Metro Manila.

2. Chill Top Roofdeck Resto Bar

For all the titos and titas of Manila who can’t stand noisy bars anymore, here’s one that won’t give you a headache. The name says it all–Chill Top Roofdeck Resto Bar is a laid back hangout spot where you can relax, eat, and drink, all while enjoying a sweeping view of Metro Manila. Their karaoke rooms, spacious and comfortable, are some of the best you’ll see too!

When you’re ready to order food, you can start your meal off with finger food like the Nacho Nasty, nachos topped off with salsa and barbecue bits, or the Inside Job, perfectly fried chicharon bulaklak. Once your belly’s all warmed up, dig into filling dishes like the Sizzling Sisig, Sizzling Squid, Hickory Dickory Pork, and Crunchy Pinoy Pride Chicken.

Chill Top Roofdeck Resto Bar can be found at Amio Tuazon Bldg., 17th Ave. cor. P. Tuazon Blvd., Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila.

3. Encima Roofdeck Restaurant

If you’ve officially run out of date ideas, you don’t have to resort to the nearest fast food joint just yet. You can take your bae to Encima Roofdeck Restaurant for a romantic meal overlooking Makati! Nestled at the very top of City Garden Hotel, you get to feast your eyes on a panoramic view of the CBD as you gorge on tasty Mexican food.

To start things off, you can order up the Watermelon Ricotta Y Jicama, a refreshing salad flavored with lime and spices. You can then move onto heavier things like their Flautas, Enchiladas, Quesadillas, and Burritos. As for drinks, you’re not going to run out of alcohol to sip on because they have promos you’re not going to be able to resist!

Encima Roofdeck Restaurant can be found at City Garden Hotel, 7870 Makati Ave. cor. Kalayaan Ave., Makati, Metro Manila.

4. Paper Moon Manila

Not to be confused with the Paper Moon that serves up crepe cakes, Paper Moon Manila is an Italian restaurant from Milan that recently opened in Makati. While the flagship store in Italy is just a humble booth, their branch in the country is a little fancier but still warm and welcoming. It also serves as a great vantage point to view the Makati skyline!

For your antipasti, try out bestsellers like the Prosciutto e Melone (parma ham and melon cantaloupe) or the Tartare di Salmone Marinato con Avocado e Cetriolo (marinated salmon tartar). Once you’re ready for the mains, dig into entrees like the Pappardelle Paper Moon (pappardelle pasta with pink sauce and bacon) and the Entrecote di Manzo (grilled ribeye).

Paper Moon Manila can be found at Knightsbridge Residences, 4392 B. Valdez St., Makati, Metro Manila.

5. Yellow Lantern

For those who want to escape the craziness of daily life but don’t want to go too far, there’s always Antipolo. One of the spots in the city you can hole up in is Yellow Lantern, a bright and cheery cafe that can turn any bad day around. Because it’s sitting all the way up in the mountains, you get an amazing view of Metro Manila!

As you stare out of the window and daydream, you can munch on something sweet like their Euphoric Bread Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream, Churros with Chocolate Dip, Fried Leche Flan with Chocolate Syrup, or Chocnut Cheesecake. You can pair your dessert of choice with a drink like Brewed Coffee, Fresh Tarragon Tea, or Hot Chocolate.

Yellow Lantern can be found on the G/F of Comoda Ville, Sumulong Highway, Antipolo, Rizal.

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