Get Matcha, Ube, And Cheese-Flavored Churros At This New Churro Shop In Binondo


The churro trend that took over the nation last year had us trying out a ton of different variations of the popular Spanish fried dough snack. But if you think you’ve seen and tasted everything that can possibly be done to the churro, there’s a churro shop in Binondo that’ll prove you otherwise!

In this foodie destination found in Metro Manila’s Chinatown, not all churros are identical. They take on many unconventional forms, including hoops and nuggets! And when it comes to flavors, they know which ones are the most exciting to the tastebuds. Not to mention they have a pretty fascinating way of making their churros too, which involves using a handmade gun!

Ever had matcha-covered churro nuggets or ube-dipped churro hoops?

You can totally have your churros plain and enjoy every bite of it. But that didn’t stop Q’urros from creating a bunch of different flavors for customers who want a more thrilling experience.

One of their signature creations is the Churro Nuggets, bite-sized, easy-to-eat pieces of fried dough covered in addicting powdered flavors. You can choose to have your nuggets showered either in cheese, cinnamon, cocoa, cocoa cinnamon, or matcha. The best part is you can have twelve of these babies for just ₱100!

Q'urros Churro Nuggets

Q’urros Churro Nuggets

If your sweet tooth is craving for something that’s more of a dessert and less of a snack, get yourself a cup of their Churro Ice Cream!

Q'urros Churro Ice Cream

Q’urros Churro Ice Cream

The warmth of the churros together with the richness of the ice cream will have you taking one mouthful after the other. You can have your Churro Ice Cream in flavors like Choco Mallows, Caramel Pops, Choco Crunch, and Cookies & Cream. But if you want to concoct your own cup, go ahead and pick your own sauce and toppings!

Not one to miss out on trends, Q’urros now has Ube Hoop Churros on the menu too. By taking their original churros, blanketing them in ube powder, drizzling them with ube syrup, and finally capping them off with corn flakes, you get to indulge in a treat that Filipino palates are bound to love!

Qurros Ube Hoop Churros

Q’urros Ube Hoop Churros

Of course, they’re not going to leave all you matcha fans out there hanging! If you love the sweet and bitter flavors of the popular green stuff, you can’t miss out on Q’urros’ Matcha de Triple. An order of this gives you original churros coated in green tea powder, laced with green tea syrup, and served with green tea Pocky Sticks and green tea Kit Kat!

Q'urros Matcha de Triple

Q’urros Matcha de Triple

Crispy, flavorful, non-oily churros made with a DIY gun at Q’urros

While most students are occupied with grades, Raisa Que had churros on her mind. With an ever growing fondness for the pastry (which began even before everyone else started liking it), her ultimate dream back when she was a freshie was to start her own churro business.

And she made it all come true from scratch when she graduated from college, opening up Q’urros (it’s pronounced as “cue ross” and is actually a portmanteau of Que, her surname, and churros!) in Lucky Chinatown Mall. But it wasn’t an easy thing to pull off because the sudden churro craze that hit the metro led to the opening of a number of other churro places too.

Despite having to share the limelight with many others, Q’urros stands out because of the way they make their churros. While everyone else uses pastry bags to pipe their churros, Q’urros uses a method that’s a little unorthodox. Because Raisa’s father saw what a hard time she was having with the pastry bag, he made her a churro gun that made it all so much easier. And they’ve been using it ever since for all their churro items on the menu. They’re the only one with the contraption so you won’t find it on sale anywhere!

Freshly Made Q'urros Nuggets

Freshly Made Q’urros Nuggets

Aside from using a DIY gun for their craft, you’ll find that the churros at Q’urros are extra crispy, not at all oily, and flavorful enough to eat without having to submerge them in a dip. And this is because they’re made with a mix of different flours that make them crunchy, as well special (secret) ingredients that give them their distinct flavor.

Before you start munching on your churros, you might want to whip out your camera first and take a couple of photos. Raisa put her multimedia degree to good use and decked Q’urros out in both modern and contemporary art, making the walls perfect backdrops for Insta-worthy shots!

How to get a free Hoop Churro at Q’urros this December 18

Q’urros is turning one this year and to celebrate, they’re giving away free Hoop Churros on December 18, 2016!

Q'urros Hoop Churros

Q’urros Hoop Churros

All you have to do is buy yourself a cup of their Ice Cream Churro in any flavor and you get to chomp on a Hoop Churro without any added charges to your bill!

For more information, you can check out Q’urros’ Facebook Page.

Q’urros can be found on the 5/F of Lucky Chinatown Mall, Reina Regente St. cor. Dela Reina St., Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila.

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