Pinkberry Now Serves Their Froyo With This Well-Loved Snack From Hong Kong


There isn’t much room for surprises when it comes to frozen yogurt. You usually top it off with the same things like fruits…nuts…maybe some chocolate sauce if you’re feeling adventurous. But that’s about as exciting as it gets.

Or so you would think! Over at Pinkberry, they’re always coming up with ways to level up your froyo experience and they have some new things in store for you. Have you ever paired your froyo with a bubble waffle?!

New at Pinkberry: Warm Bubble Waffles and Cold Brew Fruit Teas with special boba

We all know that Pinkberry is a stickler for quality, using real non-fat milk and fresh non-fat yogurt to make their froyo. Even their toppings are top-notch, offering a wide variety of fresh hand-cut fruits and other premium treats for customers to choose from.

The selection of delicious toppings you can choose from at Pinkberry’s

Innovation’s another one of their strong suits, continuously coming up with new things to keep up with the trends. This time, they’ve added some Asian-inspired items on the menu to freshen things up!

One of the additions is the Bubble Waffle, their take on the popular snack from Hong Kong. You can get it sans froyo and toppings (₱110), but really, you should go for the whole package (₱250) because it’s delicious! You can choose your own toppings and froyo flavor for this order.

Pinkberry’s new Bubble Waffle served with froyo and toppings

In her looloo review, Jomarie A. explained why the froyo-plus-waffle combo works, saying: “I enjoyed how the warm waffle complemented the cold froyo, and I am equally glad that the waffle was crisp on the outside but fluffy on the inside, AND the best part was it didn’t get soggy easily despite being together with the froyo.”

You can also get your Bubble Waffle with a scoop of Pinkbee’s, Pinkberry’s light milk ice cream. They’ve just recently released their Strawberry flavor and it goes great with the waffle!

The warm Bubble Waffle is the perfect complement to the cold and sweet froyo

The other new item in the lineup is the Cold Brew Fruit Tea (₱125). While it may not be froyo, this drink goes great with the dessert! In true Pinkberry fashion, it’s made with premium shaken cold brew tea and served with fresh hand-cut fruits. It also comes with a special kind of boba that pops in your mouth and explodes with flavor! You get to choose from two tea flavors, namely Wild Raspberry and Strawberry Mango.

Pinkberry’s new Cold Brew Fruit Tea in the Wild Raspberry flavor

Julie L., who was intrigued by the Wild Raspberry flavor, claimed to love the drink in her looloo review. She described it as lovely and refreshing, adding that it would be the perfect order on a hot afternoon!

Hurry over to the nearest Pinkberry store and try out these amazing new treats!

For more information, you can check Pinkberry’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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