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Buti pa ang beef at kanin…laging magkasama. #hugot

Looks like forever does exist because for as long as Filipinos can remember, we have been pairing beef and rice to make the popular street food we all know as Pares. Found in the most humble of stalls and eateries along roads and sidewalks, it’s more than just passable tawid-gutom food because it matters how soft the meat and flavorful the sauce is.

If you ship beef and rice as your OTP, then you need to try these delicious Pares places when you go foodsploring around Metro Manila!

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The Original Pares Mami House

Jay Z. recalls in his looloo review how cheap beef pares was here back in the day (it was just ₱25 for a bowl circa 1995!) But even with a slight raise in prices, The Original Pares Mami House keeps it very affordable for its loyal patrons.

With just ₱75 in your pocket, you get a combo of their popular beef pares and garlic rice, which looloo reviewers claim to be consistently outstanding even after all these years!

Long lines are to be expected at this eatery’s doorstep but the tender beef swimming in sweet soy sauce will make up for the lengthy wait. For an even more “busolve” meal, you can request for extra servings of litid (beef tendon) as well as a sunny side up egg!

The Original Pares Mami House can be found at NS Amoranto Ave. cor. Dr. Alejos St., La Loma, Quezon City, Metro Manila.

Cocoy’s Pares

In all of Cocoy’s 20+ years of existence, it has never mattered how much you make or where you are in life. As long as you have a big appetite for Pares, you’re welcome to pull up a stool. The only people who aren’t allowed in here are food snobs! Because as Abe D. put it in his looloo review, the Pares here are no frills (which is how they should be), the interiors have been worn down by time, and it’s self-service all the way.

Cocoy's Pares

Photo from Eya P.’s looloo review for Cocoy’s Pares

Despite the simplicity of the food and the shabbiness of the place, all that customers really care about is how good their Beef Pares is! The meat chunks are tender with just the right amount of fat and litid on them. Don’t forget to drizzle some calamansi juice to make the flavors pop!

Cocoy’s Pares can be found at Ledesma Ave. cor. Visayas Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila.


Another oldie but a goodie, BestFriends introduced us to its first branch in Moriones, Tondo way back in 1994. It has since then opened up three additional branches to cater to more Pares-loving citizens of the Metro.


Photo from Russel F.’s looloo review for BestFriends

Its experience in cooking up the perfect bowl of beef stew has earned it the reputation of expert on clean, affordable, and tasty Pares. Open 24 hours every day, it’s a reliable go-to for early-morning cravings or late-night hunger pangs.

For ₱72, you get a generous helping of their bestselling Beef Pares, made delicious with the perfect balance of sweet and salty. If you’re feeling extra ravenous, shell out ₱102 for their Paresio, a plate of Pares, rice, and two pieces of steamed siomai!

BestFriends can be found at Boni Ave. cor. Barangka Dr., Mandaluyong, Metro Manila.

Jonas Pares

Being one of the oldest of the Pares spots in Metro Manila, Jonas has been credited for coining and popularizing the the term we now use for the beef stew dish.

Jonas Pares

Photo from Eunice S.’s looloo review for Jonas

It had simple beginnings when it first went into business in 1979 (it’s now 36 years old!) with just 6 chairs for their customers and a simple menu of siopao, mami, and chicken. But when loyal patons started requesting for an actual meal, the beef and rice pairing was born and so was the name Pares.

At Jonas, you get the perfect meat-to-fat ratio, with 70% of your bowl consisting of lean meat from beef flanks and the other 30% of fat (because what would be more horrible than finding a bowl of Pares without a little bit of juicy, tender taba?)

Jonas Pares can be found at Mayon St., Quezon City, Metro Manila.

Pares House Marikina

Compared to its competition, this one’s a newbie in the Pares business, having set up shop in 2011. But despite being around for just four years, it has gotten Marikenyos craving for its specialty Beef Pares and flocking their eatery for their fll of the dish.

Pares House Marikina

Photo from Michell Elizabeth C.’s looloo review for Pares House Marikina

According to Michell Elizabeth C. in her looloo review, she found Pares House Marikina filled with customers on her first visit, which could only mean one thing: good food!

The Beef Pares here are known to come out of the kitchen fast and served in big portions. The meat is flavorful and tender, best eaten with an extra cup of sinangag! Other looloo reviewers are also raving about how clean it is here which is always a plus!

Pares House Marikina can be found at Shoe Ave., Sta. Elena, Marikina, Metro Manila.

Pares Retiro

Already open as early as eight in the morning, this spot is slowly becoming a favorite among those who partied a little too hard the night before (we know that the best cure for a nasty hangover is hovering over a big bowl of Pares and chowing down until the nasty headache eases up!) Jay S. said in his looloo review that the big breakfast they had at Pares Retiro did a fine of job of getting rid of his alcohol buzz.

Pares Retiro

Photo from Justine Enide L.’s looloo review for Pares Retiro

But aside from the Beef Pares here being great as post-drinking chibog, it gives the taste buds and the wallet something to rejoice about too. You get soft meat drenched in dark and flavorful sauce at a price that’s affordable for every Juan. Best news: you can always request for more sauce and the soup is refillable too!

Pares Retiro can be found at P. Tuazon Blvd. cor. 18th Ave., Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila.

Dapog Food Hauz

Carlo O. in his looloo review gives love advice by saying that one shouldn’t bring a girl here if you’re planning on impressing her because Dapog Food Hauz is hardly date place material. But if she’s a koboy who doesn’t care about the looks of a place and is up for a Beef Pares feast, then by all means! You might even win her over with your great taste in hole-in-the-wall eateries.

With the Beef Pares here priced at only ₱35, you can practically have a buffet with just ₱200 as date money. But you’re sure to get money’s worth in this karinderia because the Pares is cooked upon order, served to you hot, and in big portions.

Dapog Food Hauz can be found at Doña Soledad Ave., Better Living Subd., Parañaque, Metro Manila.

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