Someone Finally Invented Salted Egg Xiao Long Bao! Get Your Hands On Some At Fat Fook Manila.


From smothering pasta in salted egg sauce to stuffing croissants with salted egg filling, it’s obvious how people are getting real creative with the trend. But just when you thought you’ve seen it all, here comes Fat Fook with an invention that will have you saying “Whuuut?!”

You ready?

They now have SALTED EGG XIAO LONG BAO on the menu! It’s available for a limited time only though so round up your fellow salted egg lovers and get ordering at Fat Fook!

Salted Egg Xiao Long Bao, Fat Fook Manila

Why you should try Fat Fook’s Salted Egg XLB according to looloo reviewers

Fat Fook Taiwanese Kitchen is as authentic as it gets. Their kitchen is headed by a Taiwanese chef who doesn’t tweak traditional recipes for Filipino taste buds. They cook up classic Taiwanese dishes as well as fun Taiwanese street food, with the Xiao Long Bao as one of the bestsellers on the menu!

Salted Egg Xiao Long Bao, Fat Fook Manila

If you haven’t tried their popular XLB yet, now’s the perfect time to do so because of the special salted egg version of it (it’s ₱168 for 5 pieces)! But if you’re on the fence about this new item on the menu, here’s why you should order it according to looloo reviewers:

“Every dumpling had a robust orange color which was unlike the typical pale white color of a usual serving. Also, every bite radiated with the sharp and distinct flavor of soup infused with salted egg. I must say that the salty flavor blended all too well with the meaty core.”–Manfred M.

“I was pleasantly surprised when I tried one. The salted egg flavor was subtle. You know that it’s there and you can taste it but it won’t distract you from the fact that you’re eating Xiao Long Bao. It’s good on its own without having to dip it into the vinegar.”–Bella J.

“Once the burst of the warm soup hits your tastebuds as soon as you take a bite, a bumrush of flavors explode. The feeling takes you back during the days you soak your Oreo cookie in milk just before the cookie breaks. I loved that the salted egg wasn’t overpowering. You’ll want to break out into your “good food” dance.”–Rocky R.

For maximum enjoyment, don’t forget to order your Salted Egg Xiao Long Bao with a side of Fat Fook’s flavorful Kiampong or Taiwan Style Fried Rice!

The perfect spot for catch-up sessions and get-togethers

Well-lit and decked out in a mix of traditional and quirky decor, Fat Fook makes for a great place to hang out in. It’s perfect for bonding sessions with the fam, catch-up sessions with your squad, or get-togethers with your fellow titas of manila!

For more information on Fat Fook, you can check out their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Fat Fook can be found on the G/F of Main Bldg., SM City North EDSA, EDSA cor. North Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila.

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