Soft Serve Ice Cream That Won’t Cost You More Than ₱40


Premium soft serve ice cream is great. We even came up with a list of places where you can get yourself a cone / cup! But it’s definitely not for everyone.

If you couldn’t care less about imported or organic ingredients, then there really is no point in shelling out extra money for something that’s just going to end up in your bowels anyway!

For those who like their soft serve ice cream simple and inexpensive, get yourself a swirl from these places in the metro. All below ₱40, you can enjoy three to even five cones / cups of these for the price of one premium soft serve ice cream!

1. Bonchon

Filipinos have developed a taste for Korean food over the past few years and Bonchon is the go-to place for whenever we have to satisfy a craving. With a menu complete with affordable chicken, seafood, and beef dishes, you can order up a real feast here and not go broke.


Photo from Joy Vee A.’s looloo review for Bonchon

If you find yourself in need of relief from all the saltiness and spiciness however, you can treat your tastebuds to their Milky Kreme. For ₱35, you get a simple swirl of soft serve ice cream in a cup. It’s smooth, creamy, and not too sweet, making it the perfect meal-ender.

Bonchon can be found at these locations.

2. Dairy Queen

DQ has come up with all the ways imaginable to make soft serve ice cream even more tempting than it already is. They coat it in butterscotch, drizzle it with strawberry sauce, and even serve it in chocolate-covered waffle bowls and in between chocolate-flavored wafers.

Dairy Queen

Photo from Joy Vee A.’s looloo review for Dairy Queen

Though for the minimalists out there, all you’re probably looking for is a good ol’ cone of soft serve ice cream sans the frills. In which case you should get yourself the DQ Cone! It’s their trusty classic which you can order up for just ₱29.

Dairy Queen can be found at these locations.

3. Family Mart

For all the Type As out there, Family Mart’s Twirl-All-You-Can soft serve ice cream will bring out the perfectionist in you. Because you twirl it on your own, you’ll find yourself aiming for the tallest, neatest, most siksik ice cream cone you can ever make. It’s not easy but it sure is fun!

It’s a pretty good deal because you can really get the most out of your ₱25 if you know how to twirl it right. People have different strategies (you’ll find a slew of videos on YouTube!) so it’s just about finding which one will give you the highest twirl.

4. Jollibee

We all know that Jollibee’s great at making Chickenjoy, Yum Burgers, Jolly Spaghetti, and hugot commercials. But don’t forget that their desserts, from their Choco Mallow Pie to their Halo-halo Sundae, are pretty bomb too.

Jolllibee's Twirl Vanilla

Jolllibee’s Twirl Vanilla

Though if those sound a little too much for you, there’s always the simple and straightforward Cone Twirl Vanilla. All you need is ₱10 from your coin purse to enjoy its crunchy wafer cone that’s topped off with sweet and milky soft serve ice cream.

Jollibee can be found at these locations.

5. KFC

You know all the loose change you have at the bottom of your bag? Gather them up and you’ll probably have enough to get yourself a Classic Kone from KFC. It’s extremely affordable at just ₱10, making it the perfect treat for broke students and struggling adults alike.


Photo from Joy Vee A.’s looloo review for KFC

It may be one of the cheapest of the bunch but don’t let that fool you. This inexpensive treat is creamy, flavorful, and comes with a pretty hefty swirl of soft serve ice cream. The only catch is that it’s not available in all KFC branches so call to confirm before dropping by!

KFC can be found in these locations.

6. McDonald’s

When it comes to fast food desserts, McDonald’s has the most iconic sweet treats. Their Apple Pie and Hot Fudge Sundae have been favorites ever since we were kids! Another popular item on the menu, and something you can never go wrong with, is the simple Vanilla Sundae Cone.


Photo from Anj C.’s looloo review for McDonald’s

The soft serve ice cream, which you can get for yourself for just ₱13, has a delicate sweetness to it that doesn’t overwhelm the senses. That and its crispy wafer cone make it one fantastic dessert after chowing down on salty fries, nuggets, and burgers.

McDonald’s can be found at these locations.

7. Ministop

One of the most widely accessible convenience store chains in the country, we go to Ministop for practically everything. They have ready-to-eat meals, grocery items, toiletries, and a bunch of other knick knacks, all at pretty affordable prices.

Another thing people come here for is their Sundae! For just ₱15, you get to help yourself to a pretty massive cone topped off with sweet and creamy soft serve ice cream. You can also have it served in a cup for an additional ₱3 if you don’t want it dripping down your arm.

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