This Sandwich Guy Is The First In The World To Serve Whole Wheat Hexagon-Shaped Sandwiches


While many would claim to want a sleek figure like Gigi Hadid’s or bangin’ abs like Ryan Reynolds’, would any of us actually try to eat healthy to achieve a fit bod? Let’s admit it, we love rice way too much to trade it for leafy greens and we’re also not all that keen on spending big bucks for organic food.

But eating healthy doesn’t always have to be such a drag, as this one restaurant in the metro strives to prove. You don’t have to swear off carbs completely nor do you have to torture yourself with salad bowls everyday. And you most definitely don’t have to sacrifice a huge chunk of your paycheck to eat a nutritious meal!

TSG The Sandwich Guy

In this sandwich shop where you can choose from options that are wholesome, delicious, and affordable, you’re not going to mind eating healthy at all!

At The Sandwich Guy, you can eat bread, bacon, and cheese and still be healthy

While most people on a diet would feel like they have to steer clear of bread, The Sandwich Guy says otherwise. Using only fresh whole wheat bread (which they bake themselves daily!) to make their sandwiches, there’s no harm in having a slice or two. They’re certainly a more nutritious substitute for white rice that’s just as filling.

As for other ingredients like vegetables, meat, and dairy, they’re all fresh and organic at The Sandwich Guy!

Organic Vegetables

This way, you can eat your lettuce, bacon, chicken, and cheese in peace without having to worry about ingesting harmful chemicals like pesticides, antibiotics, or growth hormones. Don’t let the word organic scare you away though because they keep their prices affordable (their most expensive item on the menu is only ₱140!)

One of the all-time favorites you should try out at The Sandwich Guy is the classic HBLT. And as the name suggests, you’ll find this sandwich stuffed with ham, bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes, a perfect choice for those who want to get their dose of protein in for the day.

The Sandwich Guy’s HBLT Sandwich

The Sandwich Guy’s HBLT Sandwich

Another protein-packed sandwich option you can help yourself to is the Beef and Bacon, made with roast beef, bacon, and mushrooms topped off with cheese sauce.

If chicken is your preferred meat of choice, you can order up the popular BBQ Chicken sandwich, loaded with smoky, glistening chunks of barbecued chicken.

The Sandwich Guy

From left to right: The Sandwich Guy’s Chicken Ceasar, Beef and Bacon, and BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Or you could go for the bestselling Chicken Caesar sandwich and enjoy plunging your teeth into some grilled rosemary chicken flavored with caesar dressing.

If you like your sandwiches light, one of the top picks among customers is the Country Tuna, an order of which will give you tuna salad and crushed pineapples in between your bread.

The Sandwich Guy’s Country Tuna Sandwich

The Sandwich Guy’s Country Tuna Sandwich

Another simple but tasty variant is the Crabsticks and Mangoes sandwich, filled with a refreshing combination of fresh ripe mangoes, crab sticks, and seaweed.

The Sandwich Guy’s Crabstick and Mangoes Sandwich

The Sandwich Guy’s Crabstick and Mangoes Sandwich

Once you have your sandwich in hand, the first thing you’ll probably notice is its odd shape. Ditching the regular rectangular silhouette for something a little more interesting, The Sandwich Guy is the first sandwich shop in the world to make hexagon-shaped sandwiches! Their six-sided creations are bigger than the normal serving size so expect to be chewing a lot more!

By making inexpensive yet fresh and healthy sandwich options daily, The Sandwich Guy provides Filipinos with a chance to eat better. It’s their ultimate goal to build a sandwich nation, turning Filipinos from excessive rice consumers into healthy sandwich eaters!

Warmer, homier stores for customers who want to stick around longer

Popularly known as a to-go restaurant, The Sandwich Guy caters to busy bees who have no extra space in their jampacked schedules for a sit-down meal. (They also have delivery services for those who can’t even make it out of their office cubicles!)

The Sandwich Guy, RCBC Branch

But if you find that you do have some spare time on your hands and you want to stay around longer to enjoy your food, The Sandwich Guy has upgraded some of their stores with a warmer, minimalist vibe to make you feel at home. Check out their newly-renovated stores at SM North EDSA and SM Megamall and some of their new locations at RCBC, Century City Mall, and SM Dasmarinas. All their branches nationwide are open 24/7.

You can check out their Facebook Page for more information!

The Sandwich Guy can be found at these locations.

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