The Serenitea Jumbo Cups Are Back! Only From December 19 – 21!


There are plenty of ways to get into the Christmas spirit. You can unearth the tree from the bodega and put it out on display. You can play Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” on full blast and sing along. Or you can just think about all the glorious food you’re going to be eating over the holidays.

But for the Belgians, the best way to get in the mood for Christmas is by filling the air with the delightfully sweet aroma of speculoos! It’s been their tradition to bake batches of these spiced shortcrust biscuits as a special Christmas treat for the whole family.

If you think speculoos is the perfect way to kick off the Christmas festivities, you need to try out Serenitea’s new line of Christmas drinks. You get to enjoy the distinct caramelized, ginger bread-like flavor of speculoos in every sip!

Sip on three new speculoos drinks at Serenitea this Christmas

Before Serenitea came into the picture, coffee was all we knew. But all that changed when they opened their first branch in 2008, introducing us to the concept of brewing tea using an espresso machine. Since then, we’ve been hooked on their customizable tea concoctions!

To make the Christmas season extra cheery, Serenitea has created three new drinks, all generously infused with Lotus Biscoff Cookie Butter (it’s sweet, smooth, creamy, and made from original Biscoff cookies!)

Serenitea's Holiday Speculoos Drinks

Serenitea’s Speculoos Coolers: (left to right) Matcha Speculoos, Butter Rum Speculoos, and Taro Speculoos

The Taro Speculoos (₱195 for a large cup) is made with their bestselling Taro Lover, a helping of Lotus Biscoff spread, and bits of cookie dough, all combined into a rich slushie. This drink may be indulgent but it’s the holiday season and you’re allowed to treat yourself sans the feeling of guilt!

Serenitea's Taro Speculoos

Serenitea’s Taro Speculoos

For the many matcha fans out there, Serenitea didn’t forget about you. By taking their popular Matcha Green Tea Slush and mixing it with a dollop of Lotus Biscoff Spread and pieces of cookie dough, they’ve created a whole new matcha drink for you to sip on! Called the Matcha Speculoos (₱195 for a large cup), it’s the perfect mix of sweet and bitter flavors.

Serenitea's Matcha Speculoos

Serenitea’s Matcha Speculoos

Then there’s the Butter Rum Speculoos (₱195 for a large cup), a drink made with butter and rum flavors along with a serving of Lotus Biscoff spread. Buttered rum is a popular beverage come fall and winter in Europe–top that with speculoos and you’ve got yourself the perfect Christmas drink!

Serenitea's Butter Rum Speculoos

Serenitea’s Butter Rum Speculoos

You can try out these new speculoos drinks at any of Serenitea’s 45 branches around the country until January 15, 2017.

Drink up and get the 2017 Serenitea Diary for free!

If you don’t have anywhere to jot down your hopes and dreams for 2017 yet, Serenitea is giving you the chance to get the 2017 Serenitea Diary for free!

All you have to do is accumulate a total of ₱1,000 on a single receipt and you’ll automatically be given a free diary. So round up as many of your family members or friends as possible and order away to hit the 1k mark!

Serenitea's 2017 Diary

Serenitea’s 2017 Diary

This promo is valid for dine-in, delivery, and takeout orders of any of their drinks but only cash payments are accepted. You can hit up any of their branches nationwide until December 31, 2016 to get your free copy.

If you find that the ₱1,000 requirement is too hard to reach in one go, you can always just buy the diary for ₱549!

Free upsize to jumbo cups at Serenitea this December

And it’s back! To celebrate their eighth anniversary, Serenitea is once again treating their customers to their jumbo cups!

Serenitea's Jumbo Cups

Serenitea’s Jumbo Cups are back!

If you’re buying a large cup of the Taro Lover, Okinawa Milk Tea, Hokkaido Milk Tea, Wintermelon Milk Tea, Royal Milk Tea, Chaffee Milk Tea, Emperor Milk Tea, Assam Milk Tea, or any of their Yakult drinks or Fruiteas (except Calamansi), go ahead and upsize your drink to their jumbo cup because it’s free!

You can enjoy their anniversary promo in any of their branches nationwide from December 19 to 21, 2016. It’s valid for dine-in and takeout orders only.

For more information, you can check out Serenitea’s website or Facebook Page!

Serenitea can be found at these locations.

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