Ramen Nagi Has A Different Kind of Ramen That’s Perfect For The Summer


The sweater weather days are gone and the sweltering heat has taken over but that doesn’t mean you you should give ramen up. Ramen Nagi has come up with a different kind of ramen that’s perfect for the season! They’re made with ~cold~ noodles so that you won’t overheat this summer!

A different kind of ramen: Try Ramen Nagi’s new Tsukemen and Tonkatsumen

Ramen Nagi was established in 2006 in Tokyo but has since then become popular in different parts of Asia, including the Philippines.

Ramen Nagi Philippines

The lines were crazy AF when they first opened in Manila in 2013, but everyone was willing to wait because it meant getting to slurp on extremely flavorful ramen! Four years later and their Butao King, Black King, Red King, and Green King are still all the rage.

But now, there are two more reasons to pull up a chair at Ramen Nagi–their new Tsukemen (₱400) and Tonkatsumen (₱440), available this whole month of April! These additions to the menu are refreshing dishes to eat this summer, because while their normal ramen is served in a bowl of hot broth, the noodles for the Tsukemen and the Tonkatsumen are served cold and separate from their dips!

Ramen Nagi Tonkatsumen

Ramen Nagi’s Tonkatsumen

An order of the Tsukemen will give you a bowl of thick, cold noodles topped off with a dollop of Nagi firesauce. It’s the same sauce they use for their signature ramen and it’s definitely tolerable even if you’re not much of a chilihead! You also get a dipping bowl filled with their well-loved tonkotsu broth, finished off with chashu strips and onion leeks.

Ramen Nagi Tsukemen

Ramen Nagi’s Tsukemen

If you want some meat to go with your noodles, go for the Tonkatsumen, a heap of chunky, cold noodles capped off with juicy, flavorful tonkatsu and daikon sprouts. On the side, you get a lemon wedge, some mustard, and a dip made with fresh Nagi spice (again, totally harmless!) and garnished with vegetables.

How to enjoy Ramen Nagi’s Tsukemen and Tonkatsumen

Not sure how to eat Tsukemen or Tonkatsumen? Before you go pouring the dip into your bowl of noodles, here’s how you’re really supposed to enjoy them:

Pick up a small helping of cold noodles with your chopsticks, submerge them into the dipping sauce, and then slurp them up from the dipping bowl.

It’s a new kind of experience that you shouldn’t miss out on this summer!

Pick a team and get a chance to win ₱2,000 worth of GCs

Every Friday for the whole month of April, Ramen Nagi will be giving away ₱2,000 worth of GCs. For a chance to win, all you have to do is choose a side! Are you team Tsukemen or Team Tonkatsumen? Click here for the full mechanics!

Fore more information on Ramen Nagi, you can check out their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Ramen Nagi can be found at these locations.

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