You Probably Didn’t Know That You Can Go Caving, Cliff Diving, And River Rafting In Quirino


Quirino is often overlooked whenever people plan their trip to the north. It’s always Ilocos, Banaue, Baguio or the other nearby regions, but never this province in Cagayan Valley. But what not a lot of travelers know is that Quirino is just as worthy of a visit as its more popular neighbors, with many sights to see and things to do!

Siitan River

Photo from Bille T.’s looloo review for Siitan River

If you’re still wondering about the things you can do in Quirino, here are six activities you can start with.


Quirino has several caves that have yet to open to the public. However, there are some that are ready to be explored, even by beginners. This includes the 8 chambers of Aglipay Caves which provide visitors with a glimpse of the subterranean beauty of the province. Use your imagination to identify the different shapes that the rock formations make as you go deeper into the caves.

Aglipay Caves Quirino

Aglipay Caves | Photo from Kara Santos of Traveling-Up

The caves aren’t for claustrophobes or the faint of heart as some areas require you to duck, crawl, get on your hands and knees, and squeeze through tight spaces to get to the next area. The effort it takes to go through the chambers is worth it though because of the formations you get to see and the feeling that you’re doing something new and exciting.

There is another cave worth exploring along Governor’s Rapids but it isn’t as big as Aglipay. Visitors must slither through tight spaces before seeing rock formations and a small waterfall inside. Getting out is quite an adventure, as you’d have to squeeze through a narrow, descending pathway before getting back on your chartered boat.

Cliff Diving

Quirino has several towering and spectacular rock formations, some of which are popular spots to go cliff diving. Some are as low as a 5-foot jump while others are at a more challenging height of 15 feet. Some cliff diving spots require a challenging climb to the top with no place to turn back to. The only thing left to do is to take the plunge into the waters below!

The guide you hire will take you to the best and safest places to jump from.


Quirino provides visitors with a handful of eco-tourism adventure activities, one of which is river tubing. Get on a tube and enjoy riding down the river while you pass by spectacular landscapes and towering rock formations. Depending on the time of your visit, the ride will be smooth and easy with only some parts rougher and more exciting.

River tubing in Quirino

River tubing in Quirino

Spectacular Views

This province has several mountains and hills bordering it, creating a spectacular scene of green and brown. The river that cuts through it adds even more to the beautiful scenery. One of the best spots to get a bird’s-eye view is at Landingan View Deck but the ride to the viewpoint already has fetching views of the countryside. You can also top load (ride atop the jeep) during the trip.


Magnificent view from Landingan View Deck

River Rafting

River rafting along the Siitan River and Governor’s Rapids is something you should definitely do while you’re in the province. The boat ride will take you through a beautiful scenery of rock formations dotted with foliage with the view of the rolling hills over in the distance. Your boatman may take you to a cave and/or spots for cliff diving.

River Rafting

River Rafting

Natural Slide and Waterfall

Quirino has a handful of waterfalls with pools you can explore and swim in, and for those brave enough, they can jump off the cliffs. One of the destinations is Pensal Falls which may seem underwhelming at first, but once you get to try the natural slide next to it, you’ll be glad you visited. You can take the plunge as many times as you want into the pool.

Getting to the falls and natural slide is part of the adventure. The zigzagging roads on the hills take effort to get through, even if you are on a motorcycle or tricycle. There might be times when you have to alight and push the tricycle you’re on. After the ride, you still have to trek to get to the waterfalls and slide. Despite these inconveniences, the view of the surrounding environment makes it all worth it.

How to Get to Quirino

Five Star, GV Florida and Northern Luzon Bus provide trips to Quirino from their terminals in Cubao or Sampaloc, Manila. The cost of the trip is around ₱500 one way. Once you get to the province, you can rent a jeep to go to different places for approximately ₱3000.

Where to Stay in Quirino

The province provides affordable places to stay for those traveling in a group or by themselves. Diffun Lodge in Diffun has air-conditioned rooms that cost ₱500/day and fan rooms for ₱200/day. If you want to stay in Cabarroguis, you can spend a night or two at CFFQI Training Hall for ₱750/day at the VIP rooms and ₱100/head at the communal rooms.

You can contact Mr. Tony Misagal at +63 998 258 08 60 for tours and information about the province.

Quirino is an adventurer’s destination. There are a handful of eco-tourism activities that will satisfy your wanderlust and will keep you coming back for more. The province has yet to reach its full tourist destination potential, meaning there are still a couple of discoveries to be made.

Diffun Lodge

Diffun, Quirino

+63 917 440 1555

CFFQI Training Hall

Capitol Compound,
Cabarroguis, Quirino

+63 916 381 5114

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