This Popular Vietnamese Restaurant From Ho Chi Minh Is Now In Metro Manila


If you want to know more about a certain country, you should immerse yourself in their art and help yourself to their food. Luckily for those interested in the Vietnamese culture, you don’t have to fly out of the country to do those two things. Just visit this new Vietnamese restaurant in Makati!

Not only has Propaganda Bistro integrated Vietnamese-inspired art into their interior design, but they’ve also made sure to stay true to authentic Vietnamese recipes. Drop by to give both your eyes and your taste buds an amazing Vietnamese experience!

Find creativity in the form of art and food at Propaganda Bistro

Hailing from Ho Chi Minh, Propaganda Bistro covered quite a bit of distance to get to our shores. Despite the journey, their new branch here in Makati is just as pretty as their flagship store in Vietnam. Trust us when we say you’ll be taking loads of pictures here!

Propaganda art is a huge part of the Vietnamese culture. Not only are the pieces visually-arresting, but they also hold much historical value in their colors, strokes, and symbols. Propaganda Bistro takes a lot of pride in this artform and it’s obvious in their style. Taking the influence of propaganda art and mixing it with their own modern touch, they’ve created a space that’s quirky and vibrant, yet meaning and well thought out.

It’s fun to spot all the little artsy details inside this Insta-worthy restaurant. There’s a sprawling mural that’s more colorful than our lives will ever be, printed table napkins that are way too beautiful to soil, and hip furniture that you can only wish you had in your own home!

In the same way that their style is a mix of old and new, they’ve found a way to infuse the traditional Vietnamese cuisine with their own creativity. While they do elevate classics with fresh twists, they make sure to retain the core identity of the dishes so that their guests can still get the authentic Vietnamese experience. So nope, there’s no fusion here!

The top 5 dishes you need to order at Propaganda Bistro

It’s easy to get lost in Propaganda Bistro’s extensive menu so if you’re not quite sure what to order, looloo reviewers have your back! Here a few of their favorites according to their reviews on the looloo app:

1. Tri-Colored Crunchy Rice Bowl with BBQ Pork, Vegetables & Fried Egg

If you love rice like any other Asian person on the planet, you’re going to drool over this dish. You get three kinds of rice, namely black, red, and brown, all of them mixed together with vegetables and pork barbecue. The bowl is then topped off with a glistening sunny side up egg!

Photo from Jairus D.s’ looloo review of Propaganda Bistro 

Here’s what Sandy P. had to say about it in her looloo review: “This is really good!! I like the balanced taste, how the 3 kinds of rice were mixed, plus the egg on top!” Aside from being delicious, this dish is also value for money because it’s big enough to be shared by two people.

2. BBQ Chicken, Shallots & Green Mango Salad with Shredded Water Spinach & Fried Shallots

If you’re not a salad lover, order this dish up and you might just turn into one! It’s packed with all sorts of flavors and textures, leaving no chance for the mouth to get bored. The best part about it (especially for meat eaters) is the tender and juicy boneless chicken meat!

Photo from Jairus D.s’ looloo review of Propaganda Bistro

Kwokie K. expressed his love for this dish in his looloo review, saying: “The BBQ chicken salad provides a healthy balance of proteins with your vegetables, and it had its own unique taste compared to most salads and the typical dressing that you would get.”

3. Fresh Spring Rolls with Beef in Betel Leaf, Rice Noodles & Spicy Ginger Fish Sauce

Already cut into bite-size portions, these spring rolls are easy to pop into the mouth. They’re light and refreshing yet packed with flavor, making them the perfect appetizer to start your meal with. Bundled inside each one, you’ll find beef, rice noodles, as well as avocado cubes for extra freshness!

Photo from Sandy P.’s looloo review of Propaganda Bistro

Before sampling them, be sure to dip them in the fish sauce first to enhance the flavors even more. According to Julie L. in her looloo review, the sauce is the ideal complement to the dish!

4. Pork BBQ Banh Mi with Pate, Crunchy Pickled Vegetables & Coriander Fish Sauce

Of course, what’s a Vietnamese meal without banh mi, right? Propaganda Bistro’s version, made with braised pork, floss, pickled vegetables, and chilli mayo, is sure to appease your banh mi cravings!

Midz S. said she was completely won over when she got to taste it. “I haven’t really been tempted to have this Vietnamese sandwich before because I find its appearance tasteless, but now I totally get it. The crunch from the bread and the slight kick from the sauce gave a nice touch of elevation to the banh mi I once saw as boring,” she said in her looloo review.

5. Sticky Coconut Rice with Fresh Mango & Coconut Cream

You might already be stuffed to the brim at this point but you have to squeeze in a bit more room in your belly for this dessert! It has just the right amount of sweetness to get rid of any umay feelings you might be having after all that food.

Photo from Julie L.’s looloo review of Propaganda Bistro

In her looloo review, Christina R. described this dessert as “pretty good”, saying: “The coconut cream was delicious. They added a bit of sweetness to it and I really liked it. Glad the mango was sweet.”

For more information on Propaganda Bistro, visit their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Propaganda Bistro can be found on the 2/F of Greenbelt 5, Legazpi St., Ayala Center, Makati, Metro Manila.

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