5 Places In Metro Manila Where You Can Get Ramen Below ₱200


By now, it’s safe to say that ramen isn’t just a passing trend in the country. This Japanese dish has settled down and made itself comfortable as a regular item on our tables. For some Filipinos, eating ramen has even turned into a full-blown addiction, much to the detriment of their wallets (because we all know that this stuff ain’t cheap!)

If you’re one of those who have become obsessed and would need at least one bowl a week to be happy, you need this list in your life. Instead of blowing a big chunk of money every time you go out to eat ramen, visit these restaurants instead! They may not be as popular as, say Ippudo, but you pay half of what you usually do (we promise you won’t have to spend more than ₱200) and you get your cravings satisfied.

1. My Own Ramen

My Own Ramen was made for those who like customizing their food and being able to save money at the same time. In this new ramen joint in Malate, you can opt for the chef’s recommendation (which basically has everything in it, including aji tamago) or you can choose your own toppings. Either way, you only need to rummage for ₱150 in your wallet to enjoy!

Photo from Marc M.’s looloo review of My Own Ramen

In his looloo review, Marc M. pointed out that their Tonkotsu ramen is on the light and milky side, making it perfect for regular consumption. He said: “It’s a nice alternative to the heavyweight ramen joints that can get cloying at times. This is the kind of ramen you can eat everyday.”

My Own Ramen can be found at 1751 A. Mabini St., Malate, Manila, Metro Manila.

2. Ramen Bari-Uma Jr.

Ramen Bari-Uma Jr., a product of Hiroshima, is one of the many Japanese restaurants that have set up shop in the Philippines. But unlike the others, this new addition to the lineup of Japanese brands in the country won’t burn a big hole in your wallet. Their food is priced reasonably but you still get the kind of quality you can expect from authentic ramen.

Photo from Arianne S.’s looloo review of Ramen Bari-Uma Jr.

For those who aren’t willing to shell out more than ₱200, you can order up the SiroTon ramen for just ₱190. In her looloo review, Jomarie A. raved about the chashu it came with, saying: “It was tender, juicy, and super flavorful. It could arguably be one of the best ramen chashus I tasted.”

Ramen Bari-Uma Jr. can be found at SM City San Lazaro, AH Lacson Ave. cor. Felix Huertas St., Sta. Cruz, Manila, Metro Manila.

3. Ramen Kuroda

“Make real ramen part of your everyday!” Ramen Kuroda’s slogan couldn’t be more fitting for them because not only do they make quality ramen, but they also keep their prices affordable enough for our daily budgets. For just ₱180, you can help yourself to their Shiro, Kuro, or Aka ramen, all cooked with homemade ingredients!

Photo from Reann G.’s looloo review of Ramen Kuroda

In her looloo review, Chili G. expressed how pleased she was with her order, even saying that Ramen Kuroda compares to the more expensive ramen restaurants out there. She said: “The ramen was very good! Tasty broth and firm noodles. Not too oily or overpowering also.”

Ramen Kuroda can be found at these locations.

4. Tamagoya Noodle House

Tamagoya has been Marikina and Antipolo’s best-kept secret for years. But something so great couldn’t be kept under wraps for too long. Now, people from different parts of the metro travel to this place just so they can chow down on delicious but affordable Japanese food, ramen being one of the favorite picks. You can choose from four ramen flavors, all for below ₱200!

Denise R., who ordered the Stamina ramen on her visit, described it in her looloo review as sweet, spicy, and slightly similar to tantanmen. She was also impressed by the the generous serving, saying one bowl is big enough to be shared by two people.

Tamagoya Noodle House can be found at 2 Soliven Ave., Antipolo, Rizal.

5. Tan Tan Men House

We all love a good bowl of tantanmen. It’s rich, satisfying, and has an addicting spiciness to it. But it’s not always the cheapest thing on the menu–unless you’re at Tan Tan Men House! This place may be on the small and stuffy side but it’s easy to overlook these minor inconveniences because you only need to pay ₱150 for a bowl of their tantanmen.

Photo from Marti M.’s looloo review of Tan Tan Men House

Marti M. claims that this is his go-to spot for swak-sa-budget ramen, saying this in his looloo review: “Noodles, quality of the broth, and the way the pork is cooked is really good for the price.” Aside from their bestselling Tantanmen, they also have Tonkotsu and Shoyu ramen on the menu.

Tan Tan Men House can be found on the G/F of Rada Regency, Castro St. cor. Dela Rosa St., Makati, Metro Manila.

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