House Of Wagyu Has The Perfect Christmas Gift For The Ultimate Steak Lover!


Meat fanatics know that if there’s a time of the year when they can really go all out, it’s Christmas. The special occasion is the ultimate excuse to get five more sticks of barbecue or another grand helping of gravy-covered lechon from the mound of Noche Buena food on your lola’s table.

But if you have a meat lover in your life and you want to make them really (and we mean REALLY) happy this Christmas, we have the perfect gift that will leave them drooling! Make no miSTEAK, they will thank you forever!

Treat them to one of the classiest steaks in the Metro!

Telling a meat devotee that they get to feast on top-notch steak is like telling a hardcore Belieber that Justin Bieber is coming to Manila. Especially if it’s Wagyu beef flown in all the way from Australia and Japan (Saga and Kagoshima prefectures)!

At House of Wagyu, the Tenderloin and Ribeye Wagyu Steaks are the stars of the show. When placed raw in front of you in all their thick, marbled glory, you won’t be able to help but stop for a minute and gawk. You’ll know from the get-go they’re going to be melt-in-your-mouth tender. And with no marinades or sauces to confuse your palate, you taste the meat in its purest form.

House of Wagyu Tenderloin

220g Grade 12 Wagyu Tenderloin from House of Wagyu Stonegrill

For the truly discerning steak connoisseur, the Grade 12 Tenderloin is the definite choice. At 220 grams, it will set you back ₱4,900 but it’s worth the splurge if it means you get to cut through meat that puts up absolutely zero resistance.

And as you’re chewing, don’t even bother trying to remember your name because all you’re going to be thinking about is 1) how unbelievably soft the meat is, 2) how every bite is packed with flavor, and 3) how steak makes the world a much better place to live in!

House of Wagyu Ribeye

220g Grade 6 Wagyu Ribeye from House of Wagyu Stonegrill

The Grade 6 Ribeye, priced at ₱2,150 for 220 grams, is a lower-grade option for the carnivore that gets intimidated by fancy shmancy labels or just isn’t that picky with their meat. But even with less marbling on it, there’s no room for disappointment because it cuts like butter and it treats your taste buds to a rich, beefy flavor. Your eyes are almost guaranteed to involuntarily close with pleasure when you take in your first mouthful!

Give them a unique steak dining experience!

Aside from being served only the highest quality steak, House of Wagyu gives you a dining experience that’s different from the usual steakhouse.

Regular steak eaters are used to coming into a restaurant, telling the waiter how they want their meat done, and before they know it, they’ve devoured the whole thing and are ready to get up and leave. But what if you were given full control over the cooking process? What if you were actually involved?

At House of Wagyu, your steak is served to you raw atop a sizzling hot stone grill that’s been heated for at least five hours. Your server will then flip the steak once and the rest of its fate is up to you!

House of Wagyu Stonegrill

At House of Wagyu, your steak is served to you raw atop a sizzling hot stone grill that’s been heated for at least five hours.

You cut off bite-size pieces which you then sear on the stone grill. It’s the ultimate DIY experience, where YOU become the great steak chef. You’re completely in charge so you can experiment as much as you want! If you’ve always been a well-done type of steak eater, you might just turn into a medium or even medium rare convert (which is how great steak should really be eaten!)

Get them the House of Wagyu’s Club Rare Gift Card

If you’ve been wondering how you can give your meat-adoring friend the gift of delicious steak for Christmas, House of Wagyu’s Club Rare White Gift Card is the answer.

House of Wagyu Stonegrill's Club Rare White Gift Card

House of Wagyu Stonegrill’s Club Rare White Gift Card

It’s not your typical gift card you’d throw away after using because once its ₱3,000 value has been consumed, it transforms into a Club Rare White discount card which gives them 10% off on their steak spend for all their future visits!

But now is the perfect time to grab the card because House of Wagyu has a Double Your Discount Launching Promo. If the card is used any time beginning December 5 up until December 20, the discount is 20% instead of 10%!

And if that isn’t enough of a treat, it serves as a rewards card too, allowing its holder to accumulate points (₱1,000 = 1 point) every time they dine in! They can then use these points to get themselves even more steak!

After earning twenty points, they’re automatically upgraded to Club Rare Red which entitles them to 15% off on all steak spend. And then an additional thirty points promotes them to Club Rare Gold. Reaching the Gold status means you get to enjoy a 20% discount on all steaks plus you get vouchers and exclusive promos too!

House of Wagyu Club Rare

House of Wagyu Stonegrill’s Club Rare Gold Card

You probably want this gift for yourself, don’t you? Well, don’t worry, it can be Christmas all day every day for you because the Club Rare VIP card is available for purchase all year round!

So who’s the lucky meat lover you’re going to make extremely happy this Christmas?

House of Wagyu has locations in Eastwood Mall, Greenhills, The Podium at Ortigas Center, and Two E-Com Center near SM Mall of Asia.

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