It’s Summer All Over Again at Pinkberry With Their New Soft-Serve Ice Cream!


It’s that time of the year again when we have to (reluctantly) trade in our breezy beach clothes for proper work attire and spend our afternoons sitting behind a desk instead of laying out on the sand. Summer has officially come to an end and no one’s happy about it!

If you’re already missing summer, Pinkberry has a new item on the menu that’ll bring back all the good vibes from the sunny season! It’s cold, creamy, and comes with all sorts of toppings, but it’s not froyo if that’s what you’re thinking!

Pinkbee’s: Pinkberry’s own version of soft-serve ice cream

Pinkberry, created in California in 2005, came to the Philippines in 2011. Ever since they opened their first branch here, they’ve been well-loved for their delicious froyo, made with non-fat yogurt that’s loaded with live and active cultures and real non-fat milk. Customers also love them for their fresh, hand-cut fruits and other other premium froyo toppings.

Pinkberry's New Soft Serve Ice Cream

Pinkbee’s: Pinkberry’s New Soft Serve Ice Cream

While Pinkberry may be known for their froyo, they have something new and different on the menu that’s worth trying out. Pinkbee’s, Pinkberry’s take on soft-serve ice cream, is now available in all of their branches in Metro Manila!

It’s indulgently creamy but you can eat it sans the guilt because it’s light milk ice cream that’s low in fat and rich in calcium and vitamins. This cold, tasty treat, served with honey and a Pepero stick, is just the thing to order up if you want to relive the summer!

Aside from the original Pinkbee’s variant, there are six more kinds to choose from, each one served with different toppings.

If you love the rich, sweet flavor of honey, the Honey Honey is perfect for you, an order of which will give you Pinkbee’s with honey and honeycomb (it’s actually their first time to have honeycomb in their topping selection!)

Honey Honey from Pinkberry

Pinkberry’s Honey Honey Pinkbee

Or you could go for the Honey Mochi if you want soft and sticky bits to go with your ice cream and honey.

For those who want their soft-serve ice cream to come with refreshing fruits, there are a couple of options for you too! Try the Tropical Mango, Pinkbee’s with mango and honey, or the Berry Heaven, Pinkbee’s with strawberry, blueberry, and your choice of either pomegranate or strawberry puree.

But if it’s your cheat day and you want your sugar to come from sources other than honey and fruits, you won’t be disappointed with the Choco Pearl, Pinkbee’s topped off with dark crisp pearls and chocolate sauce. Another satisfying option is the Crazy Nuts, Pinkbee’s capped off with caramel and toasted almonds!

Order ice cream and froyo to get yourself a free Pinkberry Notebook

With Pinkberry’s 12 Days of Summer Promo, you can get a free limited edition Pinkberry Notebook! All you have to do is order at Pinkberry and collect twelve stamps–six stamps for Pinkbee’s and another six stamps for Pinkberry yogurt products. Every single receipt has to be worth at least ₱300.

The Pinkberry Notebook

The Pinkberry Notebook

Catch the 12 Days of Summer Promo before it ends on August 28, 2017! For more promo details, just ask any Pinkberry goodness guide.

For more information on Pinkberry, you can check out their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Pinkberry can be found at these locations.

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