Six Waterfalls You Need To Visit When You’re In Samboan, Cebu


The tropical island of Cebu is gifted with a lot of pristine flowing rivers. And where there are rivers, there are waterfalls along the way.

In Cebu, no other place comes close to the charming municipality of Samboan when it comes to magnificent waterfalls. These beautiful pillars of foaming, falling liquid never fail to entice locals and foreigners alike.

Include an exciting waterfall adventure in your itinerary when you make plans to visit the quaint town of Samboan in Cebu.

1. Calasa Falls

The well-concealed Calasa Falls in Barangay Colase is a recently discovered natural wonder. Cloaked in a tree-filled valley, the waterfalls can be reached via a 15 to 20-minute hike on a hilly slope made of loose rocks.

Calasa Falls, Samboan, Cebu

Calasa Falls, Samboan, Cebu

But once you get there, you are really in for a treat from Mother Nature herself. If you want to see a pristine multi-tiered waterfall that has not seen tourism, then Calasa Falls is it. Soak in its natural pools, jump off the rock wall, and simply enjoy the serenity around you. Trust us, it would seem like you went into the quiet, forbidden world of enkantos, or forest spirits.

2. Candayvic Falls

To appreciate the immense beauty of some natural wonders, you must be ready to work for it. That holds true if you plan to visit Candayvic Falls.

Candayvic Falls, Samboan, Cebu

Candayvic Falls, Samboan, Cebu

Candayvic Falls is located high up in the hills at the boundary of Samboan and the neighboring municipality of Ginatilan. To reach it, you need to trek uphill under the full power of the tropical sun. Then you need to go downhill again on loose soil. But don’t worry because you will definitely enjoy the clear, cool water in a moss-covered ravine while listening to the sound of rushing water.

What’s more, Samboan’s tourism officers, together with some outdoor outfitters, are surveying the river as a possible canyoning venue.

3. Binalayan Hidden Falls

Samboan is known for its Trilogy Waterfalls, the first of which is the Binalayan Hidden Falls. Why the name “hidden?” Well, the triple-drop falls is hidden in one corner of a moss-covered cliff.

Binalayan Falls, Samboan, Cebu

Binalayan Falls, Samboan, Cebu

The three drops all converge into a deep pool that is perfect for diving and swimming. Recently, some daredevils rappelled off the Binalayan Hidden Falls, probably wanting to quench their longing for adrenaline. Getting to the Binalayan Hidden Fall is easy as it requires hiking through a clearly marked trail. If you get tired, you can always stop at rest stations along the way.

4. Dau Falls

Dau Falls, located in the highland barangay of Suba, is the Samboan’s Trilogy’s highest waterfalls. The water drops from a whopping height of 100-plus feet.

Dau Falls, Samboan, Cebu

Dau Falls, Samboan, Cebu

Getting there is an exhilarating adventure in itself since it requires walking over mossy riverbanks, climbing slippery boulders, and walking through the middle of a green canyon. But you are also beholden to lush forests, amazing rock formations, and cascading tiers.

Finally, after a hike up a slippery, naturally hewn pathway, the majesty of Dau Falls itself will certainly take your breath away. You can also take a relaxing dip at the waterfall’s shallow pool. Just be careful where you place your feet; some places are rather slippery.

5. Aguinid Falls

The multi-tiered Aguinid Falls in Tangbo River is the most popular of the Samboan Waterfall Trilogy. The lower tiers are perfect dipping pools and massaging cascades for children, families, and the elderly. For the adventurous visitors, they can climb the series of tall tiers, resisting the flow of water, until they come to the waterfalls’ source. The rock formations of Aguinid Falls are truly a sight to behold.

If you are longing for a wet and wild adventure, then climbing Aguinid Falls is the perfect way to solve that craving!

Aguinid Falls, Samboan, Cebu

Aguinid Falls, Samboan, Cebu

Oh, let’s add one more non-waterfall attraction.

Before or after your waterfall adventure, you might want to visit Colase Marine Sanctuary, which is just right beside the highway. The Colase Marine Sanctuary is probably the biggest sanctuary in Southern Cebu. Strap on your mask and snorkel, and be on your way to see huge schools of fish, healthy corals, and strange marine creatures. If you’re lucky, you may come across some resident sea turtles swimming gracefully above the reef.

Colase Marine Sanctuary

Colase Marine Sanctuary

Visiting a set of stunning waterfalls plus a vibrant marine sanctuary? Now that’s an awesome weekend adventure! Visit Samboan now, and see the natural beauty of Cebu at its finest.

Getting To Samboan

It’s easy to get to Samboan. At the Cebu South Bus Terminal, take a southbound bus that goes to Bato via Barili. Tell the bus conductor to drop you off at the Municipal Hall. There, look for the tourism office and ask for assistance for your tour.

Alternatively, ask the conductor to drop you off at the entrance to Aguinid Falls. Tourism officers will be manning the visitor’s center. Ask them to help you negotiate a habal-habal (motorcycle for hire) driver who will take you to all attractions.

We recommend you start your tour early at 7AM so you will have time to visit and enjoy the waterfalls and marine sanctuary.

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