Want To Try Scuba Diving? Here Are 13 Reasons Why You Should Go To Cebu.


Cebu and its satellite islands are surrounded by turquoise waters. Beneath those waters is a strange, mysterious realm whose beauty and wildness almost defies imagination.

This underwater kingdom draws scuba divers from all over the world; they are here to see the rare thresher sharks in Malapascua Island, the vibrant reefs around Mactan Island, the massive sardine run in Moalboal, and more. These wonders do not include the ravines, wrecks, caves, and unexplored secrets that are waiting to be discovered.

Pecador Island, Moalboal, Cebu

Pecador Island, Moalboal, Cebu

Filipinos, and particularly Cebuanos, are quite lucky to have stunning dive sites right at the center of the country. As such, there’s no excuse not to visit them. Check out these reasons why you should dive in Cebu.

1. Scuba diving is virtually everywhere.

Scuba Diving in Cebu

Cebu is dotted with hotels and beach resorts. Most of these facilities have their own dive centers. Thus, you are assured that diving services are available anywhere, anytime!

2. Scuba diving in Cebu is quite affordable.

In general, scuba diving is a pricey sport. But when you compare our dive fees with prices worldwide, they are actually at a bargain.

You can further lower your expenses if you are a certified diver and you use your own equipment. You might just pay to rent your diving cylinder, the resort’s entrance fee, a boat fee if you wish to rent a boat, and perhaps a divemaster fee if you require a guide.

3. Instructors and divemasters are qualified, professional, and friendly.

Cebu Scuba Diving Instructors

The friendly nature of Filipinos is renowned worldwide. And instructors and divemasters from Cebu are no exception. Their skills and diving experience are at par with the best divers in the world. They ensure that your diving experience is enjoyable, exciting, informative, and safe.

4. The dive sites are incredibly varied.

The entire length of Cebu is rich with natural reefs, mysterious wrecks, deep ravines, dark caves, and expansive seagrass beds. Each of these environs is a different adventure for divers.

5. Literally, you’ll be cool.

The Philippines is a hot, tropical island. Sometimes, it’s so hot that it becomes uncomfortable. But when you dive, you shield yourself from the sun’s intense heat. Just imagine being immersed in cool water during a scorching afternoon. Hmmm, this makes me want to suit up and head off to the nearest dive site!

6. In photos and videos, you’ll look even cooler.

Have you seen photos of people garbed in special gear in scenic environments? They look extremely cool, don’t they? That’s the same thing in diving. You can’t look any cooler than being suited up in a high-tech BCD, a complex regulator, and a sleek wet suit.

Underwater Shot, Scuba Diving in Cebu

But let’s take that further. Let your divemaster take a photo or video of you hovering above a huge table coral surrounded by hundreds of fish. Or perhaps a picture of you chasing a huge turtle or exploring an old sunken ship. Your Facebook scuba diving album will be the envy of your friends!

7. Scuba diving lets you witness unique marine animals.

It has been said that you can see more animals in the first 5 minutes of your dive than in 5 hours trekking up a mountain. Indeed, Cebu is home to unique or rarely seen creatures.

Thresher Shark, Cebu

Thresher Shark

Thresher sharks and manta rays glide gracefully above Monad’s Shoal in Malapascua. Huge schools of sardines swim past you in Panagsama Beach in Moalboal. Menacing barracudas keep a careful eye at you in Kontiki. And these are just starters!

8. You make friends with curious animals.

If you are curious about the animals under the sea, then they are probably even more curious about you, wondering what is this funny, giant creature spewing bubbles is doing in their domain.

Giant Moray Eel

Clownfish may swim up close to you, leaving the sanctuary of their protective anemones. Moray eels may cautiously take a peek at you from crevices. Groupers may stop in their path and approach you. Hey, the feeling is mutual!

9. You’ll realize that it’s an entirely different world under there.

While land masses and oceans occupy the same planet, the sea is largely unexplored. Seeing expansive coral gardens, graceful sharks, deep ravines, or weird geological formations for the first time can be an overwhelming but amazing experience.

Diver in Underwater Cave

The underwater realm is so strange that it is easy to forget that you are still on Earth.

10. You will discover interesting things about the marine ecosystem.

Every dive is like a biology field trip underwater. You will see snippets of the diverse ecosystem in the marine world. For instance, there are cleaning stations where fish line up to let other specialized fish and shrimp eat parasites off their bodies. Sea turtles eat seagrass to regulate their growth. Tritons prey on Crown-of-Thorns starfish that are parasitic to reef systems. There’s so much to see, and so much to learn.

11. Absolute freedom is yours.

The sea is not man’s natural environment. Strangely however, you feel free while underwater.

Scuba Diving in Cebu

Who wouldn’t be? Being able to effortlessly breathe underwater while hovering over reefs just like the fish that inhabit them is an awesome experience. In the deep blue, there’s peace, freedom, and tranquility.

12. Diving teaches you to respect the sea.

The sea is beautiful, but it is also a dangerous place. Freezing temperatures, strong and unpredictable currents, and immense pressures can be treacherous to divers. These do not exclude other dangers such as jellyfish stings, aggressive barracudas, and more. Once you realize that the sea can snuff out your life any time, you gain a huge respect for this alien world.

13. You will want to preserve our oceans.

The sea is bigger, mightier, and more powerful than anything you can imagine. But it is also in very real danger of pollution, destruction, and human indifference and cruelty. As you dive more, you learn about its amazing but fragile ecosystems. You begin to understand the role of the sea to the survival of the planet. With this understanding comes your drive to protect and preserve our oceans.

Cebu is a perfect place for an exciting and memorable scuba diving adventure. Head off to the nearest resort, ask a divemaster to accompany you, assemble your gear, and get ready to explore the wondrous depths the seas have to offer.

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