If You Have A Bottomless Pit For A Stomach, You Have To Try This Crazy Pizza Challenge At Peperoni Pizzeria!


If you can eat copious amounts of food at an extremely fast rate without choking, that’s some talent right there! Your mom might tell you otherwise and demand that you eat slower and chew your food properly, but speed eating is a skill that can come in really handy. Especially when you’re dining at Peperoni Pizzeria!

Inside Peperoni Pizzeria

This pizza joint from Singapore is giving everyone who has a knack for eating a chance to show off their amazing gift. The big winner walks away with an extremely satisfied tummy, bragging rights forever, and some other cool perks. But even if you don’t get the gold, you still get to eat some very, very good pizza. You can’t lose!

Peperoni Pizzeria's Beech Ovens

Photo from Cindy S.’s looloo review for Peperoni Pizzeria

Here’s how you can qualify for Peperoni Pizzeria’s XXL Pizza Challenge

This coming October, Peperoni Pizzeria will be hosting the event that pizza lovers of the metro have been waiting for all year–the annual XXL Pizza Challenge!

Participants will be putting their stomach and jaw muscles to the ultimate test as they compete against one another to see who can finish one whole XXL pizza the fastest. In case you didn’t know, an XXL pizza at Peperoni Pizzeria measures at 21 inches, is made up of twenty four square slices, and is big enough to feed four to six hungry people! It’s A LOT to chew on.

XXL Pizza from Peperoni Pizzeria

The XXL Pizza from Peperoni Pizzeria

Whoever bags first place gets to take home ₱10,000 worth of Peperoni Pizzeria GCs, a trophy, a certificate, and other amazing goodies! The second placer gets ₱8,000 worth of GCs, a certificate, and other prizes and the third placer gets ₱6,000 worth of GCs, a certificate, and other prizes.

If you want to qualify for the main event (or you just want to stuff your face with TONS of pizza), Peperoni Pizzeria will be having a pre-event challenge that will run until September 30, 2017.

If you want to try it out for yourself, just tell the waiters and they’ll serve you an XXL pizza. Your goal is to finish all of it within 20 minutes! If you’re successful, the pizza’s free plus you get ₱1,000 worth of GCs! If you’re not able to polish everything off within the given time frame, no need to fret because you can always try again!

Just note that you’ll have to pay for the original price of the XXL pizza if you’re not able to finish it. From all those who participated in the pre-event challenge, the twelve fastest eaters will be the ones moving onto the main event!

looloo reviewer Angela Marie C. put herself up to the pre-event challenge and wrote about the experience in her looloo review, saying:

“I decided to just try the challenge and told myself I wouldn’t be competitive anyway, but hey the competitive monster inside me was awakened and it actually got me really motivated to emerge victorious as the next Pizza Warrior! Too bad it was really too much for me, but it was a rather good try, I must say. *Pats self on the back!* I think well trained speed eaters can actually do this.”

Peperoni Pizzeria UP Town Center branch

Peperoni Pizzeria’s UP Town Center Branch

If you think you have what it takes, drop by any of Peperoni Pizzeria’s branches (there’s one in Uptown Place Mall and another in Up Town Center) and take on the pre-event challenge! Come on an empty stomach for a higher chance of finishing the XXL pizza and bring people who will cheer you on!

Choose from three mouth-watering flavors for your XXL pizza

Finishing an entire XXL pizza won’t be an easy feat but it will definitely be a delicious experience for your tastebuds.

Peperoni Pizzeria has their own special dough formula, which explains why their pizza crusts are so thin and crispy on the outside and doughy in the middle. And because they use wood-fired brick ovens, their crusts are flavored with a delicate smokiness that can’t be achieved by normal ovens. As for their toppings, they use fresh and quality ingredients imported from Italy!

Bacon Miele XXL Pizza Peperoni Pizzeria

The Bacon Miele XXL Pizza | Photo from Cindy S.’s looloo review for Peperoni Pizzeria

One of the three flavors you can choose for your XXL pizza is the bestselling Bacon Miele, a unique creation made with bacon, honey, fresh oregano, and gouda cheese. This one’s perfect for those who want a balance of sweet and salty flavors.

If you want something that’s more on the meaty, savory side, you can opt for the La Carne. Topped off with bacon, pepperoni, shiitake mushrooms, and onions, a hardcore carnivore will love digging into an XXL pizza in this flavor!

But if your winning strategy is to stick to a simple, well-known variant, the Diavola is the one for you. It’s a straightforward pepperoni pizza that won’t throw you any surprises, but its delicious, familiar flavor will have you taking one bite after another.

XXL Peperoni Pizzeria Challenge

The XXL Peperoni Pizzeria Challenge

For more information on Peperoni Pizzeria, you can check out their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Peperoni Pizzeria can be found at the G/F Phase 2 of UP Town Center in Quezon City and at the 3/F of Uptown Place Mall in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.
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