The 10 Most Walkable Heritage Landmarks In Roxas City


“Captivating Capiz”, the province’s official tagline, best describes its impressive mark on Philippine tourism.

The Plaza Heritage Walk Loop

The Plaza Heritage Walk Loop

One can even do a Heritage Walk Tour around one of its component cities, Roxas City, in just under a day.

Take in the city’s rich history and scenic sights as you visit the ancestral house of a former Philippine President, explore a restored water-tank-turned-museum, and admire monuments of renowned national heroes and more!

1. The Birthplace of President Manuel A. Roxas

One way of learning about a certain destination is to know its historical and cultural background. Roxas City in fact, was named after one of its locals, former President of the Philippines, Manuel Acuña Roxas.

Former Philippine President Manuel A. Roxas

Philippine President Manuel Roxas (In office May 28, 1946 – April 15, 1948)

You will find that his ancestral home still stands at the corner of Rizal and Zamora Streets, which up to this day, contains some of its original furnishings including the Kapis windows which provides a lovely view of the city. Made out of wood and stone, the two-story house was also the birthplace of Manuel Roxas.

Did you know that Manuel A. Roxas garnered a lot of recognition while seated in the government? Not only was Roxas the third and last President of the Commonwealth of the Philippines, he was also the country’s fifth President (1946-1948). When the United States finally ended their rule over the Philippines, Roxas became the first President of the Independent Third Philippine Republic.

You can visit the ancestral house by coordinating with the Capiz Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office via phone at +63 6 621 0042 loc. 133 or email them via

2 & 3. The monuments of President Manuel A. Roxas and Dr. Jose Rizal

President Manuel Roxas Monument

President Manuel Roxas Monument

The monuments of both distinguished Filipinos can be found adjacent to each other. The statue of Roxas is right across the museum, while Rizal’s statue stands right in front of the City Hall.

Manuel A. Roxas was honored with a distinct shrine not only for being a renowned leader of the country, but for also being a soldier and nationalist. Roxas City was actually named after him three years after his sudden passing.

The Capiznons also put up a monument to honor Dr. Jose Rizal as a way to stay reminded of the significance of their native land, and the integrity and liberty that it continues to uphold. The statue, which is one of the oldest in the Philippines, was erected fifteen years after Rizal’s death in 1896.

4. Ang Panubli-on – The Roxas City Museum

You wouldn’t think at first glance that an existing museum was once a water tank that was used to supply water for the town during the arid months. The century-old water chamber was later converted in the 90’s as a gallery, which now displays a variety of significant resources pertaining to the province’s art, culture and history. You’ll even find several of Manuel Roxas’ mementos here, as well as several materials on Capiz’s fascinating and mind-boggling folklore.

Ang Panublion Museum

Ang Panublion Museum | Photo from Ang Panublion Museum’s Facebook Page

You can visit ‘Ang Panublion’ from Mondays to Saturdays, 9 AM to 6 PM. The museum is located at Hughes Street, Roxas City, Capiz. Get in touch with them via phone at +6 36 522 8857 or email via and

5. Immaculate Concepcion Metropolitan Cathedral

Immaculate Concepcion Metropolitan Cathedral

Immaculate Concepcion Metropolitan Cathedral

If you’re a fan of Philippine churches and each one’s distinct design, architecture and history, then you will surely appreciate the Immaculate Concepcion Metropolitan Cathedral (one of the oldest in Panay Island). The façade itself draws crowds. Even the glorious art pieces and its tall structure exude an enlivening ambiance. The church, which was built before 1698, stood witness to several struggles (an earthquake damaged it in 1787) and developments throughout the years.

6. The Capiz Provincial Capitol

My travel buddies and I had the great opportunity of meeting the Governor of Capiz, as well as the nice and wonderful team behind the Capiz Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office. They are the ones responsible in promoting the region’s remarkable offerings.

One of the things that you also should look out for when visiting the Capiz Provincial Capitol is the ‘Eagle of Capiz.’ The Eagle, which can be seen on top of the building’s façade, symbolizes the presence of the United States in the province, and how the region used to be under its influence.

7. Roxas City Fountain

Roxas City Fountain

Roxas City Fountain

Located at the city center, the Roxas City Fountain is an iconic landmark, particularly given its countless renovations. It’s best admired at night, when its vibrant lights start to dance – a custom that goes back since the 1900s.

8 & 9. Roxas City Bridge and Panay River

Roxas Bridge and Panay River

Roxas Bridge and Panay River

The Roxas City Bridge, which was built in 1910, is also an iconic landmark, as it stood witness to several of the city’s major changes. Once known as the Old Capiz Bridge, the concrete passageway also stands by the Panay River, which had a very supernatural description to it. Based on past stories, the stream was covered with lots of trees, birds, and monkeys that were in different colors.

10. The Roxas City Bandstand

The last destination would be the Roxas City Bandstand, which is located right beside the Panay River. It has become a historical landmark as well, given the many events that it has witnessed under the American colonial rule. At present, the outdoor stage is used as a venue where the people can freely express their voices and sentiments.

How to Get There

You can reach Capiz through Roxas City via plane (45 minutes) or boat (16 hours) from Manila. Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific fly to Roxas City 3 times daily. You can also travel to Roxas City via Ro-Ro from Batangas (roll-on, roll-off), or via Bus/Van from Iloilo City (3 hours) or Kalibo (less than 2 hours).

Where to Stay

Find comfort and serenity in the city of Roxas by staying in one of these accessible and highly recommended hotels.

Roxas President’s Inn

Rizal St. cor. Lopez Jaena St.,
Roxas City, Capiz

+63 36 621 0208 / +63 36 621 1040


Hotel Veronica

Immaculate Heart of Mary Ave., Pueblo de Panay
Roxas City, Capiz

+63 36 621 0919

Urban Manor Hotel

Sacred Heart of Jesus Ave., Pueblo de Panay
Roxas City, Capiz

+63 36 522 4018


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