TGI Friday’s New Platters Of Chicken And Ribs Are So Huge You’ll Need To Share Them


If you love food, oftentimes it’s pretty difficult to share it. You can’t help but cry a little on the inside when someone asks for one your fries or a bite of your burger. And you become absolutely devastated when someone goes in for a spoonful of your pasta without giving you so much as a heads up first. So you eat as fast as you can all the time, leaving no window of opportunity for anyone to steal your food.

Over at TGI Friday’s though, you don’t need to have your guards up. In fact, you’re going to want to share your food here because there’s more than enough to feed all the hungry people around the table, especially now that they have enormous sharing platters on their menu!

You can now order huge baskets of fried chicken and ribs for sharing at TGIF’s!

TGI Friday’s opened up its very first branch in the country way back in December 1994. But twenty two years later, it’s still the Filipinos’ go-to place for a good time.

TGI Friday's Manila

Photo from Chieo O.’s looloo review for TGI Friday’s

With its quirky, eclectic look and friendly, animated servers, all life-related stresses are quickly forgotten inside this well-loved American diner. But what really keeps the crowd coming back is their droolworthy, generously-portioned comfort food, all handcrafted using fresh, quality ingredients.

No one ever leaves TGI Friday’s with an unsatisfied stomach but just to make sure every nook and cranny of your belly is stuffed, they now have the new Share More Fridays Platter on the menu! One order of this is good for two to three people so be sure you bring along friends, officemates, or family members you can share it with.

TGI Friday's Fried Chicken Basket

TGI Friday’s Fried Chicken Basket

There are two platter variations to choose from, and the first one was especially made for those who love themselves some good ol’ chicken.

Order up the Fried Chicken Basket (₱1,050) to get eight crispy, golden pieces of Louisiana-style fried chicken served with grilled elote and creole rice. Grab a chicken leg or two and pass the basket around to let everyone enjoy the sound of crispy chicken skin shattering in between their teeth and flavorful juices filling their mouth.

But if you’re with a bunch of people who would much rather prefer to plunge their teeth into ribs than chicken, order up the second platter option for your table.

TGI Friday's Ultimate Bourbon BBQ Ribs

TGI Friday’s Ultimate Bourbon BBQ Ribs

The Ultimate Bourbon BBQ Ribs (₱1,295) gives you slow-cooked, grilled ribs that effortlessly fall of the bone, as well as additional sides of grilled elote and Creole rice. The ribs, basted with TGIF’s signature Bourbon BBQ Glaze, are worth getting your mouth and hands dirty for!

If you’re coming with a really large group of people, you can have multiple orders of the Share More Fridays Platter to make sure everyone’s fed. Or if your group can’t decide between fried chicken and ribs, you can settle the dispute by ordering both!

Share More Fridays Platter available at all TGIF’s stores

Wherever you are in the country, there’s bound to be a TGIF’s branch near you where you can order up the new Share More Fridays Platter!

They have a total of twenty branches nationwide and some of their new stores are located in Evia Lifestyle Center in Las Pinas, Solenad in Nuvali, McKinley Hill in Taguig, and Boracay.

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