Spa and Salon Services All Men Should Get


This. Is. Spa… time?!

You’ve got biceps the size of melons, rippling pecks, and a six-pack that would make even Leonidas and the 300 jealous.

Big whoop. If you’ve got flaky skin, waxy ears, and unkempt nails, tell your gym trainer you’ll be taking a day off from your workout schedule to get yo’self pampered!


Given our Philippine “macho” culture, it’s not very often you’ll see the average Juan dela Cruz at a spa or salon, but there ARE a few treatments and services that even the manliest of men should try, if not get regularly. Sure, asking “Miss, magkano magpa-manicure?” may result in your guy friends temporarily revoking your man card, but hey, are you really trying to impress them or your lady friends? You might not notice your unkempt nails, but they sure do.

Here’s our rundown of basic spa and salon services for men:


It seems that over the years, men have developed this wrong notion of what a mani/pedi is. A lot of us think that it means you’re about to get a brand new coat of colored nail polish. False. Getting a manicure or pedicure for men is a good grooming 101 staple. Clean nails are an absolute must (not to mention a big plus when it comes to girls). Your brand new designer polo will mean absolutely nothing if you’ve got the karpintero look going with your hands.

For first-timers, tell the manicurist to trim your cuticles and take care of any stubborn ingrown nails you’ve got on your hands and/or feet. You can also get your nails buffed a bit, just enough for people to notice that yes, you give a damn about your nails. Invest in getting your nails done as needed and put the MAN in manicure.

Check out a few places where you can get yo nails did:
Nail Tropics
Manos Nail Lounge
The Nail Lounge Manila


If you’re willing to invest hours and hours at the gym for that killer body, why ignore your face? Unless you’ve got the genes of Adonis in your blood, these days, soap, water, and that dirty rag you call a facecloth you’ve got hanging in your bathroom isn’t enough to get that baby butt-smooth complexion that make girls swoon.

The uninitiated may think that getting a facial is just a hodge-podge of herbs and god-knows-what creams that they rub on your face that leave you smelling like your girlfriend’s cologne, but that often isn’t the case. Facials help get rid of the gunk that’s been giving you blackheads and pimples (this ALONE is reason enough to get a facial), exfoliate dead skin, and leave you feeling fresh, confident, and ready for the next beso you’ll be getting.

A few skin care places you might want to check out:
Wilson & Ayache Clinic
Unveil Skin and Aesthetics

Hair Spas/Scalp Treatments

If you’re into keeping up with trendy hairstyles these days, then you probably use product (yes, that’s a fancy term for the gels, waxes, mousses and sprays you use on your man-locks) for your hair. Unfortunately, a lot of times, that results in dandruff, itchy scalps, and oily hair.

The next time you find yourself getting a haircut at your favorite salon, ask your stylist to have a look at your hair and scalp and give recommendations on possible treatments. A basic hair spa actually works wonders on overworked hair, and you’d be surprised how amazing a menthol scalp treatment feels afterwards. Feel confident the next time someone runs their fingers through your hair… even that someone is you.

Some popular salons on looloo:
Studio Fix Salon by Alex Carbonell
Basement Salon
Azta Urban Salon
Bruno’s Barbers

Hair Removal

No, this doesn’t mean you have to go full boyzillian and be as hairless as you were at age 9. Keeping facial and body hair in check is a basic pillar of personal grooming. Unless of course, you’re NBA Star Anthony Davis and you’re making millions of dollars off your signature unibrow.

Hair removal isn’t just a girl thing. Pro athletes who want to be more aerodynamic do it too, and so do regular dudes like you who just want to look a bit more presentable without a shirt on. While it’s not typically Pinoy to have hairy chests, stomachs, and backs, it’s also not typically cool if you do. Sure, it’ll hurt a bit, but your girl friends will absolutely love that you now know how they feel. Good job, Mr. Sensitivity.

For all your hair removal needs, here are a few places to check out:
Strip Ministry of Waxing
Lay Bare Waxing Salon
Wink Laser & Wax Studio

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