The Frazzled Cook In QC Has Comfort Food That’ll Make You Forget You’re Stressed Out


These days, stress is so ingrained into our daily routines that we have to constantly come up with ways to cope with it.

We scroll through endless Instagram posts of cute baby animals to help calm ourselves down or we sit cross-legged on the floor and try to meditate our anxieties away. But when corgi pictures just aren’t doing the job and you can’t find an ounce of zen on the yoga mat, you can count on this one thing to make all the stress disappear–a good helping of comfort food.

The Frazzled Cook, Tomas Morato

The Frazzled Cook, Tomas Morato

If you want to de-frazzle your brain, there’s a homey restaurant in Tomas Morato with a menu full of hearty dishes inspired by different international cuisines. In here, you won’t have time to worry about life because you’ll be too busy chowing down on tasty eats!

The Frazzled Cook makes customers feel at home with its unpretentious vibe

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the name Frazzled Cook was created out of a time of stress and anxiety. Building the restaurant from the ground up involved copious amounts of hard work, putting the chef under a lot of pressure. And in his troubled state of mind, he thought it would be fitting to call the restaurant The Frazzled Cook.

While it may seem like a place anxious people should stay away from, The Frazzled Cook is actually a great spot to kick back and unwind. Designed specifically to make customers feel at ease, you’ll find that everything in this restaurant is a comforting reminder of home.

The Frazzled Cook Interior

Inside The Frazzled Cook

Embellished with offbeat decor and antique furniture, it’s a bit like having a meal over at your sweet old lola’s house. Placed all around the restaurant, you’ll spot bits and bobs of travel memorabilia collected by the owners themselves.

It also won’t take you long to notice that none of the chairs match (they had to scour through plenty of furniture shops to find each one), adding a touch of chaotic charm to the place. There’s nothing fancy or pretentious about The Frazzled Cook–just a quirky space that feels oddly like home.

The Frazzled Cook’s current location in Quezon City is a relaunch of their original branch in Mandaluyong where they stayed for five years. After deciding that it was time to look for a much more accessible place, they found a spacious house for rent in Tomas Morato and converted it into their new restaurant!

International food made familiar and comforting for local taste buds

Have you ever dined at an Italian restaurant and wished the pasta had a Filipino twist to it? Or eaten at an American diner and wished that the ribs were marinated Pinoy style instead? Because we’re always craving for flavors we’re used to, The Frazzled Cook makes sure that we feel a sense of familiarity even when we’re polishing off international food.

The best way to start your meal at The Frazzled Cook is by ordering up a bowl of their well-loved Herbed Chicken Salad.

The Frazzled Cook's Herbed Chicken Salad

The Frazzled Cook’s Herbed Chicken Salad

The generous serving of chicken is first flavored with their own mix of herbs and spices before being grilled and tossed in with crisp greens and their homemade basil vinaigrette.

The best (and most Pinoy) part of this dish is the strips of dried mangoes on top! You can pair this appetizer with a hefty plate of carbs like their Chorizo Pasta!

The Frazzled Cook's Chorizo Pasta

The Frazzled Cook’s Chorizo Pasta

As for protein, you can sink your teeth into their bestselling Grilled Pork Chops or Slow-cooked Ribs. For Filipinos, the more time you take to cook something, the better it’ll taste and The Frazzled Cook has definitely proven this theory with these two dishes.

The Frazzled Cook's Slow-Cooked Ribs

The Frazzled Cook’s Slow-Cooked Ribs

They’re both painstakingly prepared and the result is tender, juicy meat that’s flavorful right to the bone! Their pork chops are marinated, grilled, and served with corn while their ribs are simmered for four hours and coated in a sweet barbecue glaze.

The Frazzled Cook's Grilled Pork Chops

The Frazzled Cook’s Grilled Pork Chops

Of course, you can’t call it a meal without having something sweet to eat.

And The Frazzled Cook’s most popular dessert creation is the Pancake Ala Mode! While it may seem strange to eat pancakes outside of breakfast, you’ll find that having them for dessert works too.

The Frazzled Cook's Pancake a la Mode

The Frazzled Cook’s Pancake Ala Mode

Instead of butter and maple syrup, their pancakes are capped off with a big scoop of ice cream that melts deliciously down the sides.

Quirky function rooms for any kind of celebration

Aside from being a homey restaurant where the worn out can recharge, The Frazzled Cook also doubles up as a venue for all kinds of events. If you have a bunch of artsy friends, you can have your celebration at the Painter’s Room where you’re free to marvel at the carefully handpainted floor.

The Ming Room at The Frazzled Cook

The Ming Room at The Frazzled Cook

Or if you want an Asian-themed party, you can book the Ming Room, adorned with figurines of the famous fortune cat!

You can also hold office meetings and corporate events here. Just say the word, and they can close off the whole restaurant for you!

The Frazzled Cook is located at 78 Sct. Gandia St. cor. Tomas Morato Ave., Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

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