The 10 Types Of Grab Passengers In Metro Manila


Everyone’s quick to give Grab drivers in Metro Manila flack for their quirks but passengers aren’t so perfect either. There are as many variations of Grab riders as there are drivers and not all of them are innocent little angels! If Grab drivers could rate their passengers, how many stars do you think you’d be getting, hmmm?

Because we listed down the 10 types of Grab drivers in Metro Manila, we thought it would only be fair to shed light on the kinds of Grab passengers out there as well. Let us know which one you think you are!

1. The Feeling Donya

Like some modern day Donya Victorina, this type sees Grab drivers as people beneath their social status. It’s as if their Grab driver needs to get on their level first before they show them any sort of respect. This type comes across as rude, condescending, and demanding.


The Donya Victorina really needs to get off their high kabayo and realize that they’re riding in someone else’s car, enjoying someone’s else’s aircon, and using up someone else’s gas. They literally have nothing to brag about!

2. The Drunk Ellen

We all know how dangerous it is to drive under the influence of alcohol. So it’s actually considered wise to book a Grab ride home after a night of walwal drinking at Poblacion. BUT. It’s not exactly fun for Grab drivers when they have to tolerate a hammered Ellen Adarna.


Alcohol brings out different sides in people and Grab drivers have probably seen them all! Some are cryers, some are laughers. Some are extremely hyper, some are completely dead. But the worst kind of them all are the ones who blow chunks. Goodbye, new car smell!

3. The Late Booker

One of the worst traits we have as Filipinos is our problem with being punctual. We use the concept of Filipino time as an excuse to be tardy for everything! And this includes our booked Grab rides. How many times has your driver had to wait for you because you were still in the middle of your morning routine?


If you’re still polishing off your breakfast, the least you can do is call your driver and give them a heads up. After all, they’re only supposed to wait 3 minutes for you!

4. The Starving Traveller

Hunger can strike out of nowhere and sometimes, it’s during Grab rides. When this happens, the Starving Traveller will not be shy at all to whip out their baon!


While some drivers might be fine with passengers eating in their car, it’s still best to ask for permission first. Especially if you’re about to unleash something smelly into the world like bagoong or suka! For the car interior’s sake, you might also want to avoid digging into saucy things like kare-kare or adobo.

5. The Embarrassing Sleeper

It’s early in the morning, you’re still groggy AF, and the traffic along EDSA is unrelenting. Of course you’re going to want to take a little snooze in the backseat, right? While there’s nothing wrong with dozing off in your Grab ride, there could be some embarrassing repercussions!


If you’re a snorer, you might cause a ruckus. Or if you’re a deep sleeper, your head might be lolling all over the place or your mouth could be hanging wide open. There’s also the slightly awkward scenario of your driver having to wake you up to tell you you’ve arrived at your destination!

6. The Backseat Driver

With the Backseat Driver around, the actual Grab driver won’t be needing help from Waze anymore. This type of passenger knows exactly which route they want to take and is not afraid to give the driver *very* detailed albeit unwanted instructions!


While this kind of passenger can come off as a controlling know-it-all, they do come with some pros. For one, the Backseat Driver loses the right to blame the real driver if they get lost in the backstreets or come across heavy traffic in C5 and end up getting stuck.

7. The Clueless Angkas

The Clueless Angkas is the complete opposite of the Backseat Driver. This type of passenger has no sense of direction, no opinions whatsoever on which route to take, and most definitely has no answers to the driver’s questions when it comes to their pinned destination in some obscure part of the metro!


While the driver can’t expect any sort of help from the Clueless Angkas, there are perks to having them on board as well. Because they are so oblivious, they’re very unlikely to blame you, complain, or cause any sort of drama.

8. The Unresponsive Rider

Just like how there are drivers who seem like cat got their tongue, there are passengers out there that are the exact same way. They get it in without a word and continue to remain silent throughout the entire journey. They keep it up even when their driver greets them or asks them questions!


It can get pretty awkward (and also kind of creepy) to have a passenger like this in your car, especially if they decide to sit in the front. The best solution for divers who can’t take the quietness: crank the radyo-serye *way* up.

9. The Walking Bunganga

If there are passengers who find it too much of an effort to open their mouths, there are those who can’t seem to close theirs! They’ll talk their driver’s ear off, blabbing on and on about things strangers wouldn’t normally care about. Topics include their love life, work problems, and even political / religious views.


The Walking Bunganga is especially hard to endure if traffic’s bad–which is almost always the case in the metro. Same solution: turn up the radio and hopefully they’ll get the clue!

10. The Ideal Grab Passenger

If Grab drivers could rate their passengers (a feature most of them would be grateful for), it’s the riders with common courtesy that would get the 5 stars.


You’re the Ideal Grab Passenger if you respect your driver, their space, their time, and their boundaries. As simple as that!

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