4 Restaurants You Can’t Miss In Angono, Rizal


Angono has forever been called the Philippines’ art capital. But recently, it has begun to take on praises for yet another attraction: food.

A mere one-and-a-half hour drive up north to this artsy town in Rizal uncovers a world of sinful kitchen secrets and gastronomic finds that reveal just how diverse, hip, and rich Angono truly is.

In this post, we share some of Angono’s genius tastemakers, including a wings place that sells retail clothing, a casual dining joint serving ginormous frappes, an art gallery that serves Soup no. 5, and a dessert café with toothsome Ferrero cheesecakes.

1. Wings on the Go

Like many hole in the wall spots in Angono, Wings on the Go is fashioned modestly. It sits on a busy street, below an internet cafe, offering a compact 15-seater space lined beautifully with wooden furniture, and walls where retail clothes, perfumes, and other thingamajigs are hung.

Wings on the Go, Angono, Rizal

Wings on the Go, Angono, Rizal

But don’t let the nondescript exterior fool you. Though established only in 2014, this former home delivery-service-turned-resto outfit is wildly famous in Angono, especially with students and young professionals, thanks to its super affordable Buffalo Wings (starts at ₱90 for 4 pieces).

The deep fried wings are coated in a signature sauce, which can be mildly zesty or extremely spicy depending on your request.

Buffalo Wings from Wings on the Go, Angono Rizal

Mexican cuisine lovers are in for treat too, with snacks like El Nacho (₱90) and Chili Cheese Fries (₱75), both smothered in a special cheese sauce and other yummy toppings. The latter tastes like chili con carne, only the potato is fried crispy into wedges instead of whole and boiled. Both are bestsellers and it isn’t hard to see why. Pizza Fries (₱110) and regular fries (₱60) are also available.

Wings on the Go, Angono, Rizal

Now, if you aren’t up for chicken or potatoes, have a bite of Wings on the Go’s other rockstars: burgers.

These grilled, freshly made sandwiches combine soft buns, 100 percent beef quarter pounders, and a slew of unique organic ingredients. There are 10 different burgers, ranging from ₱80 to ₱140.

Wings on the Go, Angono, Rizal

Rock N’ Roll is drizzled with peanut sauce, Latino is packed with Chili Con Carne and jalapeno, and Belly Flop contains BBQ sauce. For the less adventurous palate, classic and deluxe burgers are available.

Bed weather days? Have your grub delivered for a nominal charge of ₱20.

Wings on the Go

#213 E. Rodriguez St., Brgy. Sto. Niño, Angono, Rizal
Open from Tuesday to Thursday, 3 PM to 9 PM
Friday to Sunday, 3 PM to 10 PM

+632 651 30 51 / +63 926 533 2794

2. Kim Is Hungry

Just around the Angono Town Plaza lies Kim is Hungry, a 20-seater pastel pink-hued café on the second floor of Paulina Building. It can be a little hard to find for others; there isn’t a flashy signboard of the place, just a tarpaulin outside.

But in Angono, you’ll learn that this is the case for a lot of culinary gems, and appearances sometimes don’t define what’s on the menu.

Kim is Hungry, Angono, Rizal

Kim is Hungry, Angono, Rizal

A hit among teens and yuppies, this pretty café is well-known for its delightful cheesecakes. There are five cheesecake variants (ranging from ₱100 to ₱130) including green tea, blueberry, and Oreo.

A distinct crowd drawer though is Ferrero cheesecake, a three-layered heaven of choco graham, cream cheese, and melted Ferrero chocolate, topped with walnut bits and a ball of Ferrero. There are over 10 dense cupcake flavors too, from Salted Caramel and red velvet to Banana Nutella!

Kim is Hungry, Angono, Rizal

Kim is Hungry also serves delicious Italian favorites like lasagna and carbonara, which, like their cakes, are generous enough to feed two.

Kim is Hungry

2nd floor Paulina Building, M. Diaz corner A. Ibanez Street, Angono, Rizal
Open from Tuesday to Saturday 2 PM – 10 PM / Sunday 11 AM – 7 PM

+63 916 271 7551

3. Lava Mocha

You probably know about Angono’s Higantes Festival. But did you know there’s also a Higantes Frappe in Angono?

Lava Mocha, Angono, Rizal

Lava Mocha, Angono, Rizal

Created by student-friendly café Lava Mocha, the 1-liter Higantes Frappe (₱280) is a mugful of flavor and eye-candy sweets. Available in cookies and cream, strawberry, and chocolate flavors, this frappe is served overflowing from the mug.

If want to DIY it, ask for the DIY Frappe (₱180). Choose from eight different toppings like mallows and wafer sticks, and place it on top of the frappe! Both frappes are good enough for a party of four.

Lava Mocha, Angono, Rizal

Snacks, Filipinos dishes, and breakfast meals, which are also good for sharing, are available at affordable prices.

Lava Mocha

97 Doña Aurora Street, Barangay San Roque, Angono, Rizal
Open from 11 AM to 11 PM

+63 936 855 7335

4. Balaw-Balaw Restaurant

Angono wouldn’t be Angono without art, and foodies get a double treat at Balaw-Balaw Restaurant. Created by renowned artist Perdigon Vocalan and his wife, Luzvimin, Balaw-Balaw is a unique three-story establishment that offers exotic fare downstairs, and art pieces, including sculptures and paintings, by Perdigon himself on the two upper floors.

Balaw-Balaw Restaurant, Angono, Rizal

Balaw-Balaw Restaurant, Angono, Rizal

Among the unconventional dishes served in this 34-year old restaurant are ginataang kuhol, sinabawang balut, and soup # 5 (milky soup made with cow testicles), which surprisingly tastes wonderful, resembling hot sopas.

Balaw-Balaw Restaurant, Angono, Rizal

Don’t miss the Minaluto too, a good-for-sharing bilao meal that’s unique to Balaw-Balaw. Combining rice, salted egg, crustaceans, vegetables, fried pork, and fried chicken, this meal was inspired by the olden farmers of Rizal, who used to bring such dishes to farms to share with other folks.

Balaw-Balaw Restaurant

Doña Justa Street, Angono, Rizal
Open from Tuesday to Saturday 2 PM – 10 PM / Sunday 11 AM – 7 PM

+63 2 651 0110

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