10 Over-the-Top Pizza Creations You Can’t Say No To At Steveston Pizza


Minimalism may be the ‘in’ thing right now, with people believing that less is actually more. But if there’s anything this mentality should never be applied to, it’s pizza. Where’s the joy in biting into a slice with only three pepperoni toppings on it and a barely-there layer of cheese?!

If you like your pizza extremely meaty, sinfully cheesy, and overloaded with a ton of other good stuff, Steveston Pizza will not disappoint you. All their creations are humongous at twelve inches, each one blanketed in 200g (sometimes more) of mozzarella cheese and masterfully capped off with an overflow of fresh, quality ingredients!

Here are ten of their most over-the-top inventions that you won’t be able to say no to:

1. Caveman

Judging by the name alone, you know this pizza is not meant for vegetarians. The Caveman is for hardcore meat lovers who like to pack on the protein!

Caveman Pizza, Steveston Manila

Caveman Pizza before it’s cooked | Photo from Unisse C.’s looloo review for Steveston Pizza

This monstrosity of a pizza is shrouded in 18 to 20 pieces of pepperoni (they’re 2.5 inches in diameter so they’re gigantic compared to the normal ones) and a mighty serving of bacon, lean beef, and capocollo ham. It’s not hard to understand why this is the all-time favorite at Steveston!

Caveman Pizza, Steveston Manila

Caveman Pizza | Photo from Unisse C.’s looloo review for Steveston Pizza

In her looloo review, Chessie T. wrote about her love for this pizza, saying: “Never ate a pizza with so much meat and cheese before and yet so not nakakaumay. Ang sarap talaga!”

2. C2

When you think of prosciutto pizza, what usually comes to mind are a few scattered slices of ham as topping. But you’re in for a much more thrilling treat at Steveston.

C2 Prosciutto Pizza Steveston

C2 Pizza | Photo from Unisse C.’s looloo review for Steveston Pizza

The C2, also one of their signature premium pizzas, is decked out in copious amounts of brie, semi-dried roma tomatoes, and roasted garlic. It’s then finished off with a whole heap of prosciutto ham. You can expect this pizza to be completely covered in meat!

This is what EJ B. had to say about this pizza in his looloo review: “I’m surprised with the overloaded prosciutto on top. Messy to eat but yummy. WOW!!!”

3. C1

While tiger prawns are usually eaten in tempura form, you get to enjoy this luxury ingredient from the sea as pizza topping at Steveston!

Steveston Pizza, Manila

C1 Pizza

The C1, another signature premium item on the menu, is flavored with tomato salsa and essence of Pernod and made weighty with a load of shrimp. On top of all of that, you get eight pieces of juicy tiger prawns arranged in a tempting ring in the center.

Janine S. said in her looloo review that the tiger prawns taste like heaven and that seafood lovers can’t ever go wrong with this pizza!

4. Princess

With a name like Princess, you might think this pizza is all cute and dainty. But nope, it’s just as crazy as its fellow signature premium creations!

It’s packed with a ton of crab meat and shrimp, eight pieces of tiger prawns, and four to five fillets of sockeye salmon. To add some crunch and freshness to all that seafood, you get some diced tomatoes and basil on there too!

5. Cheese

If you think a simple cheese pizza can’t possibly be all that excessive, Steveston’s version of this classic dish will have you eating your words.

Cheese Pizza, Steveston Manila

Cheese Pizza

The other pizzas on the menu all have 200g of mozzarella cheese but their Cheese pizza is loaded with an additional 100g! If you’re worried about the ‘umay’ factor kicking in from all that dairy, it has tomato sauce on there too to act as a buffer.

6. Marguerite Two

In honor of the margherita pizza, Steveston has a section on the menu called the Marguerite Tree where you’ll find different variations of this classic favorite.

From their four kinds of margherita pizzas, the Marguerite Two would have to be the most impressive. It’s flavored with basil arugula pesto and capped off with an abundance of fresh tomatoes, creamy feta, and chicken. Definitely not your average margherita pizza!

Despite all the ingredients on it, Jayne Marie W. described this pizza in her looloo review as having the perfect balance of flavors and not too heavy on the stomach.

7. Blue

One of the sections on Steveston’s menu is called Colours and there you’ll spot pizzas with names like Black, Pink, Orange, and Green. But the most indulgent one would have to be Blue!

Blue Pizza, Steveston Manila

Blue Pizza

It’s overloaded with plenty of rosemary smoked bacon bits, button mushrooms, and fresh spinach. So why the name Blue? Well, it’s also showered in a good helping of rich and flavorful Stilton blue cheese!

Even if you’re not a fan of blue cheese, you might still want to give this pizza a shot like Pia J. did. She wrote in her looloo review: “This was a pleasant surprise. I’m not into half the ingredients but somehow greatly enjoyed this masterpiece made of fresh quality ingredients.”

8. Green

If their Blue pizza is made with blue cheese, then you might think that their Green pizza is made with vegetables. Unless you actually like veggies, you’ll be glad to know that it’s not!

Green Pizza, Steveston Manila

Green Pizza | Photo from Midz S.’ looloo review for Steveston Pizza

Instead, it’s smothered in herb pesto butter (which explains why it was given its name) and finished off with big portions of brie and shrimp (there’s a minimum of 33 pieces on there if you feel like counting!) This one’s a refreshing break from the richer pizzas on the menu.

Unisse C. raved about this pizza in her looloo review, saying: “The shrimp is so fresh and has that crunch/bounce when you bite into it! It’s light and very good as an in-between pizza.”

9. Hawaiian

There are people who think that putting pineapples on pizza is a tragedy while there are those who think it’s a necessity. If you fall under the latter group, then you need this pizza in your life!

Hawaiian Pizza, Steveston Manila

Hawaiian Pizza

Aside from the standard 200g of mozzarella cheese, there are only two other ingredients on it–an uncountable number of black forest ham and fresh pineapples slices. As simple as it may seem, don’t be fooled because it’s one hefty pizza creation!

10. C0

For all you salmon lovers out there, you do not want to miss out on this one. While this fancy fish isn’t normally found on top of pizza, Steveston makes the combination work!

C0, Steveston Pizza, Manila

C0 Pizza

Included in Steveston’s list of signature premium pizzas, the C0 is covered in nine to ten fillets of smoked salmon, a massive amount of golden baked potatoes, and sour cream dressing. You get a generous helping of fresh spinach on it too for some added flavor and texture!

For more information, check out Steveston Pizza’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

Steveston Pizza is located at G/F UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave., Diliman, Quezon City and at Corinthian Gardens Clubhouse, Don Vicente Madrigal Ave., Corinthian Hills, Quezon City.

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