The Fearless Foodie’s Field Guide to the Newest Restaurants in Bonifacio High Street


Bonifacio High Street, one of the most famous landmarks in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, continues to be a favorite destination for shoppers and foodies alike. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, if you’re looking for some solid retail therapy or a break from a long day, this is the place to visit!

Not only is it lined with retail stores ranging from fashion brands to home decors, it’s also home to a vast array of restaurant choices – all surrounded by a good mix of nature and art.

And if you’re on the hunt for new places to try, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s the Fearless Foodie’s Field Guide to the newest restaurants in Bonifacio High Street!

The Fearless Foodie's Field Guide to Bonifacio High Street

The Fearless Foodie’s Field Guide to the Newest Restaurants in Bonifacio High Street

1. Salad StopAverage Rating: 4.48/5.00

There’s a line to eat salads?! Vegetable haters might shudder at the thought but give Salad Stop a try and you might just change your mind about them broccolis and green beans.

From offering tasty signature salads and wraps to giving you the freedom to make your own salad creation (bacon salad, anyone?), it’s not surprising that Salad Stop has attracted not just fitness buffs but also office workers and families who want to take a break from greasy cheeseburgers and pizza.

Salad Stop, Bonifacio High Street

Photo from Erick B.’s looloo review for Salad Stop

New to eating vegetables? Get the looloo reviewer favorite: the Cobb Salad in either salad or wrap form, for a hefty serving of romaine, grilled chicken, cheese, egg, avocado, cherry tomatoes, red onions, and bacon bits all mixed in with ranch dressing.

If you’re looking for something more familiar, go for their Hail Caesar. Feeling more adventurous? Get the Jai Ho – their signature salad with Tandoori chicken and Indian spiced yogurt dressing. Of course, you can always “do you” and make your own salad!

Those who have a sweet tooth will be happy to know that Salad Stop also offers dessert items! From their butterless carrot cake to the mango muesli (pronounced as “myoozlee”), you can end your meal with these healthy dessert options.

2. Va Bene Pasta DeliAverage Rating: 4.45/5.00

Browse through the looloo reviews of Va Bene Pasta Deli and you may wonder if they only offer one dish.

A good chunk of the rave reviews so far seem to be about their Organic Eggs Tagliatelle! With descriptions for the pasta ranging from the elated “I was in pasta heaven” to “to die for,” it almost seems like it’s a mortal sin to go to this place without ordering this filling truffle dish.

Va Bene Pasta Deli, Bonifacio High Street

Photo from Joyce C.’s looloo review for Va Bene Pasta Deli

Va Bene doesn’t just have one dish that diners love though. Other popular dishes include their “must-try” appetizer called Polipo (thinly sliced braised octopus with tomatoes, olives, and arugula), their Black Ink Taglioni, and their Ricotta Eggplant Tortellini.

With an overall looloo rating of almost 4.5 stars, it’s easy to understand why one reviewer wrote, “Va Bene is the best Italian restaurant in town.”

3. KimukatsuAverage Rating: 4.33/5.00

Kimukatsu may have joined the katsu wars in Manila just last year but they made sure to come armed with something unique: the 25-layer mille-feuille katsu. It’s like the mille-feuille dessert – only this time, instead of puff pastry, they’re very thin layers of pork slices stacked on top of each other (25 times!). They’re then covered with breadcrumbs, fried, and set to steam to make sure heat spreads evenly inside.

Kimukatsu, Bonifacio High Street

Photo from Layza O.’s looloo review for Kimukatsu

Using this process and Kimukatsu’s recipe, natural juices are kept inside while still keeping that crispy breading. What you get is what looloo reviewers call “melt in your mouth” and “not nakakaumay” katsu.

Cheese lovers will be happy to know that their Cheese Mille-Feuille Katsu is by far the most popular on looloo. “Oozing with cheese, this katsu is so tender and creamy! I love it!”, wrote one reviewer. If you’re not big on cheese, you can also try their Black Pepper Katsu or Garlic Katsu. Want to keep things simple? Their Plain Mille-Feuille Katsu should do the trick.

4. Kichitora of TokyoAverage Rating: 4.15/5.00

Kichitora of Tokyo is a proudly-local ramen house popular in Manila for serving good ramen that uses chicken in their broth instead of the typical pork or beef. A lighter version of your usual thick and fatty pork-based ramen, it’s also rich in collagen. That means you’re slurping on a ‘healthier’ (yet still flavorful) ramen option that also contains a type of protein that can potentially help improve your skin.

Kichitora of Tokyo, Bonifacio High Street

Photo from Teejay d.’s looloo review for Kichitora of Tokyo

Get their signature dish, the Paitan Ramen Zenbu no Se for a taste of what one reviewer has described as “silky-thin al dente noodles and fork-tender smoky pork chashu.” Pair this huge bowl with their equally raved-about Gyoza (if you still have stomach space) and you should be all set!

Other noteworthy menu items are their Chicken Karaage that’s “fried to perfection, boneless, delicious, and addicting” and their Tsukemen, where you get to enjoy dipping your noodles in a separate bowl of soup giving you what one reviewer mentions, “a complete experience.”

5. Nadai FujisobaAverage Rating: 4.10/5.00

Offering a much-needed alternative to ramen, Nadai Fujisoba opened up a branch in Manila and introduced something different from our usual tantanmen and tonkotsu orders: soba and udon.

Sometimes served cold and with a dipping sauce, soba are thin noodles made from buckwheat flour. Udon, on the other hand, are thicker noodles made from wheat flour and usually served with hot soup.

