Why You Need To Get Pizza Delivered From Papa John’s ASAP


Pizza is great. But it’s even better when you don’t have to get out of your comfy pambahay clothes to go get some.

If you’re at home, hungry, and could use a box of pizza right now, you can satisfy your munchies by calling up the Papa John’s delivery hotline. This US-born pizza franchise scored the highest in looloo’s Manila Pizza Delivery Blind Taste Test (it went up against four other popular pizza joints), garnering 15.80 points out of 20.

The looloo crew raved about their pizza crust, describing it as “crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.” They also found the toppings, cheese, and sauce quite irresistible!

Papa John’s has a new promo that’ll make you want to get pizza delivered ASAP

As if you needed any more reason to get Papa John’s pizza delivered to you, they have a promo made especially for the holiday season!

With their Premium Holiday Duo Savers Promo, you can get two family size pizzas for just ₱495, valid for takeout and delivery only. You can choose two variants from flavors like Mexican Ole, Cheese Trio, Pepperoni Buffalo, BBQ Bacon Lovers, Crabmeat Marinara, Honey Chicken Poppers, and Bacon Cheeseburger Surprise.

Papa John's Premium Holiday Duo

Papa John’s Premium Holiday Duo

To add two more Premium Holiday Duo Saver variants (choose from Spicy Sisig Supreme, Cheesy Bacon Melt, and White Hawaiian Pesto), all you have to do is add ₱99!

Obviously, two huge pizzas would be perfect if you’re having company over. But we won’t judge you if you have them all to yourself either!

What exactly makes Papa John’s different from other pizza joints?

Before John Schnatter became the famous pizza boss he is now, he was a law school reject making pizza pies inside a small closet in a tavern. But he made it big when he decided to open up his own pizza restaurant, naming it after himself.

From his first branch in Indiana, Papa John’s has grown to be the third largest pizza company in the world, with stores all over the the globe including the Philippines!

Papa John's Pizza Las Piñas Branch

Papa John’s Pizza Las Piñas Branch

And their claim to fame has always been their fresh, quality ingredients. To make their pizza crust, they use unbleached and enriched high-protein flour, soybean oil, and extra virgin olive oil and they hand-toss the dough fresh, never frozen. As for their all-natural sauce, they’re made with fresh tomatoes grown in California, sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil, and exotic spices.

For toppings, they use 100% real beef and pork blended with spices for extra flavor, freshly-cut vegetables, and pure mozzarella cheese.

The must-tries you shouldn’t miss out on at Papa John’s

If you actually made it out of your couch and into a Papa John’s store, make your efforts worth it by treating yourself to their ultimate bestsellers!

One of the all-time favorites at Papa John’s is the Super Papa, topped off with the perfect balance of protein and vegetables. An order of this pizza gives you chunks of pepperoni, Italian sausage and ham to sink your teeth into as well crimini mushrooms, onions, green peppers, and black olives to munch on.

Super Papa from Papa John's

Super Papa from Papa John’s

Another popular pick is the Chicken Bacon Ranch, a flavor combination you don’t get to taste often. You get some creaminess in there from the ranch sauce, some smokiness from the grilled chicken, and delightful pops of saltiness from the bacon bits. And with the addition of garlic, tomatoes, and onions, you get some freshness in there too.

Papa John's Chicken Bacon Ranch

Papa John’s Chicken Bacon Ranch

Of course, the Pepperoni will always be a classic choice at Papa John’s. Covered in a blanket of ooey, gooey cheese and loaded with a generous helping of pepperoni slices, there’s no way you can go wrong with an order of this.

Papa John's Pepperoni Pizza

Papa John’s Pepperoni Pizza

But no matter which pizza flavor you’re going for, don’t forget to dip your slices into the special garlic butter sauce to make every bite that much more satisfying. You can also try having your pizza along with bites of their zesty pepperoncinis!

Bonus: Try out Papa John’s new savory and sweet strombolis

For extra tasty things to fill up on aside from your pizza, order up the new strombolis (available for a limited time only). There’s the Savory Stromboli, stuffed with bacon strips, pepperoni, and string cheese and glazed with soy honey. The healthier alternative is the Cheesy Pesto Veggie Stromboli, filled with green bell pepper, spinach, pineapple bits, and string cheese and smothered in pesto and cheese sauces.

Papa John's Stromboli

Papa John’s Stromboli

To cap off the eating fest, indulge in the Sweet Caramel Stromboli, drizzled in caramel sauce and pineapple bits.

For more information, you can check out Papa John’s website and Facebook Page or you can call them at +63 2 887 7272. You can also try visiting their three new branches at Nangka, Marikina, Victory Mall, Baclaran, and Eton Baypark, Kalaw, Manila.

Papa John’s can be found at these locations.

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