The City Of Mati May Just Have The Ultimate Temptation For Thrill Seekers Who Love Water And Heights


There are times when seat sales for major airlines in the Philippines are aplenty. But with a long list of destinations to choose from, you might have a hard time deciding just where to go.

But here’s a suggestion. Why not go to the Land of Digong to know more about our new President’s city? Davao Region has a lot to offer – a full range of ridge-to-reef activities to quench every traveler’s thirst for adventure.

One good example of this is the City of Mati, the unassuming capital of the picturesque province of Davao Oriental. Located just five hours away from Davao City, Mati is home to the amazing Dahican Beach. This seven-kilometer stretch of white sand is a perfect getaway for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the metro.

Dahican Beach, Mati, Davao Oriental

Dahican Beach in Mati, Davao Oriental

To give you a better picture of Dahican, here’s a typical day in Davao Region’s widely-popular beach. Your morning starts with the sunrise, the sky plastered with orange hues. During this time, campers begin their activities under the sun, either by playing beach volleyball or by braving the extremely huge waves of Dahican.

To mention Dahican without its huge waves is like serving spaghetti without sauce. Like many coastal areas in the Philippines that face the Pacific Ocean, the waves of Dahican attract both local and international surfing aficionados.

Dahican Beach Waves, Mati, Davao Oriental

Dahican is famous for its waves

Dahican has thus earned the reputation as a playground for surfers, and it’s about time that you, too, join in on this craze. For starters, skimboarding is a fun activity you need to include in your Davao Oriental escapade!

The Amihan Boys of Dahican are probably the most popular teachers of skimboarding in Dahican, largely because one of its members, who goes by the name of Bayogyog, is an international skimboarding champion who has competed in Malaysia, Hong Kong, and US. Consider it your lucky day if you get him as your skimboarding tutor.

Skimboarding in Dahican Beach

Riding the waves of Dahican using a skimboard

Skimboarding is a sport similar to surfing that takes place near the shore. To start, a skimboarder stands away from the shore with a skimboard in hand and patiently waits for a wave.

When they see one, they then run towards the shore, drop the skimboard on the wet sand, and then jump onto it as fast as possible. While on top of the skimboard, one must remain as steady as possible and be ready to ride the wave and then return smoothly back to the shore.

There are several ways in which a skimboard can be ridden: either by gliding over a layer of water or wet sand towards a wave, or riding in shallow water towards the shore.

Skimboarding in Dahican Beach

Not bold enough to be slammed by the waves? That is not a problem because just watching the Amihan Boys playing atop the waves is just as enjoyable.

Skimboards can be rented on-site for a minimal fee, while skimboarding one-on-one sessions cost ₱100 per hour. For the bold and brave, the Amihan Boys (as well as some resorts that dot the Dahican shoreline) also offer surfing tutorials for ₱400 an hour.

Surfing and Skimboarding in Dahican

The best time to go to Dahican is during the Amihan Season in the Philippines from October to April. During this time, the northeast monsoon brings bigger waves perfect for skimboarding.

If the huge waves of Dahican have left you exhausted, why not try to see this beautiful destination from above?

Ultralight Plane Flying Dahican

Ultra Light Plane Flying via Mindanao Saga Flying Club | Photo by John Jeremy Lim

Through the Mindanao Saga Flying Club, you can hop on an ultralight plane that lets you explore the City of Mati from above. With ₱2,300, one can experience the safe ride and bask in the joy of nature-watching through flying the Ultralight plane for 15 minutes.

How To Get To Mati City + Where To Stay

Mati City is five hours away from Davao City. Major airlines fly to Davao City, your gateway to this amazing destination. If you are a budget traveler, just walk your way out of the airport complex to the national highway (an estimated 5-minute walk) where you can wait for a bus or van heading to Mati City. Fare range from ₱450 – ₱500.

You can pitch a tent in Dahican for free since this is a public beach. Tents are also available for rent. For those who want to relax after a tiresome day at the beach, there are plenty of resorts that dot the shoreline of Dahican, like the Botona Beach Resort which has air-conditioned and fan rooms. Check their website for updated room rate and promos.

It’s easy to spot people offering skimboarding lessons at the beach. But if you really want to see the Amihan Boys in action and hire them to teach you their tricks, go there on a weekend.

To coordinate your ultralight plane escapade, visit Mindanao Saga Flying Club’s Facebook Page. Enjoy Mati! Enjoy Davao!

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