Fat Fook Is The Place To Be If You Want Legit AF Taiwanese Food


If you’re feeling adventurous, here’s some great news.

There’s a new restaurant right here in Metro Manila that serves authentic Taiwanese food, including classic traditional meals and fun street eats. You can bet that not a lot of your friends can say they’ve tried fried intestines or chicken chops as big as their face before!

Fat Fook: An authentic Taiwanese restaurant that goes beyond xiao long bao

Fat Fook (‘fook’ is pronounced the same way as ‘look’ and means ‘luck’ in Taiwanese) sticks to traditional Taiwanese recipes that aren’t watered down for the inexperienced taste buds to give the legit Taiwanese food experience.

They feature a variety of dishes on the menu because Taiwanese food clearly isn’t just all about them xiao long baos. They also serve authentic Taiwanese street food, which means you get to munch on exciting treats like fried innards and smelly tofu!

Fat Fook Manila

Photo by Andi Alvarado

What’s more, you get to relish all of them in a casual, comfortable setting. Instead of standing up and sweating profusely as you eat (like how you would in a crowded night market in Taiwan), you can sit down, take your time, and enjoy the company of your tablemates while you dig in.

The food here comes in generous portions so it’s best to come with family, friends, or your fellow titas of Manila. It’s the perfect venue for bonding sessions and catch-up dates!

Must-orders at Fat Fook: smelly tofu, crispy innards, and chicken bigger than your face

To start off your Taiwanese meal in the most daring way possible, order up a plate of Fat Fook’s Fried Stinky Tofu.

Fat Fook's Fried Stinky Tofu

Fat Fook’s Fried Stinky Tofu

If you can get past its powerful scent, you’ll find that these smelly cubes are creamy on the inside and are actually pretty mild in flavor. Don’t forget to submerge them in the sweet and salty soy sauce first before taking a bite!

Another Taiwanese street food you can whet the palate with is a bucket of Fried Intestines.

Fat Fook's Fried Intestines

Fat Fook’s Fried Intestines

Unlike the local isaw, they are sliced thinly and then deep fried instead of grilled, resulting in an absolutely addicting treat. The best way to eat these crunchy bad boys is to cover them in the salt and white pepper mixture that comes with the order.

For mains, get yourself a basket of the Fat Fook Chicken Chops.

Fat Fook Chicken Chops

Fat Fook Chicken Chops

Fat Fook makes them just as massive as they come in Taiwan! Aside from being bigger than your head, these thick and juicy cuts of chicken are also very flavorful, having been marinated overnight and coated with five different seasonings. You can enjoy them without drenching them with gravy!

For some carbs to go with your tofu, intestines, and chicken, a basket of their Kiampong or Taiwanese fried rice is what you need to have on your table, an order of which will give you a hearty helping of sticky, flavorful rice.

Or if you want some comforting soup to go with the rest of your meal, go for the Taiwan Beef Noodles instead–tender meat and soft noodles soaking in warm broth.

Fat Fook's Taiwan Beef Noodles

Fat Fook’s Taiwan Beef Noodles

Get free Xiao Long Bao at Fat Fook from January 23 to 29!

If you dine at Fat Fook and spend a minimum of ₱1,000, you get five pieces of original flavor xiao long bao for free! Just tell the waiter that you want to claim your prize and they’ll bring a basket of hot, soup-filled dumplings over to your table.

To reach the 1K requirement with ease, bring as many people as you can to eat with you!

For more information, you can check out Fat Fook’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

Fat Fook can be found on the G/F of Main Bldg., SM City North EDSA, EDSA cor. North Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila.

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