7 Salmon Skin Dishes You’ll Find In Manila


Whether it’s Japanese, American, or even Filipino, we’ve seen restaurants serve up a variety of salmon dishes countless times. But it’s only recently that salmon skin has become a trend in the local foodie scene. The combination of crunchy skin and fatty but oh so flavorful fish might seem sinful but seeing it on the menu is often enough to get many foodies excited!

So if you happen to be nursing a craving for all things salmon skin or you just want to experience what it’s all about, here are seven salmon skin dishes here in the metro that you must try!

1. Genki Sushi’s Seared Salmon Skin Nigiri

First up is one of the go-to places for a fun sushi experience, Genki Sushi! While the sheer number of choices on the menu can easily overwhelm, the Seared Salmon Skin Nigiri is one you shouldn’t miss! As Raisa Z. says in her looloo review for this dish, “Nothing ever goes wrong with salmon.”

Genki Sushi

Photo from Steffhanie S.’s looloo review for Genki Sushi

In her looloo review, Christa U. calls it her “favorite” from her Genki Sushi experience. “Yummy salmon skin, and mixed in with that Japanese mayo and rice, I found this very filling.”

Genki Sushi has branches in UP Town Center, Bonifacio Stopover, and Ayala Malls The 30th

2. Cocina Peruvia’s Salmon Skin Chicharron

How can you make salmon skin even more sinful? Turn it into chicharron! Yes, you read that right! Salmon Skin Chicharron does exist and you can find it over at Cocina Peruvia!

If you’re worried that this can get too oily, Cocina Peruvia’s Salmon Skin Chicharron is served with chimichurri aioli and lemon juice. Just dip your crunchy chicharron in them and the freshness and sourness of these sauces will surely cut through the oiliness of the fish!

The best part about this is that Cocina Peruvia is open 24/7! So if you find yourself here and ready for the next inuman with your barkada, you know what pulutan to order!

Cocina Peruvia is located at G/F Bonifacio One Technology Tower, 3030 Rizal Drive corner 31st Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

3. OOMA’s Salmon Skin Aburi Maki

One of the things you’ll surely realize after reading this rundown is that salmon skin and sushi go so well together, most of the dishes you’ll read about are sushis. Here’s the second one, which you’ll find in OOMA!


Photo from Bernisse C.’s looloo review for OOMA

OOMA is best known for its aburi maki or, in simpler terms, torched maki. And you know what else tastes so good when torched and made crispy? Salmon skin!

The Salmon Skin Aburi Maki is one of the aburi maki choices you’ll find on the menu. Made up of torched salmon, crispy salmon skin, asparagus, cream cheese, wasabi aioli, and teriyaki sauce, Bernisse C. says it was “love at first bite” and a “beautiful symphony of harmonic flavors” in her looloo review. “I instantly gave it five stars. The salmon skin is very very crispy and the salmon was beautifully cooked – lightly torched but still maintaining that fresh and soft salmon meat. All the other elements (asparagus, cream cheese, wasabi aioli, teriyaki sauce) gave the maki tons of flavors.”

OOMA has branches in SM Megamall, Bonifacio High Street Central, and Edades Tower and Garden Villas in Rockwell Center, Makati

4-5. Omakase’s Jurassic Maki and Crazy Maki

Omakase loves salmon skin so much that you’ll find it in different makis! There’s the Jurassic Maki, which is composed of ebi tempura, ebiko, salmon skin, cucumber, and unagi. Sounds so good, right? There’s also the Crazy Maki, which combines the salmon skin with the flavors of spicy tuna and salmon, scallions, and ebiko!

Omakase Jurassic Maki

Jurassic Maki | Photo from Chao H.’s looloo review for Omakase

Would you rather just have the full flavor of salmon skin in your maki without too many other ingredients? Order the Salmon Skin Maki! But if you’re the type who looks for something sulit, order the SAR Platter, which features the Salmon Skin Maki along with two other makis for you to enjoy!

Omakase Crazy Maki

Crazy Maki (left) | Photo from Jaya M.’s looloo review for Omakase

Omakase has branches all over the metro.

6. Tomo Japanese Dining’s Grilled Salmon Skin

Though we all know that salmon skin is great to pair with other ingredients and flavors, there are just times we just want it on its own. Well, Tomo Japanese Dining grants our wish with its Grilled Salmon Skin! Grilled to crispy perfection, it’s served with a ponzu sauce you can dip your salmon skin in!

Tomo Japanese Dining is located at 137 Araullo Street, Addition Hills, San Juan

7. Nikkei’s Causa Roll

Many fusion cuisines have Japanese influences in them, which is certainly the case over at Nikkei! Serving up Peruvian-Japanese dishes, Nikkei recently added new sushi rolls to its menu! One of which is the Causa Roll, which is made up of causa (a Peruvian dish made with potatoes layered with meat and vegetables), salmon skin, cucumber, teriyaki sauce, mackerel, chalaquita, and cilantro emulsion.


Causa Roll photo from Nikkei’s Facebook Page

Nikkei is located at Frabelle Building, 109 Rada Street, Legaspi Village, Makati

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