Serenitea Collabed With Carmen’s Best And You Wouldn’t Want To Miss Out On The New Drinks!


For Filipinos, ube ice cream beats chocolate and vanilla any day. Not only does it stun with its bold purple color, but its distinctly sweet and starchy flavor can bring back memories of childhood and family like no other food can!

Ube Ice Cream

For those who are obsessed with ube ice cream, Serenitea has done you a solid by partnering up with premium ice cream maker, Carmen’s Best to create new ube-fied drinks! They’re on the menu for a limited time only though so you should get your ube fix soon!

P.S. If you’re not all that into ube, there’s no need to feel left out. They have other new drinks on the menu that are worth trying out too!

The four new flavors you need to try out at Serenitea

Two of Serenitea’s newest drink flavors are from the Carmen’s Best series, both made thick, creamy, and delicious by ube ice cream.

There’s the Taro Queso con ube ice cream, made by taking their signature Taro Slush, mixing it with Carmen’s Best Ube Ice Cream, and sprinkling it with malt and cheese for a dash of saltiness. This ube-on-ube drink is the stuff of ube lovers’ dreams! You can only get it in the large size (₱200) but you can choose to have it either hot or cold. It’s available in all Serenitea branches until July 31, 2017!

Serenitea's Taro Queso con Ube Ice Cream

Serenitea’s Taro Queso con Ube Ice Cream

The second ube drink, called the Mais Queso con ube ice cream, is quite the unique creation. Its base is made with corn and jasmine green tea which is then combined with Carmen’s Best Ube Ice Cream and showered with corn and cheese–all the flavors Filipinos love in one cup! This drink is also only available in the large size (₱200), your choice whether you want it hot or cold. You can get it in all Serenitea branches until July 31, 2017 as well!

Serenitea's Mais con Ube Ice Cream

Serenitea’s Mais con Ube Ice Cream

Aside from these ube drinks, there are two new other exciting items to order up at Serenitea, both of which you’ll love if you’re into Asian flavors!

First up is the Thai Milk Tea (₱130 for the medium size and ₱140 for the large size), inspired by Thailand’s iconic beverage. This rich and creamy concoction is made with handcrafted black tea, Thai spices, and a hint of vanilla. You can have it cold if you want to refresh your senses, or hot if you want something comforting to sip on!

But if you’re more into Chinese-style milk tea, you should get yourself the Hong Kong Milk Tea (₱130 for the medium size and ₱140 for the large size), made the authentic way with handcrafted black tea and Black & White evaporated milk! Just like the Thai Milk Tea, it’s available as both cold and hot drinks.

Serenitea's Hong Kong Milk Tea

Serenitea’s Hong Kong Milk Tea

New Serenitea branches are opening up!

If you live in the QC area, you’re getting two new Serenitea branches near you! There’s one coming up in Vertis North and another in Belfast Building, Fairview.

Serenitea Branch

Meanwhile in Davao, a new store is underway at SM Lanang so watch out for it if you live in the area!

For more information on Serenitea, you can check out their website, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

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