5 Things We Are Loving About McDonald’s New Spicy Buffalo-Style Chicken McDo


What’s juicy and flavorful that everyone loves to get at McDonald’s? Obvious answer: their best-tasting Chicken McDo!

What’s juicy, sauce-y, and ~extra~ spicy that you should try at McDonald’s if you haven’t already? Not-so-obvious answer: their new Spicy Buffalo-Style Chicken McDo!

Spicy Buffalo-Style Chicken McDo

This fiery version of the beloved Chicken McDo is now on the menu and it might just be your new favorite thing to order at McDonald’s. Here are the top 5 things we love about it that we think you might love too!

1. You get to enjoy McDonald’s best-tasting chicken with a real buffalo-style twist

The new Spicy Buffalo-Style Chicken McDo has everything you love about the Chicken McDo, and then some. It’s got the same tasty skin on the outside along with the same juicy meat underneath, but what brings it to the next level is the zesty sauce that coats the entire deep fried chicken!

The dangerously addicting glaze gives the Chicken McDo a flavor it has never had before. You don’t even need to dip it in gravy anymore because it’s already flavor-packed on its own.

2. It’s the spiciest thing you can order from the McDonald’s menu

The new Spicy Buffalo-Style Chicken McDo is the hottest thing on the McDonald’s menu, making it perfect for those who love the sensation of spicy food in their mouth. It’ll have your tongue tingling in the best way possible!

If you have low tolerance for anything spicy, you can order it anyway and just think of it as a valid excuse to eat Hot Fudge Sundae, Hot Caramel Sundae, or McFlurry with Oreo after!

3. It’s a chicken dish you’re not going to get anywhere else

One bite of the new Spicy Buffalo-Style Chicken McDo and you’ll know that it’s got a different flavor from the usual buffalo chicken or the typical sweet-glazed fried chicken. Aside from being distinctly zesty and spicy, the glorious flavor of butter really shines through to balance out the heat and give the dish some richness.

Also, buffalo chicken usually comes in the form of wings but you can request to have thighs for your Spicy Buffalo-Style Chicken McDo order. One more thing that makes it different!

4. It’s sulit

You don’t have to wait until payday to chow down on real buffalo-style chicken because McDonald’s version is easier on the wallet compared to that of fancy restaurants. For just ₱95, you already get a filling 1-piece Spicy Buffalo-Style Chicken McDo that comes with a side of rice and a drink!

This new menu item is also available as a 1-piece meal with fries. Or if you’re really hungry, you can get it as a 2-piece meal! Here’s a pro tip: It’s only ₱15 for an extra order of plain rice, with purchases of participating Chicken & Platter meals or McShare Bundles. This is for a limited time only!

5. You don’t have to go far to enjoy it

The new Spicy Buffalo-Style Chicken McDo is available in all McDonald’s branches. Simply head out to the one nearest you and enjoy!

If you’re too lazy to get out of the house or you can’t be out of the office for too long, there’s always the Drive-Thru option or McDelivery.

For more information, check out McDonald’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

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