Nadai Fujisoba, Bonifacio High Street

Photo from Rachelle T.’s looloo review for Nadai Fujisoba

Reviewers can’t seem to remember the actual names of the dishes they ordered – see the names of their menu items and you’ll see why! But with photos of bowls finished down to the last drop and review lines like “definitely good value for money”, remembering dish names don’t seem to matter.

6. The Wholesome TableAverage Rating: 4.09/5.00

Just because you’re eating comfort food doesn’t mean it has to be unhealthy. Dine at The Wholesome Table and discover how eating burgers, fried chicken, and pork chops can be made healthier by making sure they come from organic sources.

Serving only grass-fed cows, free-range chickens, and wild-caught seafood, this means you’re not going to get your share of artificial hormones or antibiotics. Their vegetables are also not just free from fertilizers and chemicals, they’re also sourced locally whenever possible.

Must-try dishes according to looloo reviewers: Burrata topped with grape tomatoes, basil and served with sourdough toasts, Orzo Salad with grape tomatoes, capers, basil, mint, feta cheese, cranberries, arugula that’s then tossed in red wine vinaigrette, and their Pork Chops that are thickly sliced and grilled to perfection. Don’t forget to try their complimentary “glorious soft bread!”

7. Mad Mark’sAverage Rating: 3.88/5.00

About five years ago, Mad Mark’s started out as a humble restaurant in Kapitolyo serving steaks, sandwiches, and ice cream. Like chismis that slowly spreads, word eventually got out to the foodie community about how good their “made from scratch” ice cream is.

Mad Mark's, Bonifacio High Street

Photo from Aira M.’s looloo review for Mad Mark’s

Walk around Bonifacio High Street Central and you’ll quickly spot someone – or even a group of people, happily holding on to Mad Mark’s signature plain white cup and wooden spoon. More often than not, you can expect that it’s filled with their famous Half Baked Madagascar ice cream. This particular flavor gets sold out pretty easily so we recommend to get this early in the day!

If cookie dough and vanilla ain’t your thing, they also have other flavors including the also popular Javan Hot Chocolate, Roasted Pecan, and a list of other flavors you’ll just have to try for yourself.

Mad Mark’s also has a dining area, so if you’re looking for a warm, filling, and savory meal, step inside and order what reviewers have raved about: their Signature Steak or their Creole Grilled Chicken.

8. Ikkoryu Fukuoka RamenAverage Rating: 3.87/5.00

Known for specializing in tonkotsu broth or what some have called “the holy grail of noodle soups,” Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen offers a filling bowl of ramen heaven for those looking for that rich and milky pork-based broth.

Aside from their tonkotsu soup, Ikkoryu is also known for their thin and straight noodles called Chikuho noodles that are popular in the Kyushu region of Japan.

looloo reviewers swear by their tonkotsu ramen mixed with special roast garlic oil called Black Garlic Tonkotsu Ramen. Another noteworthy dish to try is their Aburi Chasu that’s made with pork slices that have been marinated for “more than a hundred hours” with a recipe that’s been used for over 40 years.

If you’re looking for some good gyoza, some have also mentioned how theirs might just be “the best gyoza in Manila.”

9. ShingetsuAverage Rating: 3.86/5.00

A Japanese restaurant that opened just a few months ago, Shingetsu takes a different approach to your typical Japanese restaurant. With its tall ceiling, plush chairs, and bright and open ambiance, it exudes a more modern vibe that matches perfectly with their wide variety of classic Japanese dishes that come with small twists.

Shingetsu, Bonifacio High Street

Photo from Monique A.’s looloo review for Shingetsu

Here, they serve you beautifully-plated sushi and huge tempura prawns that according to one looloo reviewer, are “perfectly crisp.” If you work in the BGC area and are looking for a nice and hefty mid-day treat, don’t miss their lunch sets! Served with soup, salad, and two appetizers together with your main dish, you might just have to prepare for a quick siesta after lunch.

10. The Butcher Shop and PubAverage Rating: 3.81/5.00

For days when hanging out and drinking beer just doesn’t cut it, The Butcher Shop and Pub offers something better: good meat to go with good beers.

Want some steak? Get creative and make your own! From choosing the type of meat down to the rub and the brush-ons, you’ll get it just the way you like it. If you’d rather have pork, another popular dish is their boldly named Best F*cking Pork and Beans, a heavy meat dish that comes with a generous slab of pork chop, rice, home baked beans, and egg.

Don’t really consider yourself a carnivore? Not a problem. You can get their Caesar Salad! According to one reviewer, “they have one of the best Caesar Salads” she’s tried.

11. Wolf & FoxAverage Rating: 3.00/5.00

A gastro pub perfect for a chill after-work night with friends, Wolf & Fox’s dark interior and eccentric wall displays (portraits of animal-headed humans – with excellent sartorial taste) channel a gentleman’s club whisking you away from the daily stresses of life.

Wolf & Fox, Bonifacio High Street

Photo from Vlad A.’s looloo review for Wolf & Fox

Aside from their wide ranging drink list, they also offer full meals including steaks, sandwiches, and burgers.

For those who love martinis, reviewers who have tried their Banana Popsicle Martini seem to have enjoyed this drink a lot! If you’re looking for something more filling, reviewers have also mentioned their Fish and Chips – “battered enough for the right crisp outside and moist enough on the inside.”

Tequila lovers should also be on high alert as their Patron tequila bottles are currently 50% off! (Promo period subject to change without prior notice.)

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