10 Places In The Philippines With Beautiful Sunsets


Every single day, the sun slowly makes its way down the horizon, leaving behind a glorious trail of colors. And every single day, we miss the beauty of it all because we’re either stuck in the office, stuck in traffic, or (the more likely scenario) looking down at our phones.

Before you let the whole year pass you by without getting a glimpse of the sunset, here are 10 destinations in the Philippines you should plan a trip to—they all offer an amazing view of it! If you’re visiting any of them soon, it’s not a bad idea to have your camera ready. But the best way to experience a sunset is to put all gadgets away and just soak it all in!

1. Alona Beach

You can’t call it a proper Bohol trip if you don’t visit its most beautiful attraction—Alona Beach. Here, you’ll find crystal clear waters and white powdery sand, explaining why it’s often compared to Boracay’s famous White Beach. It’s not as crowded or commercialized though, making it a more suitable destination for those who want peace and quiet.

Alona Beach

Before you pack up after a whole day of laying out on the sand, make sure you stay a bit longer to see the golden sunset!

Alona Beach can be found at Panglao, Bohol.

2. Boracay Island

Going to Boracay is like going to the beach but also to the mall at the same time. The once unspoiled natural beauty is now so crowded with all kinds of establishments that it kind of feels like you never left the city. Despite the commercialization on the island, you can still see remnants of its former glory in the fine white sand and the clear blue water.

Photo from Mary Love S.’s looloo review for Boracay Island

The sunset didn’t lose its luster either! Don’t miss it because it’s still one of the best, most mesmerizing things you’ll ever see.

Boracay Island can be found at Malay, Aklan.

3. Brother Island

Did you know that there’s an entire island in the Philippines that you and your family / friends can have all to yourselves? Brother Island, found in El Nido, Palawan, is listed on AirBnB, which means you can rent it out for a couple of nights. It even comes with a huge house and complete meals! The Kim K lifestyle suddenly doesn’t seem so far-fetched, right?

Photo from Shayne B.’s looloo review for Brother Island

If you’re planning to stay here, you have the view of the beautiful sunset to look forward to as well!

Brother Island can be found at El Nido, Palawan.

4. Calaguas Islands

There are plenty of things that make Calaguas one of the best beach destinations in the Philippines. First of all, it’s much cheaper compared to the first three destinations in this list. But it’s also just as beautiful, loved for its crystal clear waters and powdery white sand. You get to enjoy a lot of downtime too because of how peaceful it is here, free from the city’s distractions.

Photo from Peach L.’s looloo review for Calaguas Islands

Another thing to love is the sunset! When there aren’t any clouds, your eyes get to feast on an awe-inspiring golden sky.

Calaguas Islands can be found at Vinzons, Camarines Norte.

5. Crystal Beach

A weekend at Crystal Beach is sure to be an exciting one because you’re not going to run out of things to do here. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to surf, you can get yourself a board and an instructor and start riding the waves. You can then go swimming or kayaking if you want to stay in the water longer. Or if you’d rather stay dry, you can try your hand at beach volleyball or pitching a tent instead.

Photo from Sandy P.’s looloo review for Crystal Beach

When you’re all pooped out, the next best thing to do is to relax by the beach and wait for the sun to set. It’s the perfect ending to the day!

Crystal Beach can be found at San Narciso, Zambales.

6. Lake Danum

The best way to end a Sagada is trip is by visiting Lake Danum. It has the most relaxing atmosphere you’ll ever experience and because it’s bordered by grass and pine trees, it makes for the perfect picnic, bonfire, and camping spot. Depending on what month you visit, you might be met by a brown / orange-y lake or one that’s more green or clear. But one thing’s for sure—it’s always serene and beautiful.

Photo from David V.’s looloo review for Lake Danum

Lake Danum is also known as the best place in Sagada to catch the sunset so make sure to come at just the right time!

Lake Danum can be found at Sagada, Mountain Province.

7. Mt. Tapyas

Mt. Tapyas isn’t exactly easy to conquer. You’re going to need strong quads, glutes, and a whole lot of stamina because there are a total of 721 steps to climb to get to the peak! Don’t worry though because there are sheds every hundred steps or so where you can stop to sit down and catch your breath. You can also take groufies along the way to make the journey less tortuous.

Photo from Marc M.’s looloo review for Mt. Tapyas

All the sweat will prove to be worth it when you finally get to set your eyes on the view from the top. Even more so if you catch the sunset!

Mt. Tapyas can be found at Coron, Palawan.

8. Nagtabon Beach

Possibly the most underrated beach in Puerto Princesa, Nagtabon Beach isn’t a common item in tourists’ itineraries. But it should be just as popular an attraction as the Underground River or Honda Bay! The waves here can get pretty huge, making them perfect for surfing. And because it’s untouched by human hands for the most part, you get to enjoy a back-to-basics kind of experience.

Photo from Shayne B.’s looloo review for Nagtabon Beach

It also offers an amazing view of the sunset! You can set up a picnic late in the afternoon and wait until the sky turns a blazing orange.

Nagtabon Beach can be found at Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

9. Sentinela Beach

Another off-the-radar destination is Claveria’s Sentinela Beach. But take its unpopularity as a good thing because that means you get to enjoy its rugged charm without having to work your way through a noisy crowd. The sand here may not be the finest or the whitest and the water might not be a dazzling shade of turquoise but the view is spectacular and should not be missed!

Photo from Opong A.’s looloo review for Sentinela Cove

It’s a well-kept secret that this beach dishes one of the best views of the sunset. You won’t get to see the sun so up close anywhere else!

Sentinela Beach can be found at Bantay Kalbo Trail, Claveria, Cagayan.

10. Urbiztondo Beach

There’s no denying that La Union, or ‘Elyu’ as the millennials like to call it, is THE place to be right now. The people are super chill and the dining scene is amazing too! There are a ton of coffee shops in the area that really know their craft, as well as a slew of restaurants that cater to different cravings. But the main attraction in LU is Urbiztondo Beach, well-loved for its consistent waves!

Photo from Norman Lester T.’s looloo review for Urbiztondo Beach

Aside from surfing, another popular activity on this beach is sunset watching. The view of the fiery sky and the raging water is marvelous!

Urbiztondo Beach can be found at San Juan, La Union.

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